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How it should of ended

Dexter woke with a start, tears were running down his face and his hearts felt as if it was about to bust throw his chest

The dream had felt so real, he remembered the call the doctor had made, and the funeral had felt so real

Dexter had never been so scared in all his years, after everything that him and Emma had been throw he could not imagine it ending like that

But as Dexter look about their room his heart almost stopped

There was no sign Of Emma, her side of the bed was cold and had been for sometime

And in the spit second Dexter thought that maybe it wasn't dream and that the reason it felt so real was because it was

And then he noticed that the hallway light was on, Dexter wished with all he had that Emma was somehow down stairs, that she couldn't sleep or something along those lines

As Dexter open their bedroom door he saw Emma coming out of the bathroom

"Emma" He rushed over to her and quickly pulled her into his arms and kissed her

It wasn't real, it was all a dream Dexter keep telling himself as he held the woman he loved to his chest

"Dex" Emma whispered a little confused as to why he seem so happy to see her, know don't get her worry she was happy about the greeting, just a little confused as to why her husband looked so shocked to see her coming out of their bathroom

"Baby I love you" Dexter whispered kissing her passionate on the lips

When Emma looked up at Dexter it was then that he noticed she had been crying

"Baby, what's wrong?" Dexter said cupping Emma's face in his hands

"Nothing's wrong Dex" she rescued her husband

"Then why where you crying?" He asked

Instead of answering Emma place something in the palm if Dexter's hand

When Dexter looked down he saw a pregnancy test, they had been trying for some time now to have a baby and he knew by now what a negative pregnancy test looked like

Dexter looked back up at Emma to see her giving him a watery smile

"Where having a baby" Dexter whispered

"Where having a baby" Emma smiled and kissed her husband

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