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"I'm not going," Mercedes stated simply shaking her head and never glancing up from the French Vogue she held up to her face.

"You won't even let us ask you," Santana whined grabbing the magazine from her hands, "and stop pretending like you can even read this damn thing." She rolled the thick magazine and swatted Kurt across the table who was busying himself with adding the exact amount of cream and sugar to his mug of subpar diner coffee. Kurt jumped at Santana's swat dropping the pink sweet and low packets from his hand and into his cup.

"Santana!" He shrieked. "I was almost finished but you just had to ruin my almost half decent cup of coffee." He frowned deeply, pushing the cup arm's length away from him and crossing his arms.

"Well if you wouldn't be so preoccupied with getting your caffeine fix and instead helped me with the task at hand," she gestured dramatically toward Mercedes moving her head and eyes in the girl's direction before finishing, "you could have been half way to Starbucks by now."

Mercedes rolled her eyes at the "task at hand" comment not even bothering to pry any real meaning from it. Instead, she focused her efforts on getting her magazine back from Santana who held it out of her reach over the edge of the booth she was pushed into when they entered the almost empty diner.

"Her?" Kurt said gesturing toward Mercedes with a limp finger. "I'm not worried about her. She'll be on that train."

"How can you be so sure?" Santana questioned while still playing keep-away with Mercedes. "We both know how stubborn she can be. Remember that time I had to physically wrestle her into submission over throwing out those old ratty grandma slippers she used to shuffle around the apartment in?"

"Ugh, don't remind me of those things," Kurt said rubbing his temples and shaking his head. "But do you remember that incident with that God awful painting she wanted to hang in our foyer?"

"We had to hide it from her!" Santana moaned still annoyed with the Jackson Pollock-esque painting Mercedes had fallen in temporary love with at a yard sale. "And how could we forget the time we had to literally-"

"I'm sitting right here," Mercedes interjected before they could continue their diatribe. She thought she was improving with her stubbornness - living with both Kurt and Santana had certainly forced her to make many concessions - yet her friends were still more than willing to remind her of the times she had been less than agreeable.

"Anyway," Kurt said. "We leave on Saturday morning. Be ready to go by 7. You'll be rooming with me. We have two little beds, a bathroom, a mini-fridge, and a small closet. The trip will be about five or six days with all the stops along the way but try to pack light. Once we get to LA we'll be staying with Noah for the weekend and catching a plane back to New York Sunday morning."

"Who says I'm going?" Mercedes asked flatly. She had given up the pursuit of her magazine, which Santana was now sitting on top of, and had focused on stirring the lukewarm cup of coffee in front of her. "I don't get what the point of this trip is anyway and how do you even know I'll be able to get a whole week off from work?" She still didn't look up at Kurt whose eyes she could feel on her. He reached and grabbed the sides of her coffee cup gently sliding it away from her.

"Listen closely, Mercy because I'm doing this once. Got it?"

"I'm sure I won't want to hear it more than once," she smirked finally looking at Kurt and locking her eyes with his.

"Good," he smiled and took a deep breath, "we'll go in order. First, I say you're going and Santana says you're going and if you'd pay any attention to the friends who don't live with you you'd know that Sam says you're going too. He selected you personally and we agreed. Second, the point of this trip is that it's a free trip with three of your very closest and oldest friends-"

"Oldest?" Santana questioned. "Speak for yourself, Kurtsie," she said with a huff and a flip of her hair. "You can be old if you want, but leave me out of it," she said dramatically.

Kurt and Mercedes rolled their eyes in feigned annoyance before Kurt continued.

"Sweetie, it's a free trip with three of your closest friends," he said looking to Santana who nodded her approval. "I don't see the need to justify it any further. So, third, I'm sure you'll be able to get a week off of work because you have yet to take so much as a sick day since you started working in that library. I'm sure they'll push you out the door when you ask for a vacation. Something tells me they'll be relieved to know that you actually have a life outside of that place and aren't taking home books every week to read to your 37 cats." Kurt and Santana laughed at Kurt's comment and even Mercedes had to join in shaking her head and letting out a small giggle.

