He didn't remember driving home, or walking in the door. The night was a blur of tears and sobbing in his room, tears he had never shed before. In all his years Carlisle had hardly ever cried when a comment had been made to him. He had stayed resilient and staunch in the wake of his parent's antics, and had only shed tears the night of his lost virginity. He knew that if he let loose then everything that had been built up over the years…it would be a violent and horrid release of emotion.

And he had been right.

Never had Carlisle wept for so long. Never had he lain in bed and mourned the loss of a childhood and a life that had been stolen from him.

But now with heaving cries he clutched at the sheets and at his ugly disgusting body as the words of disgust and loathing pounded at his mind making him be stripped from all pretenses that he would ever be anything but fat and alone.

For a day his phone buzzed with calls and texts from Edward, but he ignored them all.

He wouldn't be able to face them with either the hope or the rejection that they would contain.

He remained in the house, dark and cool pondering the life that he had surely screwed up even more now.

In the 2 days that followed his mind turned over the possibilities that even if Edward wasn't completely disgusted by him and his body…he would never have a chance with him now. How could he when he had so blatantly shown how much a fucking loser he could be?

It was on day three that he had the first contact with someone.

Before all this Carlisle had asked if Rose wouldn't mind dropping off some printer paper that Sunday afternoon. He had completely forgotten about it. She might have even called him to remind him but he had turned his phone off since Saturday morning.

Letting herself in as she always did, his sunny beautiful skinny and blonde sister dropped the tote bag filled with paper packages and rushed to his side.

He must have truly looked awful, sitting on the couch because Rose was frantic as she pawed at him.

"Carlisle! What's wrong? What happened?" she exclaimed.

He cleared his throat and his voice sounded as rough and sore as it felt.

"What do you think happened?" he rasped, and looked down at his sweat pants. He wasn't usually humiliated around his sister but any recount of this incident was degrading.

She cupped his face and brushed his unruly hair away from his face.

"I have an idea but why don't you fill me in…was it that Edward? Did he do something? Say something wrong? Your eyes are all red and puffy I can tell you've been crying."

She sat next to him and rubbed his shoulder soothingly and he felt the rush of tears spring to his eyes again.

"You know what happened Rosie…" he whispered, "I fucked it all up…he never did anything…he only wanted to go swimming and to…be with me but…he didn't know what I look like for real and now..."

His voice broke harshly on the last syllable and he turned into his sisters open arms, desperately trying to find the affection and the comfort he never had from a family member.

"So he wanted to go swimming Carlisle…what was so bad about that?" she asked softly, causing him to pull away and furrow his brows.

"What's wrong with it?" he replied frustration causing him to yank himself off the couch and gesture wildly at her.

"You know what's wrong with it! It's what's been wrong since I was 10! I'm a fat ass who can't lose weight no matter what I do and the last thing I wanted was to see the one guy who seemed interested in me to look at my fat completely bare and covered in water! You know what he would do if he looked at me! It's the same thing mom and dad and every other fucking person in my life has always seen and known and I don't ever want him to look at me that way!"

She stood next to him equally as frustrated it seemed but with more incredulity.

"You truly believe that?" she said, "You really think that everyone sees you that way? My god what did mom and dad do to you? I never thought it was this bad!"

He ran a hand through his hair, "They may have been asses about it Rose but come on…you know they were telling the truth! I am an obese miserable fuck who can't socialize to save his life and just ruined everything with a guy who was perfect in every way!"

"You didn't ruin it." A smooth soft sad voice spoke from the doorway of the living room.

Carlisle and Rose who had been so into their arguing hadn't heard the door creak open nor did they see the strawberry chef standing there…taking it all in.

Carlisle looked in horror and wonder as he knew that while he had heard everything spoken, Edward was here next to him.

His Edward had come to him.

The strawberry chef stood before them, eyes heavy and unhappy. He looked heartbroken and Carlisle felt the guilt bubble inside of him at the thought of his Edward not being happy.

"Oh!" Rose exclaimed going to him and taking his hands, "Thank goodness you came! I was worried that I was going to have to track you down! But…" she smiled at him then at her brother, "You came and that alone says everything I need to know about you…don't be too hard on Carlisle…he has a thick complex about himself."

"Rose!" he huffed annoyed at his sister but she just smirked and grabbed her purse bidding them both farewell.

