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As soon as she made her way to the desk in the holding cells, the doorway ahead of her had turned on. She wouldn't be able to get by unless she wanted to get severely electrocuted. She turned back around but the automatic doors weren't opening. She was trapped and she wouldn't leave anytime soon unless someone, she was guessing The Joker, wants it. She groaned but went into the office, trying to find something to break her out of here.

When she began skimming through the files, she heard the door hiss open. She jumped up, but before she could run towards the mystery person, they'd already entered the office, "Oracle, I'm at the holding cells. I'm setting up a crime scene! ... Exactly," Batman looked over and saw her. He walked up and she got the unpleasant feeling he was sizing her up, as her short and small stature was nothing compared to his 6' 2'', muscled body. She raised an eyebrow, challenging him, but he just turned away, pressing something on the side of his visor as he walked to the other corner of the room, "Boles dropped his flask, sloppy! Let's see what the forensics scanner picks up,"

"I assume you're not talking to me," Hannah voiced out, trying to get noticed,

"I have communications set up to an informant," He responded plainly, "I can follow traces of alcohol from Frank's Bourbon in the atmosphere. Oracle, I've got a trail!" He was slowly nodding his head, so she assumed that he was listening to the person on the other end speak. He then took his finger away from his helmet and walked towards the exit, stopping to talk to her, "Stay here until someone comes to get you out,"

"Excuse me?" Hannah stomped after him, putting a hand on his shoulder when she caught up. He stopped walking and turned around. Even though he was wearing a mask, you could see his eyes were squinted in anger. She tried to hide how intimidated she was as she spoke, "I'm here, and for some reason that's a problem for you; because I sure as hell know it's not an inconvenience. You're lucky it's me you ran into and not some helpless civilian!"

He took Hannah's arms in his hands, his fingers and thumbs easily wrapping around her small limbs showing how he had the upper hand and that he was in charge, "I find it very odd that you've come back and are here right as Joker takes over the island,"

"You find me suspicious?" She questioned, worried he may know more about her than she'd care to,

"You're an FBI agent; don't expect me to believe you wouldn't also find your appearance here rather convenient,"

"Convenient, yes, and I don't see why this is such a set off for you! Joker is controlling this island, so my being here with you is clearly what he wants. His mistake,"

He shook his head, very little but enough for Hannah to see, "He doesn't make mistakes. Why are you even here?"

She felt her eyes widen but regained her composure, ripping her arms out of his clutches, "I received a call from Commissioner Gordon," she couldn't fight the smug look creeping on her face, "Seems he also thought you could use my help,"

Batman grunted, and Hannah let the smirk linger, she knew she had him. He reached to his utility belt and held out a Bluetooth earpiece. Hannah shook her head and tapped where the entrance to her right ear is, "FBI approved," she explained about her ear piece. Batman held his hand out expectantly. She raised an eyebrow, but he still said nothing. Defeated, she took out her earpiece and placed it in his hand, watching the clear cord attached to the receiver on her coat stretch out and he brought it to eye level. He held it in front of his helmet and the lenses started glowing, she deduced he was scanning it.

He handed it back to her, "Now you're in my radio feed, you'll be able to hear Oracle and I'll be able to hear whomever you're communicating with,"

"That is a serious breach in FBI protocol," Batman said nothing and continued walking, He really doesn't trust me, "So, what's the plan?"

"We're tracking the alcohol in the atmosphere to follow rogue officer Frank Boles and rescue Commissioner Gordon," Nor does he seem one for conversation. They walked back into the transfer loop and headed to secure transit. A phone was ringing until something picked it up,

"Hello? What's happening there? I'm trying to contact Steve, is he there?" A desperate female voice called out from the line,

"Hold one second," a voice said with obviously fake sincerity, "I'll see if I can find him,"

"Oh, thank you!"

"I'm sorry, I've looked everywhere, but I can only find his head! I'll get back to you when I find the rest of him,"

She followed Batman through the only accessible door, "So that's the infamous Joker then?" She asked about the man from the phone conversation. He did nothing to acknowledge her but walked into secure transit, where an Arkham guard was pressing furiously at the buttons.

"Stupid, unreliable," the man turned around and saw them enter. Hannah recognized him as one of the extra police officers they had to bring in, and he recognized Hannah, "How did Joker-"

"Be quiet!" Batman growled, putting a hand out to silence the guard. He looked at the bottom of the elevator shaft to the top,

"What's going on?"

Then, out of nowhere, someone jumped from above onto the weights of the elevator. She had her blonde hair is pigtails, a nurses uniform with black and red pieces that made it look like it was custom ordered from an adult shop, and she wore a mask on her painted face, looking like a Harlequin.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh B-man! Mistah J doesn't want you followin' us just yet!" She pulled something from behind her back and held it out, revealing it to be a detonator. She pressed it and they heard rhythmic beeping.

Then when it sped up, Batman grabbed the guard and threw him away, "Get down!" He turned his attention to Hannah and threw himself on top of her.

She just heard an explosion, followed by the wicked cackle of the slutty nurse the groaning from the guard, "Oww! What the hell happened?" He asked, no one answered.

Hannah grunted and cleared her throat impatiently, "Would you get off me?" Batman looked down into her eyes before lifting himself off effortlessly. He reluctantly reached a gloved hand out for her but she brushed him off.

Then, the woman's –Harley Quinn, Hannah assumed- grating voice came on over the speakers, "How did ya like that B-man! No way you're followin' us now! You're trapped down there until me and Mistah J are ready for ya'! Ha ha ha!" Her obnoxious laughed filled her ears over the intercom and made Hannah want to rip them off.

"She is an annoying woman," Hannah mused,

"Yeah, no kidding," The guard agreed, leaning against the wall, "is there a reason you don't have shoes?"

Hannah looked down and wiggled her toes, "Um, just a nice learning experience about high heels and heights," She walked over and pressed a hand to his forehead, "You're a bit shaken up, just rest here, you'll be fine,"

The guard nodded and looked over to Batman, who was staring to the top of the elevator shaft, "Of course I will. He's done things like this before, he's stopped the Joker then, this time will be no different,"

Hannah bit the inside of her cheek, easily prepared to go off about how her and her team could kick Batman's ass to the curb any day of the week when a hand clamped on her shoulder, "If you insist on following me, at least be focused," he scolded.

She stood up, shaking off his hand and walking up ahead with him, "Well, excuse me for wanting him to know it's going to be ok; and what else do I focus on? The elevator is blown up, what can we do?"

"Gordon was taken up to the surface in the elevator. If we want to follow them, we'll need to do this the old fashioned way,"

Hannah looked from him, to the farthest floor she could see, to the various ledges and nooks they could climb, "Oh… oh absolutely not,"

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