Yeah, I'm a nice person so I've put the next part up now :) Sorry it took me so long for the last bit, I'm back into it now though :) Love you all if you're still reading, not like that, but...yeah I'm just gunna let you read the story before I say something really

As soon as Mr Chalk was out of sight and Tariq and Emily had gone I turned on Kyle.

"What the hell was that" I yelled

"Why don't you go and ask Eugene?"

"He's not coming anywhere near me" I replied, frightened.

"Babe, it's okay, I won't let him touch you"

"Are you going to follow me everywhere for the rest of my life?" He rolled his eyes.

"He won't come after you unless you're on his turf, he's not really that tough if you take his gang away and take him someplace he doesn't know" I could almost see a plot about killing Eugene forming in Kyle's head.

"Was he on DSC turf this morning?" I asked Kyle

"yeah, 'e was" Kyle replied "C'mon, we better hurry up"

"Wait, Kyle" I said


"I'm sorry"

He just smiled at me.

"Come here" He said opening his arms. I walked over to him and rested my head on his shoulder. I looked up at him as he leaned down to me, our lips moving in perfect sync. I didn't think that Kyle could do anything perfectly. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip as I moved my hands up from his shoulders and tangling them in his short hair and pulling him closer. He smiled into the kiss.

"You two hurry up" Mr Chalk called, he must have had to come back for something. I blushed and laughed. Kyle smiled at me, not quite as embarrassed as I was.

As soon as we got back to school Kyle was dragged off, then I remembered the gang thing and started to worry. I guessed Tariq would be dragged up too, and if not I'd hand him in. Even though Kyle didn't care about school I didn't think that he should get the blame for something he barely did anything in. My phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a message from Alex. Should I get you a wedding present now, or when you've set the date? I didn't know whether he was annoyed I was with Kyle or what, but, If he was, I didn't really care, In answer to my question he send another message almost straight after. I'm joking, see, I told you Kyle's alright when you get to know him :-). I drummed my thumbs for a second, deciding what to write back. Guess you're not as bad at judging character as you thought. XX As soon as my phone was back in my pocket it buzzed again, I knew it wouldn't be Alex again, not even I could text that fast. It wasn't Alex, it was a message from Kyle Mercedes and Diamond caught having it off. I could tell that it wasn't just me he'd sent it too, it'd be all round the school by now. I instantly felt sorry for Madi, and pissed off at Kyle. I knew that I was meant to send the message round, but I didn't, instead I texted Kyle back. Where are you. Twat. He replied quickly Taking care of some unfinished business, see you soon X. I wasn't sure what I was more worried about, whether Eugene was here or what Kyle and Tariq had planned for him.

"Georgia, Georgia" It was Emily

"Hi Em" I said, trying to be nice.

"Look I was just wondering if you could maybe put a good word in for me to Kyle"

"Why?" I asked

"Just so I don't end up dead in some skip somewhere" I just started laughing at her, but her panicked face made me stop.

"Sure thing" I said. Though, to be honest, I didn't see what she was so fussed about, unless she got really involved with Tariq, the DSC and Eugene, there was no way she was going to end up dead in a skip, unless she annoyed me.

"Georgieeeee" Someone called to me I turned around smiling.

"Joshiieeee" I yelled at Josh "I thought you were off ill?"

"If you want me to go, just say" He replied

"Oi, don't get too cheeky Mr." I replied hugging him.

As happy as I was there was someone who could always ruin my mood, and he happened to be walking down an empty corridor towards me.

"Anyway Josh, why don't you go find your dad?" I asked him, not wanting him here if Eugene kicked off.

"Bye Georgia" He called walking away. My smile faded as I clenched my jaw. Eugene had spotted me now, so there was no way to get away from him. I walked towards him, flinging the door out of my way.

"Well, well mini Cobra, we meet again" He said, smirking at me

"Cobra, please" I spat "I don't want anything to do with your lot, the DSC or them"

"You seemed to be having a lot to do with Kyle Stack earlier" He hissed

"Jealous are we Eugene?" Kyle asked walking in next to me.

"Like I couldn't get your girl" He shot back

I laughed.

"You'd be a dead man before you touched her" Kyle threatened.

"What do you think mini Cobra?" He asked me "Reckon I'm better than lover boy"

I didn't really know what happened after that. I know Kyle lunged for Eugene and Tariq followed, I started backing away, not wanting to get involved.

"Oi you three" Mr Byrne yelled at us

"Shit" I hissed. Eugene turned and ran off, hood up.

"Right. You three my office now"

"But Sir, it was him!" I exclaimed.

"So it was him beating himself up?" Mr Byrne asked sarcastically

"No, but, Sir he was being a complete twa- twit and he was just, yeah" I said, not sure how to describe him.

"He just came up to us" Kyle said, doing his pathetic face.

A string of lies from Kyle and Tariq managed to get us out of Mr Byrnes office with only a "Stay away from Eugene" remark. By the time we got out, the final bell was about to ring. I said my goodbyes to Kyle and Tariq before heading home. I didn't even think about it until I was halfway home, but I remembered that a) Eugene would still be on this turf, and b)He was pissed off at me. I started scanning the streets looking for him, I knew I wouldn't see him, he wasn't thick, well, when it came to gang stuff he wasn't thick.

"You looking for someone mini Cobra" Eugene said from behind me, I span around, he was standing about 5 meters away from me.