Si vis pacem, para bellum Latin if you want peace prepare for war

That was something that my drill sergeants made us say over and over again like a prayer. When my sister was killed protecting everyone from the 8th Nova Clash I made a vow to myself to fight them until I died or I killed the last one of them. Looking back I guess I was naïve but I still intend to fight them with everything I had. As soon as I could I decided to join the military in the USA because of 8th Nova Clash they took much younger people. I was 15 when I joined now I am a year later I am one of the most respected soldiers in my unit and being one of the deadliest snipers in the military. I am very big for my age being 5-10 and weighing 185lbs a lot of people in my squad think that the food has steroids in them and they have been feeding them to us to get us bigger but I doubt that. Anyway I had just gotten back from an assignment south of Columbia and I was really tired when there is a knock on my door I answered and it was my CO captain Jacobs and he did not look happy.

"SGT Kazuya Aoi I have some bad news"

I got really concern there "What is it sir"

The captain looked at me "I am afraid that you are being removed as a soldier as of today and you will be transferred to a school for limiters tomorrow."

I did not know what to say "but sir why did I do something wrong." It did not make any scenes why would they just remove me. The captain raises his hand.

"You have done nothing wrong in fact the reason you are being remove is because sense the last nova clash the higher ups want you to have somewhat of a normal life." I was stunned a normal life now I was about to say something else but the captain stopped me I am sorry Kazuya but the decision is final pack up tonight and tomorrow at 8 be at the airfield." And with that he left.

I woke up to the same dream that I have been having for years me finding my sister and begging her not to go but she went anyway and when she open the door that engulfed her in light and she was gone and then I wake up. I woke up at 7 and I got ready to go when I made it to the airfield all of the people in my squad were there to see me off I got on the plane and turned around and gave them a final salute.

3rd person

The flight was long but it was more comfortable than most of the flights that Aio had; this would one of the few times he would actually land in. When he finally got to West Genetics he was very impress he was used to living in tents and plan old barrack buildings but this was like a 5 star hotel. Aio continued to look around and that was when he saw her. He had to stop and focus for a second he thought he saw his sister and he almost ran and embrace her but he remember that his sister was killed. He had to admit that the woman he was looking at was impressive and she was taking everyone that was coming at her like they were nothing. He had seen Pandoras fight the novas they were good but Aio knew that they were not invincible and a lot of pandoras that he met had a superiority complex and he did not think too highly of them and he got in a lot of fights with some of them. Of course as expect they did not take him seriously and they suffered for that because if there was anything that Aio was good at it was fighting. Because he was so good at fighting a lot of pandoras wanted him as their limiter but he was not looking for a partner and he never put much thought into it. As he continued watching the girl he notice that she was staring at him when she realize that he saw her she blushed and looked away. That was a mistake on her part because as soon as she did a red headed girl with 2 pigtails attacked her from behind and managed to knock the girl out cold.

"That had to hurt I guess" Aio felt a little sorry that he was a distraction but he knew that the incident would probably make big news for the school.

"First day at the school and I am already causing problems" Aio thought

Now Aio was in the principal's office talking to Sister Margaret she was a nice looking woman that was currently looking at Aio's records and it was easy to see that she was very impress.

"Well Mr. Kazuya I have to say that what I have seen here is very impressive you are easily going to make an influence to the students here."

I smiled and bowed "thank ma'am"

Sister Margaret smiled and called someone on the intercom and a few minutes later a girl enter the room Aio blushed a little at the site of her she was truly something. She had short brown hair and she looked like she had her eyes closed most of the time. Aio quickly regained his composer and introduced himself.

"Hello my name is Aio Kazuya it is nice to meet you" Aio bowed and reached out his hand. The woman smiled and gladly shook his hand "It is so nice to meet you to Aio Kazuya my name is Chiffon Fairchild and I am the president of the student council at this school I have to say Mr. Kazuya you have already been the talk of the school and on the first day no less."

Aio was puzzled "how am I the talk of the school." Chiffon looked at him carefully "the school is talking about how you distracted the Untouchable Queen and cause her to lose her first match."

Aio lost all of his composure " That's Bull shit she was staring at me for some reason and a girl came up from behind and knocked her out I did nothing to the girl and I was just minding my own business."

At that Sister Margaret intervened "Mr. Kazuya you should not use such language at your age Mrs. Fairchild please show our new student around."

Aio felt bad now because of his lack of self-control and nodded his head and followed the woman out of the office. Chiffon was showing him around the school and noticed that Aio was getting a lot of stares some was stunned and scared stares while most of the stares he was getting was from the girls of the schools and they were looking at him with interest.

"Mr. Kazuya" Chiffon started but Aio interrupted her "If you call me Mr. one more time I swear I am going to scream." Chiffon sweat dropped ok Aio if you don't mind if I call you that." Aio nodded Chiffon smiled at that "you will not start class until tomorrow so I will show where everything is and then show you where your dorm will be." Aio smiled "thank you it has been a long day but now that I am thinking about it where is the blond girls room I think she does deserve an apology I may not have done anything wrong but I think that she deserve at least that." At that Chiffon grabbed Aio's shoulders "you can't do that as far as Satellizer is concerned she believes that you cost her the number 1 spot for the second years if I were you I would transfer to another school." Aio looked at her like she was crazy and then Aio got mad again

"Ok Fuck that I did not do a damn thing to that woman and if she wants to fight me all she has to do is challenge me and I will fight her no problem."

Now it was Chiffon's turn to be shock "do you know what you are saying?"

Aio did not even bat an eye as he said I have fought and beaten pandoras before that were much older and more experience than her I am sure that I can take her on." Chiffon was stunned of what he just said but by the look of his face she could tell that he was not lying. "You are a very interesting person you know that." Aio smiled "I get that a lot.

They continued the tour until they were outside and heading to the dorms until they saw a bus coming the bus stopped and opened its door and out stepped Satellizer she was not in good shape her leg was bandaged and she had a crutch helping her walk as she was stepping off the bus she tripped and began to fall. Before Chiffon could stop him Aio ran and caught Satellizer and he laid her down and he started treating her. Chiffon watched in fascination as Aio started collecting energy and Aio started glowing a bluish color until only his hands were glowing than his hands were directed at Satellizer stomach and he started to heal her wounds. While Aio was doing this Satellizer was staring at Aio in shock a man was touching her and she felt helpless but at the same she felt warm and happy she did not understand what was happening her wounds were disappearing and being healed to her if felt like he was messaging her. Finally Aio was finished and wiped sweat from his brow. He looked at Satellizer and smiled "be sure to drink plenty of water and you should be fine in a few days." Satellizer blushed at his words and all she could do was nod. She was about to get up when all of a sudden Aio picked up and moved extremely fast just barely dodging a bunch of chains.

Aio turned around angrily and looked at the attacker it was the same girl that knocked Satellizer out the first time the woman with the two pig tails and red hair.

"What is your problem" Aio shouted the attacker was momentary stunned and did not say anything for a few seconds than "Back off little man this is between me and her." Aio did not back down an inch if you want to fight her than do when she is fully recovered she is no shape to fight. That seem to piss the woman off " who the hell do you think you" are she said in a British accent as the chains on her back started to rush at Aio but Aio was faster he got behind the girl and chopped her neck knocking her out cold. Everyone was looking at Aio in shock he did not know that the event caused a lot of attention and that a crowd was gathering he decided to leave.

"Chiffon would you please show me my room." All Chiffon did was nod.