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Taranee's heart beat wildly as her fear penetrated her mind. Her fist caught fire as she spun around to confront the noise. The fire from Taranee's hand soared into the air and provided her with light to examine her surroundings.

Taranee's fist instantly fell as she spotted a hurt-looking person lying on the ground in front of her. She ran over to the unconscious being and proceeded to turn them over. It was revealed to be a woman of Yan Lin's age, but with snow-white hair and less wrinkles.

The woman made panting noises as she breathed. Her heart was pounding and blood was slowly leaking through her robe.

"Let's get you out of here," Taranee spoke firmly with much less sorrow than before. She lifted the woman into her arms and began her struggle of a walk back to the cabin.

"Taranee," Cornelia called happily as the face of her friend appeared in view. Her happiness quickly faded with her next few questions, "Oh, who is that? Is she hurt?"

"Mrs. Faragonda," Flora exclaimed, this woke the rest of the sleeping people.

"Taranee, set her here," Tecna ordered as she offered up her own bed for the hurt head-mistress.

"What's all the commotion," Irma questioned as she walked through the door, closely followed by Hay Lin. They both stopped at the sight of Mrs. Faragonda. "Who's that?"

"Head-Mistress Faragonda," Stella answered, "She's kinda like our principle."

"She is our principle," Tecna corrected.

"And she needs help," Sky added, "but we also have to get to Darkar."

Layla nodded.

Brandon sighed, "This could be trouble. We can't fight Darkar, carry Faragonda and Elyon, and save Bloom and Will all at the same time."

"So we'll split up," Cornelia suggested. "Half the boys and half the girls stay here while the rest of us go down to Shadow Haunt. When everyone that stays here is ready, they can join the rest of us."

"Sounds like a plan," Riven agreed.

"I'm staying up here," Stella declared, "My power comes from the sun and I don't do caves."

"Okay… Who's going to pick who stays and goes," Irma questioned as if it was the dumbest question in the world.

Everyone was shocked with who stood up.

"I will," Helia stated. "We want a small group to go first, then a larger group. So, Musa, Layla, Sky, Brandon, Irma, Hay Lin and Matt will be the only ones going down."

The seven people nodded.

"As for everyone else, Tecna and Timmy have been doing well so far, so let's let them continue."

Tecna stepped forward as Helia stepped back. Flora gave him a gentle hug before they both gave Tecna their full attention.

"When the sun rises, all seven people who are going into Darkar's cave will leave. As for the rest of you, go get some sleep and I'll let you know what's going to happen in the morning," Tecna kindly ordered.

Everyone did as they were told.

Musa sighed as she let the last few minutes of relaxation free her muscles. She knew that there was going to be a long trip ahead of her, and if she wasn't prepared, it was going to be a horrible one.

"Are you ready to go," Layla asked her. Sensing to worry in her friend's voice, Musa knew that Layla must be worried.

"Yeah," Musa exclaimed with a happy energy that turned Layla's frown into a smile. "Don't worry about me Layla! I'm as well prepared for this trip as anyone's gonna be!"

Layla giggled. "Alright," she replied, pulling Musa to her feet, "Then we'd best be off now before it's too late."

"Right," Musa sighed. She now fully recalled why they were out there in the first place. Their teacher had turned out to be a fake and she took Bloom away. But not only that, Bloom had been corrupted by Darkar and forced to hurt her friends in order to do Darkar's biddings. Then later it turned out that there were others who were hurt by Will, her friends. They were all the same age and all suffering because of that low life, Lord Darkar.

"C'mon everybody," Layla called out to the group, "We have a job to do!"

"Yeah," half of the others shouted. The ones who were leaving to go down into Shadow Haunt began to leave the little hut before Stella stopped them.

"Hang on a second you guys," Stella called. "You can't go hiking like that!"

When Stella snapped her fingers, the girls' hair became held back behind their head by a blue scrunchy and their clothing changed to shorts and a stomach bearing t-shirt. The color of the girls' clothing reflected their powers. Like Musa's was red and Irma's was blue.

"For a second there I was worried she was going to change our clothing too," Sky joked silently to Brandon.

"Careful Sky, that's my girl you're talking about," Brandon replied in a far from serious voice.

"Thanks Stella," Layla thanked with a smile. "These are great!"

"You really think so?"

Layla nodded and Stella hugged her.

Musa was hardly paying any attention though. Her gaze was focused on Riven. She slowly walked over to him, but stopped before they were more than a meter close. Musa was the first to speak, "I'm going and-"

Suddenly Riven walked forward and wrapped his arms around her. "Promise me," he whispered, "promise you're going to come back and every thing's going to be okay."

Musa couldn't speak; she simply wrapped her arms back around Riven. Once she found the strength to speak, the only think she could say was, "Thank you."

Riven parted, but did so sadly. "Go," he chuckled, "go save the world."

Musa smiled, "I will." Musa slowly backed up, not wanting to let go of Riven's hand. As she slowly turned around she strained to touch Riven's fingers, before running off to catch up with the rest of the group. "I love you Riven," she whispered.

Riven smiled, "I love you too."

Although Musa didn't see it at first, she could feel the tiny broach that had appeared on her chest. Her smile grew when she glanced down to see a silver treble clef shaped broach sitting to the right of her chest. A tiny pink jewel sat on the bottom of the treble clef. Musa smiled again before the Charmix broach disappeared.

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That's nine girls down and three to go, but two of them are Bloom and Will.

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