Me again! I won't hold you up with my babbling, lol. Here is the wedding (at least a little peek of it) told from the point of view of Mercedes' mum. Hope you enjoy!

The wedding march had been stuck in Gladys Jones' head for weeks now.

Gladys Jones wanted traditional, she wanted feminine, soft, ethereal. She hadn't initially fallen in love with the wide crystal band around her only daughter's wedding dress but as she watched her little Mercy twirling around, the biggest smile on her face, she never thought her daughter looked more beautiful, more happy, more content. After raising two boys and marrying them off to respectable women, Gladys knew that most of her work was over. Though she and Mercedes disagreed on a thing or two, Gladys quickly realized that Mercedes was her and this allowed the older woman to anticipate every move the younger one would make. Gladys knew that she'd go through several wedding dress designs, that she wouldn't pick a venue until the very last minute, and that she would insist on having a cake made of several different flavors. Gladys hadn't had the opportunity to do the same things when she got married but she had wanted to do them all and wasn't surprised when Mercy wanted to do the same.

Gladys was patient, she was cooperative but she was also stern and helped her daughter through any periods of indecisiveness she had throughout her wedding planning stage. It was easy to pick up on when Mercedes was stressed and Gladys didn't have a single qualm about uprooting her life for the time being and making a temporary relocation to New York to help her daughter for a couple of months. She'd be moving back to Ohio as soon as Sam and Mercedes left for their honeymoon and since the wedding day had finally arrived, she couldn't help the proud smile that came over her face knowing that her duties were almost completed.

Something Old

Mercedes paired her white, flowing dress with a pair of sparkling silver heels. Several times Mercedes explained to Gladys that they were the same pair she wore to senior formal in college. Gladys remembered that the night held several different memories for her daughter. She remembered getting a call from her less than enthusiastic child who didn't have too much to spare in the way of details about the dance. Mercedes only said that she had a "nice" evening and that it would be one that she always remembered. It only took a moment for Gladys to catch on to her saddened tone and immediately begin prying into why her baby girl hadn't entirely enjoyed the dance. The reason was that damn Sam Evans; the boy Mercedes had a crush on who often came to visit her during their breaks from school.

From day one, Gladys had been suspicious of the overly polite young man. Kurt and Santana didn't pretend to be anything they weren't. Santana wasn't bashful about burping midway through a meal and Kurt didn't hold back if he would find a water spot on a piece Gladys' freshly polished table ware. She loved the two and was glad her Mercy had found such honest and loyal friends. They became like her own children but soon Mercedes started bringing home another tag-along to her family's famous Sunday dinners and Gladys knew better than to immediately trust the tall, blond, big-lipped stranger.

Gladys didn't have anything against Sam; eventually she grew to love the young man who seemed to have stolen her daughter's heart. But at first, he was an intruder, an interloper who was toying with Mercedes' affections and wasn't man enough to own up to the way he felt about her. Gladys Jones didn't consider herself to be anyone's fool. She was a smart woman - she had a law degree for Christ's sake - and aside from being able to pick up a lie from a mile away, she could tell when someone wasn't being entirely themself. It was a talent of hers and she put it good use, noticing the way Sam became instantly nervous every time he passed through their threshold. His palms would sweat, he'd stammer in his speech, and he'd ramble on telling stories no one in their right mind would really care to hear.

Part of her felt sorry for the young man and wished that both he and her daughter would stop playing games with one another and just get together already but it wasn't her place to rush them. She could only shake her head when her daughter would hide her face each time Sam gave her an unnecessary compliment or not comment on the deep red blush that would creep up Sam's cheeks any time he was anywhere in the vicinity of Mercedes.

Something New

Gladys had to admit that she was impressed with the ring Sam picked out. It was a four-carat diamond square stone with rounded edges surrounded by two smaller diamonds and set atop a platinum band. Something so large wasn't Gladys' style and she was more than happy with the modest ring her husband had spent the last of his money to purchase for her when they decided they would get married after college. Earl and Gladys didn't have much at the time but they had each other and for the past thirty-five years, that was all the two of them needed. Their careers brought them success, a lavish home, and the envy of most of the families in their small town but love was what kept the two going.