Mercedes leaned back into the booth and rested her head against the seat closing her eyes. Kurt was right; he was right about work, about not passing up a free trip, and she was sure he would be right if she attempted to begin any other argument with him concerning the "Train-cation" he and Santana had been gushing about for months.

Mercedes wanted no, needed, the vacation and the time with her best friends, especially Sam who she had been slightly distanced from ever since he began dating Quinn. In fact, the last time she talked to him for longer than a couple of minutes he attempted telling her how Quinn had been cold to him...bedroom-wise and he couldn't do so much as kiss her without requesting it first. Mercedes didn't want to have any conversations with Sam about his bedroom life especially since it concerned someone she called a friend. She and Quinn got along well but not well enough for Mercedes to feel the need to be privy to any extremely intimate facts about her. She accepted the relationship and hoped the two were happy. But now, as she sat wondering how there was suddenly an extra space on this trip and how it came to unanimously be hers she had to ask, "Why did Sam select me?"

Santana shrugged as she began to fiddle with her cell phone. "I think he felt bad for not having enough tickets for all of us to go in the first place. Not that you were jumping to go, but I think he wanted all of us to come."

Kurt nodded. He added, "and since he broke up with Quinn we got an extra spot. So it worked out for everyone. We wouldn't have to worry about you home alone and we wouldn't feel bad for letting you say no to the trip when Sam offered the first time."

"I really didn't want to go," Mercedes said looking between her two friends who both simply shook their heads at her statement.

"You need some excitement in your life, Cede. You don't have to pretend with us. We both know for a fact that the last time you did anything unexpected was when you had that little fling with Finn last summer," Santana said nonchalantly.

Mercedes eyes widened at the mention of the tabooed subject. She glared at Santana who simply pursed her lips and crossed her arms.

"Sorry I'm not sorry," Santana said defiantly.

"I was drunk. I had no idea what I was even doing. He and Rachel had just broken up for the ten millionth time and I had to do something before he started whining again," Mercedes said quickly still trying to explain herself almost a year after the events occurred. Finn wasn't the last guy she slept with but he was certainly the last one who had made any sort of impression on her. There were still times when she woke in the morning with his name on her lips and her body plastered to her sheets with sweat and her own cum.

"Yep, and you had to do it several times all over his apartment. Right, Mercy?" Kurt said laughing and avoiding Mercedes' glare.

"No one is judging you for getting yours," Santana said patting Mercedes' shoulder. "You know what I say, 'do it 'til it falls off' but the least you can do is own up to it, girl. There is no shame in filling a need…aaand unless he drowned your ass in rum and coke, there was no way you were drunk the whole time."

Mercedes threw her hands up in concession mentally chastising herself for not having a better excuse. Her friends had gone fairly easy on her when she told them about Finn, only being able to keep it to herself for about an hour after she walked in the door. The two had been kind enough to only tease her for a week after they'd gotten the full story out of her. At Santana's request, she spared no dirty detail and after some coaxing and a bottle of wine shared between the two girls she ended up telling Santana how she ended up screaming Finn's name to the high heavens in the kitchen, living room, laundry room, balcony, bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, and stairwell on her way home ("one for the road" he called it). Santana then helped Mercedes relay a more PG-13 story to Kurt who had little to no interest in the particulars of his brother's sex life.

"You're right," Mercedes admitted. "I just wish we could stop bringing it up." She smiled her sweetest smile pleading with her friends to change the subject. They did, and moved to talking about their upcoming trip.

Though there was a large part of her attempting to forget her "Finnstravaganza" (Santana's words) Mercedes really did enjoy her time with Finn.

"I'm so sorry!" She apologized jumping up from her perch on the arm rest of Finn's living room couch.