"When this whole drama is over," she called to them before walking out the door, "Edward you should come to my parents 4th of July party…they so need to meet you…" To his surprise Edward smiled and waved back with a nod.

And then they were alone, listening to Rose's car chug away.

Carlisle was aware just how bad he looked right now, sweats and white T Shirt comfy but hardly concealing his body in a flattering way. His face was ruddy from crying and his hair was a matted mess. He looked like a slob with nothing and a flush ran up to his cheeks and he turned his eyes downcast.

"Why did you come here?" he whispered woefully. Edward neared him and lifted his hands to cup his face. His breath caught at the feeling of panic that rushed him…Edward was feeling his fat.

But those green orbs were so concerned so sad that he couldn't pull away.

"Why would I not come?" his strawberry boy replied, "You ran out of my home crying and clearly upset and I was terrified that you didn't want to be with me anymore…that I had hurt you and you didn't want this between us."

"How could you think that?" said Carlisle, "Of course I want you….you are everything I have ever wanted in my life…"

"Then what is it?" he demanded harshly, "What would make you run away from us?"

Common sense should have told Carlisle that all he had thought was manifested from the depths of his self loathing. That it wasn't true… but he couldn't stop himself now.

Gently he pulled away from the hands that held him and he looked his strawberry boy in the eyes resolved to face what ever came from this conversation.

"Look at me Edward." He said sweeping his hands out to his sides, displaying his body to him. "Look at me and tell me you don't know what keeps me away from…everything in my world."

He looked puzzled and shook his head, "What are you talking about? There is nothing wrong with you!"

"Come on you have to see it… you always would have to see it and explain to me how someone like you could want someone like me?"

Edward groaned and huffed, "What am I supposed to be seeing Carlisle? I told you that I…"

"I am FAT Edward. F. A. T. fat! Chubby, obese, blubbery take you pick! I am a huge disgusting worthless fat ass who loves you and wants nothing more than to be with you but I can't because being with you would involve me being naked and I don't think you would ever appreciate that for a second. No one ever has been able to and no one ever will so I thought I would save myself the trouble and just peel off the band aid before it hurt too much to do so. So I wouldn't have you be embarrassed by me and hate me and…I couldn't bear seeing you look at me that first time…"

He gasped at the strength of his outpoured emotions body heaving at the outburst. Edward's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open clearly stunned at the display.

"Why…why would you think that I would…Carlisle where is this coming from?" he whispered taking a step toward him. He took one back and dropped on the couch head in his hands.

"My parents…teachers…another man…it's been my whole life Edward. I don't blame them honestly its not like they aren't telling the truth. I know I am fat…I have known my whole life and have tried to change it for years…I don't eat anything but healthy food I exercise on my bike and you know what my last doctor told me? I was healthy and fine and that sometimes people are just bigger…he said I was just perfect for what I am…what the hell is that supposed to mean? I am nothing perfect. You are telling me I am supposed to accept that someday someone will look past it all and want to be with me? I can barley look at my body in the mirror without hearing my mother's voice telling me that I was embarrassing and ugly. Or seeing people laughing at me as a kid who wanted nothing more than an strawberry ice-cream cone at the beach…" he trailed off and looked up at Edwards broken expression. He hardly had the energy to even decipher what that meant. Best to just send him on his way…

"Look Edward, just…don't feel bad ok? I know how it was going to end…the moment you get to see me it'll be all over and I know that … you are off the hook. Just go and don't look back ok? You gave me more in these 3 weeks than anyone ever gave and I am…honored and blessed that you were able to look past all of this…" he gestured at his stomach, " But I won't hold you to it…You deserve better."

Suddenly he was crushed into the couch and Edward was sitting on top of him smashing their lips together in a bruising passionate kiss.

His breath was stolen from him in an instant as his strawberry chef kissed him all over his face and lips, smothering him with affection and love.

"Edward what are you…" he managed to get out. "What are you doing?"

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" he whispered between kisses, "I am showing you just how much I want this…how much I want you, you poor amazing and sad man!"

He pushed Carlisle completely onto his back and crawled closer, laying himself all along his body, grinding his hips as he attacked his neck. He shivered in pleasure from the bites and nips but was still reeling from exactly what was happening. After all he had just let Edward know that he didn't have to pretend anymore that he understood the fact that he wasn't attractive and that Edward could just move along…apparently some wire got crossed because right now instead of watching his lover leave Carlisle was sporting a huge boner and was getting willingly raped by Edward.