When Gladys looked at Sam and Mercedes, instantly noticing the way the two only ever had eyes for one another, she knew that they had a future together. She wasn't surprised when Mercedes came home one Thanksgiving with Sam in tow, re-introducing him to her family as her boyfriend. She wasn't surprised when Mercedes asked if her mother could spare any of her china when the couple decided they would move in together. She wasn't surprised when Mercedes called early one Saturday morning, proudly announcing that Sam had finally proposed, and she certainly wasn't surprised to find out that the two would only be waiting six months before they decided to get married. That didn't leave her much time to help Mercy plan the wedding ceremony but with the help of the shrewd Santana, the impeccably organized Kurt, and the problem-solving Tina, Gladys was able to create a dream team of wedding planners. Earl didn't have to lift a single finger and had more than enough time to play the role of protective Papa as he took Sam out on several fishing trips that each ended in a few very real threats that would come to fruition if the young man ever decided to screw over his little girl.

She prayed the day would never come where she'd have to hate Sam Evans. The boy was sweet, he was kind-hearted, he was attentive but more important than anything else, he loved her daughter and had no shame in expressing that love whenever the opportunity presented itself. Gladys wasn't naive; she knew what the two were doing when they'd sneak off in the middle of dinner, one of them heading to "the bathroom" and the other following soon after with the same excuse. She knew that it was the two of them that had broken the antique headboard on the bed Mercedes slept in since she was a child and she knew better than to show up unannounced when she decided to visit their home in New York. Her daughter had a very active sex life and Gladys could only offer a nonchalant shrug whenever Mercedes would return to her with mussed hair or freshly hickeyed skin. Gladys knew that life well. She was about that life in her twenties, thirties, forties, and even her fifties seeing as her husband's libido hadn't taken a rest over the years. Mercedes got her sex drive honest from two parents that failed in keeping their hands off of one another. Gladys and Earl were always upfront with all of their children about sex and didn't treat the subject as something they should be ashamed of. She immediately recognized the healthy glow on her daughters face during a video chat when she returned from a trip to California and knew that a little good sex had to be the cause of it. She saw Sam in a new light after that, knowing that any man that could put Mercedes in such high spirits had to be worth something.

Something Borrowed

The veil had certainly seen better days but Mercedes still insisted on wearing it. When Gladys pulled it from an old hat box in the attic, she had to wipe away a few tears and thirty something years' worth of dust as she set her eyes upon the vintage piece she had gotten from her mother. The veil had been in their family for four generations and she beamed at the thought that her daughter would be the next to wear it. With a few repairs to the sheer fabric and the thick white hem, done by hand courtesy of Kurt, the thing looked good as new as Gladys pinned in atop her daughter's mane of flowing black hair.

Mercedes was proud to wear the antique on what she anticipated would be her only wedding day and even conceded to wearing a slightly off white dress so that the somewhat tarnished garment would match perfectly. The years had been good to the piece and Gladys still remembered her own wedding day in a court house downtown when she and Earl couldn't wait for the ceremony their parents had planned and wanted to actually get married a few days in advance - just the two of them. Gladys wouldn't be surprised if her daughter pulled a similar stunt, hell she wouldn't have been surprised if Mercedes had decided to marry Sam immediately after that little train trip that catapulted the two into an inevitable relationship. Gladys knew all about their cross-country adventure, easily pulling details from Santana and Kurt after a couple of glasses of a bottle of wine she'd been saving for just such an occasion. She was proud of her daughter, happy that she had finally decided to own up to her feelings and go after the admittedly handsome and caring man she deserved. No man would ever been quite good enough for her little princess, but dammit if Sam Evans wasn't close to being perfect. The thought of the two of them taking the plunge and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together filled her heart with warmth and brought endless surges of tears to her eyes.

"No crying, baby girl," Gladys ordered at several points throughout the day. She did well to hide her own tears behind the handkerchief she carried, knowing that there would time for crying, time to express just how happy she was for Mercy, when the ceremony was over and there wasn't a church full of people waiting for both of the Jones women to make a flawless appearance. Their community would certainly be talking after today. After the three hundred strong guest list of friends and family that invaded the Jones' home church just to see Mercedes and Sam pledge their love for one another, Gladys knew her family would be the talk of the town for months to come. That's why she spent so much time pouring over the decorations - wedding colors of silver, purple, and olive green decorated the venue; scrutinizing the menu - chicken or fish, and a vegetable medley for their vegetarian guests; and standing over Kurt's shoulder as he designed every last detail of the bridesmaids dresses - long, deep purple gowns with single shoulder straps and thin silver cinched waists - and the groomsmen's tuxedos down to the stitching of every last piece. No detail was left uncovered as Gladys did everything in her power to make the day the perfect event that her daughter wished for.