Hours ago, she, Kurt, and Santana had bought over a bag of booze to cheer Finn up after his latest split up with Rachel. The three of them wanted to make sure Finn didn't turn into a complete zombie after Rachel flicked his heart and announced that her theater troupe would be taking their production of Hello Dolly on the road and that she simply did not have time to fix their relationship right now.

An hour ago, the four of them were playing truth or dare, which mostly consisted of them daring each other to spill a deep secret or drink a mystery concoction blended from various condiments and the variety of takeout leftovers in Finn's fridge.

Minutes ago, Santana was being picked up by a new lady friend of hers who had no problem driving the three intoxicated friends back to their apartment. It was at that same time Finn asked someone to stay with him for the night. He was feeling better but still had no desire to be alone and consumed with thoughts of Rachel. Mercedes volunteered. She was in no hurry to go back home. She had gotten dressed for work in a tornado of skirts and presentable tops that morning and as the sight of half her closet covering her bed flashed in her mind she was glad to have an alternate place to lay her head.

About a minute ago, she was closing the door behind Kurt and Santana and fumbling with the lock. When he realized that she was not getting anywhere with securing the apartment, Finn walked up behind her and pressed himself against her backside placing a hand on her left hip. Probably to keep himself standing, Mercedes thought, though she couldn't think of the reason for him rubbing that hand along her thigh as he took her right hand in his and showed her how to work the lock. When the door was secure, he let out a deep breath that she could feel against the nape of her neck before slowly prying his body from hers and going back to the couch. She stood at the door unable to move and unsure of where she would go if she did.

"Rachel always had trouble with that lock, she kept threatening to tear the whole door off," he said with a dry laugh. "Now I'm just hoping she never comes back through the damn thing." Mercedes finally found herself able to move. She turned around to face Finn barely moving from the spot she was in. He was already looking at her before her eyes met his. She didn't break her gaze as she parked herself on the arm rest beside him. She began rubbing his back and he sighed contentedly, leaning into her touch.

"Don't worry, I'm sure someone better will come walking through there one day," she said in an attempt to reassure him. He looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back and before she could think to do otherwise her smile was transforming into a pucker and her lips were on top of Finn's.

She wasn't sure if she closed the gap between them all on her own or if she'd had a little help but she did notice that he did not pull away from the soft peck she left on his lips. But now, as she stood moving away from the couch hurriedly and attempting to locate her shoes she was positive that she had some help lessening the distance earlier when Finn stalked toward her and grabbed her by her waist pulling her body so close to his that she was forced to tilt her head all the way up to listen to him speak.

He looked directly down at her before demanding, "don't be sorry." She opened her mouth to speak but was hushed by the feel of his lips on her neck and his hands firmly grasping her ass pulling her body to his and getting rid of any possible millimeters of space left between the two. "I'd be lying if I said I never thought about it Cedes," he said between wet kisses to the exposed skin at the neck of her shirt. "You're so fucking sexy," the words trailed out of his mouth each with am inflection of its own.

She couldn't think of a single protest as Finn began toying with the buttons on her blouse. If she couldn't tell herself 'no' there was no way she was going to utter those words to Finn but she had to fill the silence to be sure that this was really going to happen. She had to say something. She wanted to tell him that this wasn't what she intended. She wanted to tell him that she never really thought of him in that way. However, none of those phrases came together before her mouth spit out something else entirely.

"You think about me?" Finn stopped with his kisses and looked at her hungrily.

"Mmmm hmmm," he nodded before returning to suck on her neck.

"What do you think about me?" She asked still in disbelief. He smiled deviously.

"Let me show you," he said. She nodded and before she could ask another question he was peeling off her shirt, kissing her breasts and running his tongue along the tops of her bra cups. He reached around her and unzipped her skirt, putting his hands inside the skirt and against her body to slide it down to the ground. He kissed down her body as he removed the skirt and kissed back up her body after tossing it in the general direction of her shirt. Standing over top of her again he kissed her lips, gently at first before licking her top and bottom lip. His mouth still glued to hers, he brought his hands to her chest and began palming her breasts squeezing the middle in search of her nipples. He felt the small nubs rise quickly at his touch. He gave each a pinch and smiled as she moaned deeply onto his mouth. He quickly occupied the space between her lips with his tongue in search of hers. He kissed her deeply and she matched his intensity.

