Alright you guys, sorry for the cliff-hanger last time. Here's part two of the girl's final battle against Will, Bloom and Darkar.

A gasp escaped Musa's mouth and a tear fell down onto Riven's cheek. Her heart was beating fast and Musa began to wonder, 'Why wasn't it me?'

"Will, how could you do this," Cornelia cried.

Will laughed, but she sounded slightly unsure. She turned to Cornelia and said, "It was easy! You are all too weak and, if you don't give up, I'll kill you!"

Tecna and Taranee shut their hands into fists. Will smiled at them and turned around. She was about to jump in the air and take off, when something wrapped around her left leg. "Where do you think you're going," Tecna questioned.

"Will, you aren't like this! We're the Guardians of the Veil, and we've been through so much stuff we aren't even that anymore. Remember when the Oracle and the counsel closed the Veil? They gave us a new job as the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions. Come on Will, you can't just let that go," Taranee shouted.

"We aren't going to back down. Will, we may not have known the true you, but I trust Taranee and your friends and if they aren't going to give up on you, neither am I," Tecna continued.

She flew forward with Taranee at her side. Together they were surrounded in an orange and green light. A triangle shaped broach appeared on Tecna's chest with a green jewel resting in the middle. A triangle shaped broach also appeared on Taranee, but it looked like one of the corners were missing. In the top corner was an orange, flame shaped jewel.

"They earned their Charmix," Flora gasped with joy.

Taranee turned to Tecna and nodded. Together they shouted, "Winx Charmix!" and their broaches reappeared. Around Tecna's waist was a thin strap connected to a purse like object that took the shape of an opened padlock. Around Taranee's waist were two straps connected to an orange, circular, purse like object.

"So you got some fancy new jewellery. Big deal-"

"It's a very big deal," Flora shouted.

Will smiled and cracked her neck. She smirked, "I stand corrected, but you see, not even Charmix is going to save you."

Taranee sighed as she surrounded Will with a circle of fire. Will stood the middle of the flames. Despite the light given off by the flames, she was still surrounded by shadows. Tecna created a green rope made out of pure energy. The rope attached itself to Will's arms and legs. The other end of the ropes attached to trees or rocks nearby.

"Will, I am so sorry that I have to do this. I know you're still in there and I hope that you can forgive me," Taranee apologized. She clapped her hands together. The flames surrounding Will closed in on her and she disappeared in the flames.

"Taranee, are you crazy?" Cornelia gasped.

Taranee closed her eyes. As she lowered her hand the flames lowered as well. It didn't go unnoticed by the other girls that a tear had escaped from Taranee's eye.

Guilt fell onto Cornelia. She walked over and stopped right behind her friend. "Taranee… I'm sorry… I shouldn't have said anything. You did the right thing even if it meant hurting on of our friends. It's like the Oracle said last year, 'the time will come for hard decisions to be made. It's up to you to make the right choice.'"

"I know," was all Taranee could possibly say.

Laughter spread throughout the forest. The boys stayed close to the girls and stayed on alert. The girls held their boyfriend's hand if he was there. The wind picked up and clouds formed in the sky. Everything became dark. The sky threatened to rain at any second. The girls assumed it didn't start raining because Irma wasn't going to let it. Lightning spread through the sky. It crashed down to the girls and set the trees on fire.

"AHH!" Cornelia and Flora cried. They dropped to their hands and knees as the fire spread from tree to tree.

Irma looked around. She spotted a pond then jumped into it. Irma stood knee deep in the water with her hands playing with the water on the surface. She lifted her hand from the pond and the water followed. The water following her hands soon turned from a stream to a giant wave. The wave crashed into the trees and put out the fire.

Cornelia rubbed her head one more time before taking to the sky. Hay Lin, Stella, Elyon and Flora followed. Hay Lin flew through the air in a perfect circle. Soon a tornado formed and she sent it into the sky. Storm clouds began to disappear as the tornado left sight.

Elyon took Stella's hand as they flew into the clouds. A radiant light spread through the clouds and a warm feeling spread to those watching below. Will and Bloom appeared as the shadows disappeared.

"It's time to brighten up their day," Stella shouted.

"We'll go for it," Elyon agreed.

Stella examined Elyon in the moment she had. 'She's changed,' Stella thought.

Wings had sprouted on Elyon's back. The lovely, transparent flower pedals glimmered from the light of their owner. Her hair was held out of her face by a crown like head band. The few pieces of her hair that weren't long enough to reach the crown fell to the side of to the side. Elyon's green robes had changed to a dark blue dress. The dress went to her knees and was cute diagonally. Elyon's dress didn't have any sleeves, it was tight above her waist, but once it reached below that point it flowed freely. And finally, Elyon's shoes were simple slippers. They were blue like her dress and round instead of pointed.

That was when Stella noticed something else that was different. A broach had appeared on her own chest in the shape of a mirror. Lying in the middle was an emerald acting as glass. Stella also gained a blue purse around her waist with a thin strap holding it there.

Stella gasped as she realized that Elyon also had Charmix. The trinket was heart shaped with, yup; you guessed it, a blue jewel placed in the center. A thick, light blue strap went around Elyon's stomach and attacked to a diamond shaped purse.

Elyon and Stella reached forward with their hands and created a glow brighter than fire. The two girls collided with Bloom and Will. In result, two girls were sent flying to the ground below.

What two girls lost? Tune in next week!