Something Blue

It wasn't meant for Gladys to find out about the cock ring or the powder blue bra and panty set her daughter wore under her wedding dress complete with matching garters. The black bag with the monogrammed initials of the store from which it came tipped Gladys off. She knew within it she would probably find a wedding gift from the blushing bride for the confident groom but never in a million years did she expect to find the velvet box that held the silver piece of "jewelry" etched with Sam's initials in a blue cursive script.

The panties she found out about when she walked in on Mercedes, Santana, and Tina getting the bride into her dress. Gladys had promised to step back, to enjoy the day like she didn't get to do when her boys got married. The women Anthony and Terrence decided to tie the knot with were nice enough but when it came to getting ready for an event, the girls were hopeless. Thinking that maybe her daughter would need some guidance, Gladys walked into the dressing room too early yet just in time to see her daughter in her unmentionables. They giggled now about Gladys' little surprise entrance and hugged as the minutes ticked by before she and her husband would be giving away their little munchkin.

They were putting her in good hands. Like a true gentleman, Sam had come knocking at their door, face flustered yet still bold enough to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage. Gladys knew the boy would be showing up. Since Sam and Mercedes began dating, she had had many run-ins with Mary and Dwight Evans and the couple had become fast friends with she and Earl, sharing weekly conversations and visits whenever the two would come up from Kentucky or Gladys and Earl would decide to make the trip south. Mary couldn't help herself from picking up the phone after a visit from her son caused him to divulge the not so secret plan he had to propose to Mercedes. She informed Gladys that the young man would be heading her way in order to ask she and Earl for their permission to wed their only daughter.

They could only say 'Yes.'

It was no secret that Sam was head over heels in love and that Mercedes felt the same. Finally, after six long months of combing over every detail of their wedding ceremony with the finest of fine-toothed combs, Gladys was more than satisfied with the perfect day fit for her princess and her prince.

She walked her daughter from the dressing room after each of her bridesmaids has already left and paired up with the groomsmen they were assigned too. Gladys was glad that everyone cooperated and that Kurt did his job of keeping the boys in line until the reception where they would be free to do whatever the hell their young hearts desired. He kept Puck from drinking before the ceremony and grabbing the mic mid-sentence from the official in order to make a heartfelt yet untimely toast like he did during Santana and Brittany's ceremony, he also kept Blaine from wearing the olive green bow-tie he had insisted upon when Gladys informed the men they would be donning traditional ties. Most importantly, he kept Sam calm; he kept him from seeing Mercedes before the ceremony and from worrying about anything going wrong. The man was a Godsend and Gladys knew she was blessed to have him as her right-hand. He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek before walking down the aisle with Tina by his side. Two more kisses came from Puck and Santana as they sauntered down the middle of the church, putting their normal bickering on hold to plaster on genuine smiles and wink to the expectant crowd.

Gladys looped her arm with her unexpectedly calm daughter. She had figured Mercedes would be nervous, that she would be having second thoughts but she knew she was wrong as she eyed her completely serene child. There wasn't a doubt in Gladys' mind that Mercedes wanted this and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Sam.

There were those tears again.

Earl was quick to dab away the single stray tear that escaped despite Gladys' heavy fit of blinking; two more kisses followed his gentle gesture: one for Gladys and one for Mercedes as he took his place on the other side of his daughter and nodded to them as the wedding march finally began to play.

Gladys went over every note in her head, already knowing the tune by heart even the final notes when it stopped during the show and she and Earl lifting Mercedes' veil and handing her over to Sam who wore the biggest, goofiest grin she'd ever seen in her life. There were more tears and Gladys made no effort to hide them as she watched Sam and Mercedes pledge their love for one another, as she threw rice at the two of them exiting the church, and when Puck and Santana stood to make their toasts during the reception. Everything was perfect, save for Gladys' makeup applied painstakingly by Tina much earlier in the day.

Not a single tear was shed as she watched Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Alexander Evans climb into the back of a black stretch limo, preparing to spend the first night of the rest of their lives together. Gladys couldn't cry, especially not after the pinch she received on her healthy backside once the crowd began to dissipate. Earl had that twinkle in his eye, the same one she saw in Sam's eye the moment he took Mercedes' hand, leading her from the dance floor and out of the reception area for a little alone time. Gladys made sure the party kept going during the couple's much-needed absence and didn't spare the two her normal knowing glance once they returned. Now, that her duties as mother of the bride and wedding planner were over, she was free to give in to her own desires and grab Earl off for a highly anticipated "debriefing" session that she had been promising ever since the moment her final child said "I do."