Written for comment ficathon.

Prompt: Jeremy and Elena- I go on as you get colder.

Post- S3.

She's there for every big occasion. When he graduates from high school and (finally) leaves Mystic Falls for good. When he graduates from college. His wedding. The births of his children. The births of their children. As many birthdays and Christmases and Thanksgivings as she can manage.

And every time she sees him, it gets a little bit harder. He is always a little bit different, when she sets eyes on him again. More creases on his face, or more gray in his hair, or more stiffness in his bones. While she remains the same. Same face, same hair, same body she's had for fifty, sixty, seventy years. She watches him grow up and she watches him grow old, surrounded by a family that loves him, and she may not believe in God anymore, but sometimes she sends out a prayer of thanks anyway, because he got the life she always wanted for him (which almost makes up for not getting the life she wanted for herself).

The last time she sees him, is also the worst. He's withered and broken, almost disappearing into the hospital bed. He's sleeping, has been for days, but she picks up his hand and speaks to him anyway. She murmurs quiet words to her ninety-year-old baby brother until she hears his heart stop, and his wrinkly, paper thin skin is cold.