He unclasped her bra and slid it off her body. He separated their mouths and let out an almost inaudible "Shiiiiiit" at the sight of her breasts. She smiled thanking God quickly for her endowments but her smile soon faded into a whisper of Finn's name as he sucked on a mouthful of tit while staring into her eyes. Mercedes closed her eyes and tossed her head back letting Finn get to know her body. He kissed down her stomach licking her belly button and making her shiver before latching onto the band of her underwear with his teeth and tugging at them.

He kept tugging until she opened her eyes and looked down at him. He smirked up at her with the band still in his mouth.

"May I," he asked through clenched teeth.

"I think we're past the point of asking," Mercedes said, slightly annoyed but still completely turned on. She had felt that familiar throbbing between her thighs from the moment he stood behind her at the door and with Finn's current pace she was mere minutes away from shoving him away and finishing the job herself. Nevertheless, she endured the torture because his fingers, his lips, his cock and anything else he decided to touch her with would feel a thousand times better than her own fingers.

He had to know she was beyond ready. He had to see the wetness pooled in the front of her light blue panties. He had to know that she now needed his touch.

Finally he yanked her panties off and tossed them. He put his nose to her and rubbed himself nose to lips against her clit. She shuddered and bit her bottom lip and grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her hips. He happily complied and began to lick her slowly, deeply with great intent. He pulled her right leg over his shoulder forcing her to balance half her weight on his strong shoulders. She ground her body onto his face swiveling her hips faster and faster as he licked her deeper. Finn gripped her right thigh tighter with one hand and used the other to seek out her clit. He rubbed it briskly with the pads of his fingers and felt her double over panting briskly. She was coming.

Her breath caught. She swallowed deeply. She groaned. She gripped the top of Finn's head. She let out a loud exasperated moan leaning further over onto Finn's shoulders. Her left foot swept off the ground briefly as her hips jerked.

When her body stopped moving and the room was devoid of sound except for the little whimpers escaping Mercedes' mouth Finn pulled her down to him and gently laid her on her back. He gave her a small kiss to her center before lapping her cum slowly savoring her taste. When he was satisfied with his cleaning effort he crawled up to her so they were face to face. He licked her from her chin to her nose before kissing her deeply.

"He did have one hell of an appetite," Mercedes said shaking her head and letting out a shaky breath.

"What was that?" Kurt asked eyeing Mercedes suspiciously.

Mercedes eyes shot over to Kurt as she realized she had been fantasizing for the last couple of minutes and had completely zoned out. Her friends were now standing from the booth and waiting for her to come along. She had apparently agreed to a trip to the mall while she was in her daze.

"Nothing," she said shaking her head and sliding out of the booth.

"By the way," Santana said, waving her phone, "Puck also says you're coming. He said he's coming to New York to get your ass if you're not on that train when we get to LA." Mercedes had to laugh. She hadn't seen Puck in a while though they talked often and if the trip wasn't worth taking for any other reason it would be worth it just to spend an undoubtedly crazy weekend with Puck.

The three friends left the diner, the staff waving to them on their way out. They always stopped in the small diner several times a week since it was across the street from their apartment. Mercedes would often stop in for coffee and a quiet place to read when her own home was too loud. She loved the variety of people she got to see and even began to write little songs and poems about complete strangers.

After a Starbucks stop, three hours at the mall where Kurt picked out a "train friendly" wardrobe for each of them, and dinner at their favorite sushi restaurant, the group returned home and quickly retired to their respective quarters to prepare themselves for the coming work week.

"I needed that," Mercedes recalled herself saying to Finn as she was leaving his apartment.

Mercedes didn't fully know it yet, but her body was already aware that she was long overdue for her next sexcapade.