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Steve walked to the open door of the training room, and stopped, staring. Clint was flat on his back, Natasha's knees on his shoulders, curtain of hair obscuring their faces. At first Steve thought he was going to have to have the inappropriate behavior in the training room speech (again, though last time it was Stark and Pepper) and he was about to meaningfully clear his throat. Then Natasha flipped her hair back and he saw the glint of a knife against Clint's throat.

Something stopped him from rushing in and tearing her off of him, though. Maybe it was the way that Clint wasn't struggling, and hadn't yet turned them over; he had enough pure muscle mass on him, his shoulders especially, that someone of the Widow's size wouldn't be a problem to move.

"Say it." Natasha hissed.

Clint gritted out, "Fuck you, Nat."

She fisted her hand in his hair, and not-so-gently slammed his head against the ground. Steve forced himself not to rush in.

"Now, say it."


The knife pressed down; the archer let out a choked gasp and a line of red appeared. "Say it, Clint."

He sagged to the ground, and pale blue eyes closed. "It's not my fault."

Natasha smiled triumphantly, releasing his hair but leaving her knife where it is. "Again."

"It's not my fault." Clint repeated, dully.

"What isn't?"

He half-heartedly bucked against her, but settled down when the knife pressed back in. "Phil's death isn't my fault. The info I gave him isn't my fault. The people I killed weren't my fault."

"Why not?"

"Loki was controlling me. The things my body did were not under my control." He opened his eyes, and glared. "Satisfied?"

"Completely." She started to get up; he grabbed her shoulders and flipped them, pinning her down.

"Don't ever pull that shit with me again." It wasn't an 'or else', but a flat-out order. Clint got up, rubbing his throat, and pulled Natasha to her feet. "Guess I should say thanks, Nat."

"Anytime." She smirked, and walked out.

Steve followed her, leaving the archer to beat the shit out of innocent punching bags.

"Interesting therapy technique." He commented.

She gave no sign she was surprised at his presence; she probably wasn't.

"It worked, didn't it?"

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