"I am not amazing Edward…." He gasped out, "You don't have to do this at all…I don't…"

"Carlisle," he stopped his kisses and moved to look down at him, his red hair falling into his eyes and face, "Listen to me very carefully…we are going to have sex right now…right here in your house and I am going to show you just how much I want all of you, every last warm soft loving sexy bit…and you are going to fuck me and watch me cum because of how sexy you are."

"Edward I can't do that now! It's the daylight!"


"Well, come on you know…you'll see me and everything."

"But I want to see you," his lover purred and sucked on his neck.

"Why?" was his strained answer and at that Edward stopped and pulled away straddling his thighs.

"You still don't get it do you?"

"Edward I have no idea why you are not running out that door right this second." He felt confused…almost scared. "I told you everything that's wrong with me, everything that was more than obvious and you still don't…" he trailed a hand down his red face, "You still don't seem to get it. I am fat and ugly why would you want to even see me naked?"

"You keep telling me this but I just don't understand why you keep thinking I am…turned off by you."

He took his hand and put it on his crotch, letting him feel the way Edwards hardness filled out his cargo shorts.

"You did this to me, everything you are makes me hard and wanting."

"But…" he whispered turning his head in shame, "You still haven't seen me naked Edward."

That would be the moment of truth for him. If Edward could somehow stomach the site of his body then he would be impressed.

The man on top of him was silent for a moment then he slipped off him and held out his hand.

"Trust me ok?"

He may have trusted him but it was with wariness that he took the offered fingers and allowed himself to be pulled into his bedroom.

Once inside Edward didn't shut the curtains that spilled in light from the window of his backyard. Instead he turned and slowly kissed him, soft and sensual making him moan in pleasure…he wanted this for as long as it would last.

Edward ran his hands all over his chest rubbing the warm flesh and his fingers lingered along the hem of his shirt.

With bright eyes he looked up at Carlisle, beseeching him to go further. Heart pounding and unable to stave off the inevitable he gave a tiny nod.

The shirt was lifted and he felt the air conditioned breeze hit his skin. Squeezing his eyes shut he allowed Edward to slip it off and suddenly for the first time ever he was exposed in the upper body, to someone who wasn't weighing him or examining him. Carlisle couldn't even bring himself to look at his strawberry boy as he felt the hands go to his sweat pants and pull them down along with his boxer briefs.

And Carlisle Cullen was naked.

Standing in broad daylight before Edward Cullen.

He thought he was going to throw up he was so scared. His hands clenched at his sides. He could feel his body trembling and there might have been a whimper of fear that escaped his mouth.

"Turn around Carlisle," Edward's voice was still warm and kind and there was an element of…lust to it?

He did as told and peeked through his lids to see himself standing before his bedroom mirror…the same one he looked at every morning as he did his tie. The same mirror where he would loath his body and wish ever so much that he could be anything but what he was. Why was he doing this?

His answer came in a quick rustle of clothing behind him and suddenly a warm smooth body was circling him from behind, Edwards's lean arms snaking around the middle he hated so much and that beautiful face resting atop his shoulder looking at the same hated reflection with a very different expression.

Edward's green gaze was heady and full of desire, hands traveling all around Carlisle's body making him groan out at the sensation. He may have been humiliated but the strawberry boy's form pressed against his own was far too enticing. He could feel every curve and every muscle, and his dick was growing hard as Edward's own was pushed into his side.

"Look at this…" he whispered in his ears, "And listen to me. You are beautiful Carlisle Cullen. I remember the first time you walked into that classroom and I thought you were the most adorable thing I had ever seen. You were so shy and unsure but there was such a light in your eyes…in your soul. You were seemed so sad at times…I wanted to hug you hold you….tell you everything was going to be ok. And the more I got to know you the more I fell in love…" He wasn't why but a tear began to form in his eye. "I loved everything about you…your face your hair your hands….your lips. Now I am not going to be a fool and try and say you aren't a little bigger cause that would be a lie but…you are exactly how I want you. You are strong and full and so sexy…" his voice dropped to a low whisper and he rocked his hips against Carlisle's side to let him feel just how sexy he thought he was, "I have been consumed with thoughts of you laying on me…your big cock in me…you holding me as we fuck…feeling you all around me."

