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Another Zangyack outpost was destroyed. The pirate squadron, Gokaiger, left the now liberated planet to return to how it was before. Their goal of destroying all of the remnants of Zangyack was one step closer to completion. The GokaiGalleon flew through space, it's crew calm after another difficult battle. Everyone was just lounging around, their robot bird, Navi, perched on Captain Marvelous' chair. It was smooth sailing, when suddenly it seemed that something had crashed into the ship. Everyone was shaken about and Navi fell off of his perch and hit his head on the floor.

"In Tokyo, a gorilla and whale..." Navi said in a disoriented voice. It turned to a normal, if somewhat annoying, voice as he continued with "That's it!"

The entire crew started to get up. "What the heck was that?" Asked Captain Marvelous, GokaiRed, pretty annoyed by the whole situation

"A treasure navigate!" Navi responded.

"But why?" Asked Ahim, GokaiPink. "Didn't we already get the Greatest Treasure in the Universe?"

"Maybe there's an even greater treasure," Luka, GokaiYellow, said

"That can't be," Don, GokaiGreen, said. "It was the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. There is no greater that the greatest."

"Bird," Captain Marvelous said to Navi, "What's going on here."

"Dunno," Navi replied. "When I say 'That's it!' that's really it."

"What Super Sentai had a Gorilla and a Whale?" asked Joe, GokaiBlue.

Gai, the resident Sentai expert and GokaiSilver, thought for a moment. "I don't think any of them did. Go-Onger had a Whale Engine, but no Gorilla." He finally said. "I don't think any of them were in Tokyo either."

Marvelous grabbed Navi by the head. "Another useless prediction then." he said and threw the bird to the floor. "Regardless of what it means, we need to set a course for earth!"

While the Gokaigers set their course, completely distracted from what the heck hit them out there, a large lizard floated by. A yellow light came out of him and went into the GokaiGalleon. 5 keys shaped like this strange beast appeared in a treasure box that had gotten dusty from disuse.

On a quest for an adventure and romance

They rebel against the Space Empire Zangyack.

These people proudly bear the pirate name, Their name is...

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!

Episode Final, Discord vs. Gokaiger.

The GokaiGalleon came within orbit of a strange planet that didn't look much like Earth at all. The continents were in the right places, but nothing else was correct. The seas were a sickening shade of green, the ice caps were a chess board complete with pieces, and Australia was a steak dinner, just to name a few differences. The computers indicated that it really was Earth, so they headed for Tokyo, Japan.

They couldn't actually find it.

Nothing was correct. They wouldn't be able to find Tokyo, let alone something having to do with a Gorilla or Whale. The Gokaigers finally just stopped in a random area and came out to ask for directions. They came out in the open and Gai pulled out their red megaphone.

"Hey guys!" He yelled while waving one of his arms "Remember us! The space pirates! We're ba-"

Captain Marvelous snatched the megaphone from Gai's hand mid word. "We're Pirate Squadron Gokaiger," He said while Gai tried to get the Megaphone back. "Can any of you tell us where we can find Tokyo?"

No one answered. It was as if they were all hypnotized into doing rather strange things. No one even heard him. Well... Almost no one.

Discord was relaxing is a hammock made of bananas when he heard a voice where there shouldn't have been one. He got up from his hammock quickly, annoyed at the thought that there was someone ELSE trying to ruin his fun. The voice was coming from within the city. A red boat had appeared in the air above Tokyo. Nice, he thought. Wish I had thought of it. He flew under the vision of the Pirate Squadron and popped up a few seconds after Captain Marvelous finished asking his question.

"Well it was here," He answered. The entire team except Marvelous jumped back at his appearance. "It's new name is 'Discordopolis', for the record. Now let's get this over with. You've told me who the heck you are, and I the heck am a Draconequs. You can probably guess my name is Discord. I took over the world. I already took down a big lizard and a Space Sheriff standing in my way."

"No! I won't accept it!" Gai yelled at him. "No Super Sentai would let it happen!" He pulled out his GokaiCellular and Ranger Key. "We'll have to stop you ourselves!" The rest of the team took out their Mobirates'.

Discord was confused, "I don't know what the heck a Super Sentai is, but isn't it obvious that you can't kill me by now!"

"We've killed the unkillable before, It's not as difficult as it sounds," Joe said completely seriously.

"Please," Discord said and laughed. "100 bucks says you can't even hurt me. There's only one way to defeat me, and as far as I know it doesn't exist here."

"Listen, we're pirates," Marvelous said, ready to go. "If something stands in our way, we destroy it!"

