WOW: Crush. Additional challenge - write a dialogue-only drabble.

Poor Sam. It's bad enough being stuck in the Impala with a hungry Dean, but even worse when you've got a third party in the car voicing their opinions.

Disclaimer: Own nothing except an addled mind


Guggleurgle ...

"Heck Dean, was that your stomach?"

"Yeah, I'm famished; my belly thinks my throat's been cut."

"How? We just had breakfast!"

"Dude, that was hours ago."

"Well, whatever, it's hardly a hunger strike."

"bite me bitch."

Rowwgggle-glubble ...

"You might bite me first."

Oooorgleblubble-glub ...

"Jeez, it sounds like a wet mattress falling down stairs."

gloooooooog-oooog ... bloop-oop ...

*groan* "I'm dyin' for a bacon cheeseburger and ice-cream crush."

"Well, there's a town about an hour away, but it's way off our route; easier to wait until we reach the motel later."

"Later? I'm fading away, Sam."

Roowrgle-rowww ... squeak ...

*sigh* "guess I'm outnumbered then."