"I've wanted it too!" he moaned and was helpless to reach back and grab an ass full of what Edward had to offer. "But how can you want this?"

"I want it because that's how we are as humans…we have our tastes and preferences…I love you just how you are Carlisle and I want nothing more than to show you just how much I want to be with a big boy…"

Those hands ran down his sides and over his tummy nails scraping lightly at him creating a delicious sensation. Warm lips descended and moved to kiss softly at his shoulders, and he shivered. It felt so incredible to be touched. Instead of keeping that sentiment to himself he whispered it aloud to Edward…no more secrets.

"When you touch me…it feels so indescribably good," he caught the hand in his own and pressed a kiss to it. "No one every touched me much…not even as a child."

"I want to touch you a lot honey…I want to hold all of this and show you that you aren't the horrible things you keep thinking about yourself."

"But how can you…how can you look past me and…how I am?"

With that Edward moved to stand before him and the love and adoration in those green depths was deep and abiding.

"I don't want to look past it Carlisle… how you are…what you look like is something that I want to look at. I don't need to pretend it's not there because…well how could I not want to see something that turns me on so much."

Could this really be? Could he have finally found someone that saw everything and didn't run away? Didn't need to imagine a skinny him? Could this mythological creature stand before him with arms wide open accepting all this faults and ugliness?

"You are not fat Carlisle…you are not ugly or sweaty or anything bad. You are a big guy who has strong arms and is deliciously thick. But you aren't all outward appearance…I fell for you because of your smile and your smarts…your kindness and your warmth. You have so much to offer in a relationship. If anything I was worried about you not wanting me! I am young and just starting out in life…but I hope that I can live up to your standards because…I want you."

It was said as simple as that and a feeling that he had never had before bloomed inside of Carlisle's heart. He realized with an aching heart that it was hope born of acceptance and love.

"You really want this? After having a boyfriend like James?" he whispered running a hand through Edward's strawberry hair.

Edward wrapped his arms around his body and chuckled, "James may be a nice guy and all but I was never really into him. At least I can see that now. Because he may have been cute but…well he didn't have a warm soft body I could cuddle into. You made me recognize that I want big guys…I want to feel small and safe in a pair of big arms. Everything about you turns me on Carlisle…cant you feel it?"

With that he kissed him hungrily then with a sly smile lowered himself to his knees.

Carlisle's breath stopped. Was he really going to what he thought he was?

Edward licked his lips making them wet and red and shiny, "I have wanted to suck your cock since I felt it that first night…I wanted so badly to see it up close and honestly my fantasies didn't do you justice. I didn't think it could be so big and juicy looking…"

His dick got harder even harder. He could see the tip leaking in anticipation and when Edward's pink tongue came out to touch a drop of liquid he thought he was going to die. When the wet heat of his mouth engulfed him he was pretty sure he had.

Edward moaned around his cock and scooted closer taking it all the way down his throat. Soft hands found purchase on his meaty thighs and ass but he could care less…because Edward's eyes were looking up at him through dark lashes, their gaze coy and sultry.

Slowly that strawberry head began to bob up and down. Slick wet noises filled his ears and he threw his head back at the utter bliss that overwhelmed his frame. It was indescribable. White heat and trembling sensation were all he knew in that moment. He felt primitive and lost himself in the way Edward's hands groped his flesh and the way he drooled around the shaft groaning as he ate it down.

Without even thinking his hands found those red locks and he gripped them. He began to guide Edward, so that when he reached the base of his dick he swallowed around him a movement that made his eyes roll into his head.

On a back swipe Edward pulled off him salvia all over his lips and his face red with pleasure. He hadn't let go of his hair.

"Tell me how much you like it baby…does it feel good when I suck your fat cock?" Never had the word fat been used to describe something he HOPED was fat. It made Carlisle gnash his teeth and grit out.
"So fucking good Edward…keep doing it. I want to cum on you…"My my where had that come from? During his first sexual encounter Carlisle had never spoken a word…he'd been too humiliated. But now with the way Edward's lips were moving deliciously around his dick it really was squeezing the exclamations from him.