The entire team inserted their Ranger Keys into their phones and yelled, "Gokai Change!"


3 X's and a V created the suits on all of the Gokaigers except Gai, who used an X,V,and an I. They did their role call with their respective poses.






"Goooookai... SILVER!"

"Pirate Squadron, Gokaiger!"

Discord yawned. "That's cute," He said. "But you look silly with the whole multicolor suits there. Call me when there's a real threat against me."

Several sets of yellow lights flew to the GokaiGalleon while Discord and the Gokaigers watched. Some had 6, a couple had 7, some 5, one had 3, and one of even 10. Gai watched the light and knew what it was. He decided to test it to be sure. He called for the key of TimeFire, which came out of his belt.

"Guys! Guys!" He screamed with excitement. "We have the Ranger Keys back!"

"What?" The entire team said.

"We gave everyone back their Ranger Keys," Ahim said. "How did we get them back."

"Who cares!" Gai exclaimed. "It means we can do this!" He placed the TimeFire key into his GokaiCellular and pressed the TimeFire button 3 times. "I call upon the grand power of Timeranger! GoZyuDrill!"

Launching! GoZyuDrill!

The GoZyuDrill came out of a portal from the future and Gai jumped inside. "And now for Zyuranger's grand power," He said while bringing out the DragonRanger key and putting it in GoZyuDrill's control.


GoZyuDrill changed into a robotic Tyrannosaurs Rex. Discord looked up at it and yawned again. "Didn't I already defeat that thing?"

The rest of the Gokaigers looked on with amazement that they could you powers again. They Went back to the GokaiGalleon and brought out their GokaiMachines and started to combine.

"Pirate Combination!" They all yelled as the machines formed a giant humanoid robot. "Complete, Gokai-oh!"

"And finally," Gai said as he pulled out his AbareKiller key and inserted it into his controls. "The grand power of Abarenger! GoZyuJin!"


The GoZyuRex reformed once again in a humanoid fighting robot. Discord looked at both of the mechs in front of him. "You know what, fine," He said as he got up to face them. "I'll give you a free shot. I'm a target. Try it."

The Gokai-oh stabbed Discord with a sword and the GoZyuJin did the same with his drill. They pulled back and Discord fell on the ground in pain. "Oh my OW! Why does this hurt so badly!" He yelled so loudly it could be heard across the world. He then realized what just happened. Six friends. Working together to save the earth. These people had this universe's Elements of Harmony. He got up and spoke quickly. "Excuse me a moment, I have a thing to attend to." He than started to fly away.

Marvelous laughed and said, "Let's make this really showy!"

The 5 inside the GokaiOh used the MagiRanger keys. "Ranger key, Set!" They yelled as they put them inside of their controls. A Dragon popped out of the GokaiOh. "Complete, MagiGokai-oh!" The Dragon then popped out of the Gokai-oh and flew around Discord holding him in a magic circle as the Gokaiger's yelled "Gokai MagiBind!"

Discord struggled as 5 lights suddenly came out of the 5's belts. They grabbed the lights, which turned out to be strangle lizard shaped keys.

"These don't look like Ranger Keys," Don said. "So what are they?"

"Who cares," Marvelous answered. "Obviously we're supposed to use them."

They used the Lizard shaped key, again yelling "Ranger Key, Set!" A roar came from the sky. Everyone around was confused but Discord, who recognized the sound from his first day in this universe. The roar sounded again as from the sky descended Gojira. He landed right on top of the bound Discord and started stomping on him repeatedly. A few atomic blasts were fired in his face for good measure. After several minutes of this Gojira started to walk away, came back and picked Discord up, hit him with another atomic blast, threw him back on the ground, and walked into the green sea. The Gokaigers watched this spectacle in complete confusion.

Discord was reluctant to get back up. This was the opposite of what he thought would happen, so clearly if he got back up he'd regret it. When he got up, sure enough, something weird was going on. GoZyuJin and Gokai-oh were putting a large cartridge into a giant car. The three objects than combined into one large machine. "Complete, Ultimate Gokai-Oh!" The 6 yelled. "Ultimate Gokai Burst!" The left fist of the Ultimate Gokai-oh fired towards Discord. Discord went flying and landed elsewhere in his changed world, not quite dead.

The Gokaigers started to celebrate their victory, but then noticed that nothing was changing back. They changed back to their normal forms and met up in the Galleon and tried to figure out how to change it back.

Meanwhile, in what still can only be described as "Elsewhere", Discord was regaining consciousness. "I'm still alive?" He said with surprise. "I'm still alive! Oh yes I am still alive!" He started to cheer that this was still his world when suddenly he heard a robotic voice




"Transform!" A young man yelled. Music played has he transformed into yet another weird costumed hero. "Uchu KITA!" he yelled while thrusting his arms in the air.

