AN: Sup guys. I realised something while writing this. I like to write for things I know next to nothing about, like X-men, and Godzilla. My actual knowledge of My Little Pony is pretty limited, and I actually watched the entirety of The Return of Harmony to be sure I had Discord right. Before that I had watched only the second half of the second part. I do watch the show occasionally, however, but I still have no clue if I got Twilight and Spike correct. I also honestly do not really care, as the meat of this part story is supposed to be from Discord and Godzilla.

By the way, I'm also mixing Tokusatsu universes, which is clear because the other fighters from the next chapters aren't even owned by the same company. Godzilla (Or Gojira as I'm calling him here) is owned by Toho co., ltd, andD The others to be mentioned later are owned by Toei Co., ltd.

Discord Vs. Godzilla

"I'm not sure this will work, Spike." Twilight said while staring at the stone Discord. "This is a very strong spell. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it."

"C'mon Twilight, you have to at least try it. You're the best at magic. Besides, no one wants this eyesore around ," Spike responded

"I suppose you're right. After my friends and I are gone, Discord could escape. We need to send him somewhere he can't do any damage. Somewhere that's chaotic enough without him."

Spike turned to a page in a book of worlds. "Here's one!" he exclaimed. "It says that they have insane people making the rules."

Spike handed the book to Twilight, who read the page for herself. "Sounds like he'd fit right in." she said. "Who knows? He might even make it better." She was confident that she would send him to the right place. Her horn started to glow and a portal appeared under the stone Discord. He swiftly fell through, still stone.

"I wonder if that's really what that world is like." Spike said as the portal closed.

"I don't think we want to know, Spike," Twilight responded. "The description was scary enough. Luckily, we don't have to deal with it. I just want to know where in the world Discord ended up."

With frequent monster attacks occurring all over the nation of Japan, the people of Tokyo thought they had seen everything. No one was prepared for a statue of a Half-Dragon/Half-pony to fall from the sky. The people looked at the statue strangely. It looked like it was in panic. As if it was a being turned to stone, instead of a statue made of it.

The statue began to shake and crack. With the Elements of Harmony in a different world, Discord could be free. He burst from the statue, presenting himself to the people below him. "Hello there squishy bipeds!" he said, the people stared confused. He flew in front of one of the men. "Hello? Biped?" He waved his hand in front of his face. The man looked on in mild terror. He flew back out to talk to everyone. "I get it, you're all stunned by my glory. Well allow me to introduce myself. My name is Discord, Master of Chaos and all of that jazz," he continued without noticing a large being behind him. "Especially jazz. That stuff is the most chaotic music I've heard."

"Gojira!" one of the people in the crowd yelled as everyone started running.

"No, Not Gojira," Discord responded. "My name is Discord. Say it with me now. Disc-" He was cut off by a large lizard roaring and smacking him. He crashed through a large building and flew right back along the thing. "You must be that 'Gojira' thing they yelled about." he said, floating on his back. "Well, I'm Discord, lord of chaos. I'm here to do my job, but I see you're doing a pretty good job here." He flew in front of Gojira's face. "Here's the deal. You've got incredible strength, I've got even incredibler wits. We can team up, and we can take over both this world and Equestria!"

Gojira stopped in his tracks for a second, appearing to be in thought, discord floated and watched with a smug look on his face. Gojira's spines began to glow blue. "Um, is that a yes?" Discord asked. Gojira fired an atomic blast at Discord in response, who swerved to dodge it.

"Okay, no more mister nice Draconequus." Discord said as he went to stare the beast in the eyes. "Let's see what happens when I... When I..." he couldn't think of anything. Gojira already cause a lot of chaos and his mind didn't exist in the traditional sense. He was genius and unreasonable, just like Discord. Plus when Discord looked inside of him he saw not one brain, but two. He couldn't figure out how to target him. Gojira was like this world's Discord, only nowhere near as elegant. Anything he could have done would only cause much less chaos. But that thing attacked Discord. NO ONE attacks Discord. He needed to be destroyed.

He flew up to one of the fleeing men and scooped him up. "Okay local, I hate to admit this but I need help. I need to get rid of that 'Gojira' guy. What do?" he asked, getting more frustrated. The man said something in a language he didn't understand. Discord screamed as he changed the world into a "Dub" mode. "Big lizard thing needs to be dead, or on my side," Discord was starting to wonder why he was bothering. "What do I do!"

"Godzilla?" he responded. "I don't thi-"

"Wait! Stop right there! I thought he was called 'Gojira'."

"Yes, that is what I said."

Discord sighed. "This is starting to give me a huge a headache, and normally I'm the headache. How in the name of all that is unholy do I get rid of him!"

"No one knows. He's died several times and he keeps coming back."

"That's not even possible for me and I'm godlike." Discord thought for a moment. "I've got it!" he yelled, throwing the man to the ground. The man bounced like a rubber ball. "Everyone, this is going to feel extremely weird!" Discord announced to the panicked people through a random megaphone. "But don't worry, that's perfectly normal."

Discord turned the entire world upside down, including the pull of gravity, except for Gojira/Godzilla/Whatever he was actually called. Let's just keep calling him Gojira for consistencies sake. Gojira started to fall and grabbed on to one of the buildings. He started firing off everything he had at Discord. Discord weaved through each attack and flew straight up to Gojira's face.

"You know, it may not be too late to reconsider my offer," Discord said. "Or maybe it is. It's a surprise." Gojira responded by hitting Discord with a nuclear ray, sending him back by several miles. Discord landed on the ground and did the ticked off walk up to the building Gojira was hanging onto. He pulled a giant ax out of nowhere and started chopping. "No. One. Can. Scorch. My. Beautiful. Face!" he shouted with each swing of the ax. The chops on the building worked just like chops of a tree. On the final swing he shouted "Timber!" and Gojira and the building fell into space, where Gojira presumably suffocated, along with anyone who was still in that building.

Discord turned the world back to normal while he started to think how he'd change the world with Gojira gone. Maybe I could start small to wind them down. He thought. The occasional land fish, and … Ooh, Grizzly Gummi Bears. There's a fun one.To his surprise, everyone left in Tokyo walked up to him and started applauding. They were cheering for Discord.

"Finally, I'm getting the respect I deserve!" he cheered. His face turned dark quickly "I don't think I like it that much, could you start screaming and running away again? Here's some incentive." Discord started to warp reality to his will. Buildings got twisted into many unnatural shapes. A whole block was turned into a giant chess set. He got a large smile on his face as everyone tried to run again when suddenly...

"Dol Laser!"

A laser beam blast hit Discord's back and knocked him forward. He turned around to see a giant mechanical dragon with a silver machine like man on top. He looked at them with annoyance.

"Can't I warp reality in peace anymore!" Discord yelled. "What the heck is a Dol Laser! Why are you so shiny!" He seemed to roar at the man and his dragon. He got right in the shiny silver man's face. "And most of all, Who the heck are you!

The silver man struck a pose and responded, "Space Sheriff, Gavan!"

Next time on Discord Vs!

Half Birdian/Half Human Retsu Ichijouji, also known as Space Sheriff Gavan, is in space in his Dolgrian ship when he witnesses Godzilla falling through the air upside down. This is obviously not a natural event. He comes down to earth to see a Draconequus causing terror in the silliest way possible. Who will win this battle for the Earth, Retsu and his Electronic Starbeast Dol, or Discord and his Chaotic Draconequus self.

Electroplate Yourself, Space Sheriff Gavan.

Discord Vs. Uchu Keiji Gavan.

We hope you enjoy it.