Edward's mouth moved off him to be replaced by his hands and soon Carlisle felt licks and nuzzles all around his balls…

"You smell so good…fucking makes my mouth water." His strawberry boy's voice was muffled. None the less it made him shudder and the fact that Edward's fingers were rolling along the purple tipped head fingering the slit wasn't helping.

"Stop Edward…I'm going to cum if you keep that up."

He pulled himself up a little and stared up at him with those green eyes.

"Maybe I want you to…I wanna eat your cum or better yet jack you off and have you spray it all over my face…would you like that? You could sit here and watch me try and gobble it up but I'll bet you cum a lot…I won't be able to catch it all in my mouth. That would be a shame since from what I tasted so far you are quite yummy…" With that Edward scooped some of the creaminess oozing out from the tip and closed his eyes in absolute bliss.

He pulled away then and moved like a cat to lie on the bed, arms and legs spread out in invitation. His cock was thick and red lying along his stomach. Carlisle had never wanted to eat anything as much in his entire life strawberry ice cream be damned.

"I wanna taste you…"

Edward's grin was absolutely Cheshire, "Come on then…it's waiting for you."

Moving to the bed, Carlisle knelt down, painfully aware of how low the bed dipped once he got on and a wave of shame washed over him. And it must have shown in his face because suddenly Edward was sitting up and had his hands all over him, the kisses turning from lustful to almost tender.

"Why that face honey?" he whispered in his ear. "You looked so scared all of a sudden?"

He smiled faintly and looked down at the sheets.

"It's nothing…just old feelings die hard I guess." He reached out and brushed a hand along Edward's collarbone, seeing that face looking at him with such concern and question.

"Am I making you uncomfortable? Did I do something wrong?" he asked him and Carlisle was quick to reassure.

"No! Nothing! In fact you have done everything right…I'm more turned on now that I have ever been! I just…the first time I did this…it wasn't too great he…didn't want to see me during it. We kept the lights off and I wasn't permitted to…be on top of him. He told me that I would 'squish' him. And… I don't want you to think about me that way I guess."

Edward's face took on a sad expression suddenly and he gave him a good hard look.

"That was your first sexual encounter? With a guy who didn't even want to look at you? Did he even make you cum?"

The laugh held no humor. "No…I sorta asked if maybe he would…blow me but he said he didn't want to touch me…with his mouth down there. Said it was too sweaty and…fat."

The arms around him tightened and around him, as he lived in the memory of that horrible night. It seemed less awful now with such love wrapped around him.

Edward was silent for a long moment then he said in a low voice, "That someone would even do that to you…how could he have been so cruel? So BLIND? You are so sexy Carlisle… I want to just…"

Before he even knew what was going on Carlisle fell on the bed onto his back. Surprised at the sudden change he looked up in awe as Edward straddled his shins and stared down upon him with pure determination in his green eyes.

"Listen to me Carlisle…I am going to suck you off. I am going to wrap my lips around that big dick and lick it and drool all around it and make you cum down my throat. And then you are going to climb on top of me and I am going to love how big and wonderful you feel. And then you are going to fuck the even loving daylights out of me. Do you understand?"

He wasn't sure if he nodded or not.

Edward smiled and kissed him passionately pulling the very breath from him, and soon that mouth left and traveled down down down…back to his hard dick once more. Edward licked up and down it again, paying particular attention to the warm purple head. His eyes locked onto Carlisle's as he sucked the very tip of it then pulled off letting his spit and a string of precum dangle from cock to lip.

Carlisle gave an unintelligent noise and watched as his man plunged the whole back into his mouth. Slick wet sounds filled the room again as that strawberry head bobbed up and down over and over again. Carlisle didn't know what to feel how to talk or where to put his hands. All he could do was grasp at the sheets, although half way through Edward took his palms and again made them clutch his red hair, whimpering around his cock when he pulled and twisted the locks.

Edward pulled off him just when he felt his balls tightening and rasped to him, " You're going to cum now…I want it all in my mouth Carlisle…give me it all and let me taste you."

Giving him a small stuttering nod Edward resumed his sucking, pushing him over the edge when he saw that Edward had been fingering himself the entire time he had been blowing him.

The cum shot out faster than he expected and Edward made a good show of letting some creamy seed spill from around him lips and down his chin. He lapped it up giving him the most debauched and pleased smile ever.

"Tasty…" he whispered.