Discord looked at this new person, he was so out of it he couldn't even laugh at his rocket shaped head. "I'm going to regret asking you who you are, aren't I?" He asked, knowing he was right.

"Kamen Rider Fourze!" The new person yelled. "Let's do this man to man!" He pointed at Discord and got out a strange switch. Before he did whatever it was he was going to do, a ringing sounded. He stopped and pressed a switch on his belt.

Radar on

A radar appeared on his arm, He looked at it and started talking to a man elsewhere. "Kisaragi," this man said. "I don't know what this guy is, but he is not a Zodiarts."

"I know that, Kengo," Fourze said. "I was just going to use Cosmic. He looks to be weakened enough already." He then turned off the Radar.

"Alright, time for another question I'm going to regret," Discord said. "Why are you normal?"

"I was on the moon when I noticed something was wrong," Fourze answered. It was weird, but true.

" But that- You know what? Never mind. I suppose that makes as much sense of anything," Discord said. "Look, can you please leave me alone? I've had a rough day."

"You've changed my friends into something they're not!" Fourze exclaimed. Oh great, more friendship stuff. "I have to change them back!" He took one switch out of his belt, and replaced it with this "Cosmic" switch


He opened it and pushed down.

Cosmic on

Fourze's look changed to a very blue form with what appeared to be a periodic table on his chest. In his hand appeared a large shuttle shaped sword. He took out the cosmic switch, put in in the sword, and pulled a lever on his belt.

Cosmic! Limit break!

He rammed into Discord, who was pretty much in shock at this point, and transported them both to the vacuum of space. Fourze opened his sword to make it actually more sword like, shouted "Rider Great Galaxy Finish!" and slashed Discord. Discord screamed in agony as he once again turned to stone, now stuck in earths orbit. He would land much later in the sea.

Down on Earth all of Discords effects started to fade. The people were acting as normal, Mimi was no longer trying to kill Gavan, and the Ice caps were no longer playing chess with each other. The Gokaigers never actually found out why the world had changed back to normal, but all pretty much agreed that whatever did it was a friend.

The Gokaiger's prepared to go back to their mission of destroying the rest of Zangyack, starting with once again returning the ranger keys. But what of the Gojira keys? Well, they're only purpose was to bring Gojira back to earth to stomp the heck out of Discord. He didn't really need them. Still they couldn't help but wonder, what would happen if they used those keys.

Captain Marvelous stuck on of the Gojira keys into his Mobirates, yelling "GokaiChange!" as he would any other key...


The mobirates made the sound but nothing happened. Maybe if they had known about the keys before using them in Gokai-Oh they'd be able to transform into him, but it looked like keys really only had that one use. Marvelous took the five keys and threw them into the Ocean for the great lizard to find.

There was only one thing that was still a mystery. "Hey, Marvelous," Gai said. "We never did find that whole Gorilla and Whale thing we were supposed to look for."

Marvelous jolted up at this realization. "What!" He yelled out in frustration. "We went through all that and just forgot why we were here!"

"No, you got it," Navi said, perched on Marvelous' chair again. "I think it was that Gojira thing."

"That makes no sense," Don said. "How would we be able to figure that out?"

"Dunno," Navi replied. "Maybe something messed with my Treasure Navigate."

"Ah well," Gai said, putting his hand on Marvelous shoulder, who brushed it off. "At least he got Tokyo right, right?"

Marvelous was enraged that the Treasure Navigate might have been wrong. "Bird," He said, picking Navi up once more. "Never get another prediction wrong, or else!" He threw Navi across the room."

Navi stopped himself before he could hit a wall. He felw in Captain Marvelous' face and said "I can't help it!" Marvelous pushed him out of his face. "And my name isn't Bird. It's Navi." He flew arround and lightly kicked Marvelous in the back of the head.

"You stupid bird," The captain said angrily and chased Navi arround the common area of the GokaiGalleon.


AN: Holy crap slightly over 6 pages. This is officially the longest thing I've ever written. Hope you enjoyed this. I know I did. To be honest, I never thought I would ever write MLP fanfiction of any kind, but at some point I really wanted to pit Discord against Godzilla and Chapter one started to happen. Then I remembered how short things I write tend to be, and the other two chapters were planned. Fourze and the return of Godzilla were not a part of the original plan, but I'm really glad I brought Godzilla back the way I did. I'm rambling and it's 2 am. I need to go to bed. Thank you and Goodnight.