The crackling and hiss of the fire was everywhere, yet it didn't touch me as it should've.

I should've been burned alive – I know that.

But the fire protected me…respected me…

I'm not sure how I got there – I was just a little girl, first instinct I guess; run for mommy and daddy – but I arrived in time to see it all collapse through the bedroom doorway. To see the forms on the bed, a hand of mottled flesh stretched out towards me. Even through the smoke I could smell it.

Then the roof came crashing down.

The next thing I knew I was outside – staring at the building that had once been my home, my safe haven.

Even as the building crashed to the ground no one was out. No one was helping.

We were Ellanoi. Never mind that my mother was human; they couldn't be bothered to help us – who were different.

I learnt my first lesson that night; you can't rely on anyone.

I was so calm until then – until I saw him. Sattine.

And then I knew.

You can't rely on anyone.

"What did you do? What did you do? What the hell did you do Sattine? Answer me!" Shrieking, my hands reached out to claw at my only remaining relative. What was left of my family. My kin.

Do you know? I think that may have been the first time I ever swore. Definitely wasn't the last.

This was the first time Sattine had raised a hand to me. Definitely the last. As we met over the years he preferred to show off his magic more than his physical strength – though he had an abundance of that too.

Flagstones cold beneath me I glared up at him, "Murderer."

There was silence.

And then…

A smirk, "What can I say little sister? It was time…"

In that night Sattine walked out of my life and out of my heart, just like our parents.

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