Carlisle's whole big body was shaking with pleasure. He thrummed with it. Never before had he felt used and so deliciously satisfied.

And still his dick wouldn't die.

No, instead it stood tall and proud at the sight of the beautiful strawberry boy covered in his cum.

Reaching up Carlisle smashed his lips to Edward's tasting himself and feeling the long dick that poked him in the thighs.

"God, that was good…" moaned Edward into his neck, "I want to eat it all day long now…have you feed me your dick mhmmmm…." He reached down and gave it a few sift tugs, making Carlisle growl and grind into his palm.

"I never thought it could be like this…" He whispered as he grasped at Edward's lean thighs bringing him close then lifting him upwards, trying to move so that he was under him a little.

"I didn't know someone could want me like…you seem to." Slowly he stopped Edwards hand and lowered him to the mattress. Always careful about his body, he leaned over and hovered himself above him knees on either side. Edward looked like that tasty treat he'd always been denied, a whip cream covered strawberry ice cream scoop lying in a sea of white, red hair fanned out about him and pink skin flushed and supple. And his dick was hard and red lying along his stomach, precum weeping out of the tip and mixing with the hair on his belly.

Simply beautiful.

And it was all for him.

Carlisle took a moment and stared down into the eyes that were hooded with lust, at the lips parted in heaved breath and for the first time realized that all of this was HIS doing. HE had turned Edward on like this. His big body with all its flaws was making this cock erect and this beautiful creature moan and pant beneath him.

Carlisle Cullen was showing his all and still Edward wanted to be with him.

And that made him so blissfully happy, so utterly turned on that he couldn't help but smile down upon his beautiful Edward and run his hands along his chest and whisper, "I want to fuck you so good…"

He grabbed a condom out of the side table and with shaky hands slid it down onto him. The last time he had done this he had been terrified and worried he wouldn't be able to stay hard. Now he had to stay his hand once it slicked it down because he was so close to just jacking himself off.

"Do it please…I've been waiting for you to…" Edward sobbed out in pleasure. "I already got myself ready when I was blowing you…I couldn't decide what I liked more your cock in my mouth or my fingers fucking me open as I thought about what you were going to do to me when I got to sit on your dick."

Carlisle felt himself harden even more and he rolled his hips into Edwards open thighs, trying to find relief.

"Have you been thinking about it Carlisle? Do you imagine what my ass will feel like?" he groaned and thrust himself back.

"All the time," he confessed looking straight into his eyes, "I think about fucking you all the time. About how you are going to feel around me…about how your tight little hole will stretch over my cock…I think about grabbing your hair and making you moan and touching your dick, licking and sucking it dry." He was rambling and probably sounded bizarre but Edward just threw his head back and reached a hand down to circle his dick and bring it between his cheeks. He could feel the wet slick moisture of the lube and on instinct he pushed forward. The last time this had happened he hadn't been able to appreciate the pull and the sensation. He hadn't been able savor the way tight flesh had engulfed him or how never could his hands ever make up for the way Edward's body gripped and pulsed around him. He had been too worried about the way the guy above him just closed his eyes and moved…as if he was only a sex toy.

But this time he would enjoyed and relish everything that was going on. He was able to feel the tight grip Edward had on his cock and nothing was turning him on more than seeing his green eyes widen and dilate as he pushed himself in. Edwards's mouth hung open in a silent scream and his hands sunk into the flesh of his back. Lean legs flung around his torso, bringing him down onto him sinking in as deep as he could go.

Carlisle panicked at the feeling of their bodies sliding against one another, fleeting horror overriding the pleasure of being all the way in, as he envisioned Edward being smooshed. But his strawberry boy only moaned like a wanton whore and gave him a sucking wet kiss.

"Oh god…your so big inside me…I can't oh my god this feels so good."

"I'm not too…big to be laying on you?" he rasped doing all he could to not start ramming himself deep.

Edward just smiled and pulled him tighter all his arms and legs surrounding him.

"You feel just right big boy…now fuck me." And he thrust his hips upward making his dick swirled around his insides.

