Sesshoumaru hissed as he tended to the wound on his arm. Perhaps he should not have provoked his little brother, but he found he could no longer resist.

He watched silently as Rin giggled, and ran circles around him. She chattered with a huge smile on her face, hands gesturing wildly as she told him of her day. Her childish nature reminded him of when he had first seen his hanyo brother.

Inuyasha had been just about Rin's age; covered in scrapes and bruises from the humans.

Inuyasha had been happily chasing around a small ball, sometimes throwing it in the air and catching it. His small giggles had filled Sesshoumaru's ears and Sesshoumaru had been unable to come out of the shadows.

Inuyasha took small glances at the village children who played not so far away. After a few glances, Inuyasha trotted over to the other children.

"Wanna play?" Inuyasha said, stretching out his arms and showing them the ball in between his hands.

"It's the monster!" one of them yelled.

The other children screamed and ran away, leaving Inuyasha alone with his ball.

Sesshoumaru watched this scene play out in front of him, time and time again. Sometimes the humans would taunt Inuyasha, or pull on Inuyasha's ears. Each time was a little different, but it would all end with Inuyasha's ears pulled back and tears in his eyes that he stubbornly refused to let fall.

And each time, Sesshoumaru would watch silently from the shadows. He would watch as Inuyasha rubbed away any tears that fell, and as he continued to kick his ball further and further away from the other children.

He saw the image of his younger brother smile at him, offering him a wreath of flowers and giggling as he set it atop his head. His furry ears twitching happily, as Sesshoumaru reached a hand and buried it into his white locks.

"Yasha," Sesshoumaru whispered, too quietly for Rin's human hearing to pick up.