A light switch went off and suddenly Carlisle Cullen braced himself and let instinct take over. In and out in and out he thrust like a man possessed. Nothing in his whole life had ever felt this good. Seeing Edward head thrown back in ecstasy and knowing it was him making him this hot and good gave new lust to their joining. The smell of their bodies the sounds of their moans and flesh striking flesh. The way his heart was filled so much at the moment made the whole experience surreal and wonderful. Everything was heightened and harder and softer; better and brighter and the whole world just seemed like it had pin pointed down into this one moment.

And then it all came to a head.

Edward's dick, trapped between lean muscle and thick middle suddenly erupted between them sending Edward curling around him even tighter, his ass clenching and squeezing his own cock to start shooting off.

They froze in rapture bodies sparkling with pleasure and then both collapsed in blissful silence breathing in the smells and sensations they had just created.

Edward was the first to move, giving him a long drawn out kiss that was the topping on the cake for everything he was feeling.

"You," he whispered holding his fat cheeks with stars in his eyes "Are a fucking beast."

Carlisle chuckled and blushed, "Really? I would have to say it's only because of you…I don't think anyone has ever gotten me that hot…actually I know they haven't…" He rolled off him but pulled Edward on top their bodies still connected and low and behold he was still hard. Edward moaned at the change of position but smirked and ran his hands all over his body.

He had never felt more decadent than he did now.

"Mmmm that guy you fucked before was a down right dumbass…I have never felt so thoroughly screwed in the best way EVER…" He felt very much the same and was now more than ready to go again…afterglow time could be later.

Edward continued and leaned down to him biting his lips as he swiveled his ass pulling a keening groan out of him.

"Hmmmmm I think we are going to be here for a long time today," He whispered. "I need to explore my man and concrete my idea that once you go big you'll never go twig."


Carlisle's parents Fourth of July party was always a stuffy affair.

It was a small gathering of his father's closest friends and their spouses gathered at their huge white house in their white dining room around the white table. His parents would be using this opportunity to show off just how well they do for themselves and how over the past year his mother could afford to by a new designer place setting from Crate&Barrell as well as replace the carpets. As children he and Rosalie had been excluded from all of these events but now as adults they had suffered through the pompous arrogant and nasty people their parents deemed so important to their social circle.

During the last 10 years of attending Carlisle usually believed he would rather be naked in the company of complete strangers than clothed in his frumpy suit and tie with these people and forced to eat the meager meal his mother specially had the cook prepare for him.

She had always made it painfully obvious that his was a 'special' plate.

It was more humiliating than anything he ever had to endure.

But this year when he pulled up to the house he had a secret weapon with him.

His Edward, boyfriend of a month had refused to leave his side this day and had insisted to come as a buffer and moral support for the whole ordeal.

Though he had told the story of his childhood, of the quiet suffering he had done all these years, he hadn't been sure how he would feel having Edward get a front row seat to what was surly going to happen.

But if was one thing he had discovered in the past month it was that his Strawberry boy was nothing if not determined.

The day before the party Edward had drug him out to the mall and took him on a shopping trip, exclaiming that all confidence needed was a new outfit sometimes.

At first mortified at the idea of trying on clothes, he was pleased to find that as long as Edward was with him it was actually enjoyable. The man new his stuff when it came to dressing and soon he himself had a new outfit that actually shaved off a few inched from his waste and made him stand a little taller.

"You really aren't as big as you keep thinking you are," Edward had explained as they both looked into the mirror. "You wear clothes that are too big for you and you honestly look amazing in these more stream lined outfits."

He had been right and now standing at his parent's door dressed in a pastel pink linen button down and dark grey dress pants he felt a little less intimidated. Edward looked amazing as usual in his royal blue shirt and black pants standing with his hands laced with his own. He took a huge breath and rang the door bell…

The confidence waned as soon as the door opened and his mother looked shocked as hell to see who Carlisle had brought with him. Knowing her she probably thought the idea of him with a date had been a joke.

Even his father didn't have the decency to look happy when they walked in. Instead his mouth had dropped at the sight of them and he had downed his glass of scotch quicker than he remembered he could.

Rose was the only one who went up and hugged Edward and himself her eyes smiling and joyful.

As soon as the rest of the guest arrived dinner was promptly served.

They all gathered around the table his father at one end and his mother at the other. Rose and Carlisle sat by their mother's side and Edward was placed next to him. He took a deep breath as the first course was served hoping that his boyfriend didn't notice how little the portions were that were served to him.

But try as he might Edward's face looked incredulous as he stared at the meager offerings on his plate. The look in his eyes was one of disbelief and Carlisle smiled gently at him, as if assuring him that this behavior was absolutely normal for this house.

Without saying a word Edward pulled Carlisle's hand into his own squeezing it reassuringly. The gesture though small made him not feel the large amount of shame and hurt that were still present.

During the meal his parents and the guests were surprisingly friendly towards Edward. It didn't surprise him. His strawberry boy was so warm and charming one couldn't help but like him. And even though he was silent the majority of the time he loved watching his boyfriend interact with these stiff and aristocratic people. His winning moment was when he mentioned he was the head baker at Sweet Desire. All the ladies twittered and cooed, lavishing him with praise over his cupcakes and pastries.

His parents looked less than pleased though at this new information.

"A baker?" he father sniffed as he took a sip out of his scotch again, "As in for a living you make sugary fat filled foods?"

Carlisle felt his blood boil and his face turn scarlet. His father wasn't picking on what Edward did for a living...he knew better than that. He knew why his father's tone took on that exhausted air.

"Yes…" his mother continued as she primly dabbed her mouth and waved to the waiting staff to clear away their dished for dessert. "You are a good one if the last wedding shower cupcakes I sampled were indeed yours...my son must truly be indulging himself…I can see now, why he hasn't lost a bit of weight since I last saw him."

The silence was so profound that one could hear the cooks in the kitchen crystal clear.

The guests looked clearly uncomfortable, the display of rudeness even too cruel for their tastes. His sister's mouth hung open in shock…and he himself… felt sick.

"Well I have to disagree with you Mrs. Cullen."

Edward's words were strong and true and Carlisle could hear the tight restraint in his tone. It however didn't stop the passion from sinking in.

His Edward, his strawberry boy, turned and faced his mother green eyes flashing. Never had he felt such love before bubble up inside.

"Pardon me?" his mother sputtered in shock.

"I said I disagree. I may be a baker but Carlisle hasn't touched a single pastry since we started dating. In fact he hasn't changed at all from his usual healthy eating." He smiled and turned to look at him still squeezing his hand. "Actually I have trouble getting him to eat anything other than poached chicken and salad. And I know for a fact he still exercises. So I would say that in reality he looks amazing and even if he had gained a little weight I would still hug him and kiss him and love him. Because material beauty as you well know Mrs. Cullen," and he turned and gave his mother a look that dared her to challenge him, "Is only skin deep."

He would take that expression on his mothers face with him the rest of his life.

Carlisle felt free for the first time in years…as if he suddenly didn't have to wear a shirt while swimming or hid his face in pictures. Because Edward had stood up for him. And he loved him and wanted him and all was good.

And just in time for dessert.

As expected the waiting staff never placed a crystal cut glass in front of him. But he could see the deliciously decadent pink lumps of homemade strawberry ice cream, lying in its glistening bowl. None for him though…

Edward looked even angrier now but he looked down at him and placed a kiss on his temple in thanks. The guests started to talk quietly amongst themselves so they didn't hear him whisper to his love.

"Thank you for doing that…" he never meant anything more in his life.

"I will always stick up for you…I feel bad though. This is your favorite treat."

And it was his favorite. All his life Carlisle longed for a taste of strawberry ice cream again. But as he looked over at Edwards dish then back at him he realized that right here next to him was the sweetest most delicious treat he could ever have. His beautiful strawberry boy was much better than the best ice cream on earth.

"I already have my favorite treat." He stroked his Edwards hair and kissed him sweetly. "But I do have to say… it does look good."

Edward looked blissfully at him.

"It still isn't fair…your mother should give you hers instead."

What a brilliant idea.

Pulling at his new found courage Carlisle knew what he had to do to seal the deal.

"Mother," he called watching as the flushed woman stared at them with a wary expression in her Botox brows. "You know that I have always loved strawberry ice cream right?"

She shook her head in fear.

"Well it is and it makes me sad to have none," all eyes were on them now and he stood and reached over plucking the goblet of ice out from under her nose, "So I guess I will just have to take a taste of yours."

Carlisle picked up his spoon and dug in, moaning at the taste and rejoicing at the horrified glare that his mother gave him.

The ice cream tasted sweet….the revenge was sweeter.

But nothing could ever be as good as his Edwards strawberry kisses.

The end.