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The bus ride was painfully long and Callie couldn't sleep for most of it because of her throbbing hand. She was practically tripping over her feet at four the next morning as she stumbled up the steps to Kaila's apartment. She kicked the door with a foot as a knock, too tired to actually lift her hand. When no one answered Callie kicked the door again. "Dios mio-I'm coming!" an irritated voice called and the relief Callie felt at hearing it made the tears flow.

"God above you're leaking," were the first words out of Kaila Acosta's mouth the instant she opened the door. "What happened?"

"M'Sorry," Callie mumbled, wiping away tears with her sleeve. "M'Jus' tired."

"Then come in and crash before you pass out in my doorway," Kaila ordered, practically dragging her friend into the apartment. "And try to tell me who you're hiding from too."

"In my bag," Callie mumbled, dumping the bag on the floor and sinking down on the couch. "One page paper shoved in my wallet. Front in back."

"Got it," Kaila replied already digging through the bag as Callie's incredibly heavy eyes drifted shut.

It was so quiet her ears were ringing with it. Callie surveyed the empty cell with trepidation, waiting to see who or what they would send in. A dull screeching sound caught her attention and she moved with a feline grace that she had to fight even now to keep from creeping out to see a section of the wall literally rise off the ground to reveal a long stretch of hallway beyond. The floor glowed a dull color that was slowly rising to red and as she stepped forward she could feel heat begin to radiate off it. A rat maze. Just great.

Taking a deep breath she sprinted down the hall, ignoring the heat blazing across her bare feet, and turned left. The new hallway hadn't heated up yet so she slowed to a smooth walk, turning right and then left again. The patterns on the maze and the punishments for staying in a hall too long went through a twelve step cycle and while Callie didn't have all the punishments memorized she knew the twelve different maze patterns.

Another left set her closer to the exit and there were only two more turns till the end. She was just at the end of the hall when she heard the scream. Dream Callie's feet turned and moved her in the wrong direction even though she knew what she'd seen. A little girl with black, black eyes writhing as electricity danced across her skin. Her bloody fingers would scrabble across the glass, leaving long red streaks as she clawed at it with stumps between shocks.

Callie turned the corner and arrived at the gruesome sight just as the shocking stopped, dropping the girl to the floor. Instantly her features began to change, muscles shifting until she was taller. The girl paused and waved fresh fingers at Callie before gnawing them off again. Dream Callie watched, captivated with a sick sense of fascination and revulsion, just as she had during the real life event. The girl spit out the fingertip and smiled a bloody smile at Callie before beginning to work on the next one. Callie's stomach heaved and twisted as the ground beneath her began to blaze with heat. She turned and ran to the exit, banging on the end door and collapsing on cool tile floor when it opened. Her whole body convulsed as vomit tumbled from her mouth to the floor.

Her phone beeping was what pulled Callie out of the memory. She jerked upright, staring at the setting sun, and then scrambled for her bag, digging her phone out. The number on caller idea was unfamiliar and she hesitated for a moment before answering it. "Hello?"

"Callie Colton?" a girl's voice asked nervously.

"Yeah," Callie said impatiently.

"This is Katherine, Kat," the girl said in a rush. "Suzanna's my second cousin and she said to call you if anything went wrong with the Winchester brothers."

"What happened?" Callie asked, clutching the phone tighter.

Kat's words spilled over one another as she explained about the asylum and the ghost that was haunting it. "You have to come quick," Kat said tearfully at the end. "Because I've got a really bad feeling about this."

"I'm coming," Callie reassured the girl. "Just hang on." Then she hung up, mind already racing a hundred miles a minute. "KAILA!" she yelled.

"WHAT?!" came the impatient reply.

"We're gonna have to break some speed limits," Callie called and heard rushed footsteps heading toward her.

"One stop yelling or you're going to get me evicted and two where the hell are we going?" Kaila asked, emerging fully dress around the corner.

"Ok," Callie said impatiently. "I'll stop yelling if we leave now."

"And where are we going in such a hurry?"

"Rockford to save the Winchesters," Callie said impatiently.

"Fine," Kaila mumbled. "Let me get my keys." Callie breathed out a sigh of relief and began shoving on her shoes. The ride to Rockford was supposed to take an hour. Kaila broke the speed limit without getting caught and somehow made it there in thirty minutes. Then came the next set of problems. None of the doors would open and the windows were bared. After they tried the last one Kaila let out a shriek of frustration. "Why won't any of these stupid doors open?"

Callie was about to answer when a little voice called, "Hello? Can anyone hear us?"

"Kat?" Callie asked, stepping closer to the door.

"Yeah," the girl replied. "The doors are all sealed."

"Ok," Callie said, taking a deep breath. "Do you have a gun?"

"Yeah, with rock salt in it," came the reply.

"Then on the count of three I want you to shoot the door," Callie said, motioning for Kaila to be ready to do the same and stepping a couple paces back. "One. Two. Three!" There was a bang as two rounds of rock salt hit the door on either side and an ear piercing shrieking noise as Callie lunged forward and, using all of her strength, ripping the door open. A skinny blonde haired girl with a slightly taller dark haired boy.

"Thanks," the girl said and Callie recognized Kat's voice. "I assume you're Callie."

"Yeah," Callie said, stepping into the asylum with Kaila right on her heels.

"They went to the basement," Kat said, eyes wide. "Sam said Dean called him but Dean showed up and said it wasn't really him and went after Sam." Callie and Kaila both swore, words intermingling to make mush as the heading off to find the basement.

Dean lay sprawled on the floor, gasping for breath as he stared up at his possessed brother. "Sam," he managed to choke out but Sam just stared at him coldly. "We gotta burn Ellicott's bones and all this will be over. You'll be back to normal."

That was when Sam smiled a cold little smile. One that wasn't his little brother at all. "I am normal," he said icily. "I'm just telling the truth for the first time. I mean, why are we even here? 'Cause you're following Dad's orders like a good little soldier? Because you always do what he says without question? Are you that desperate for his approval?"

"This isn't you talking?" Dean said tightly, hoping he was right and his brother hadn't snapped.

"That's the difference between you and me," Sam continued as if he hadn't heard his brother. "I have a mind of my own. I'm not pathetic like you."

"So what are you gonna do?" Dean asked sharply, pulling out his gun, and covertly removing the bullets. "Are you gonna kill me?"

"You know what," Sam continued one, still ignoring Dean. "I am sick of doing what you tell me to do. We're no closer to finding Dad today than we were six months ago."

"Well then," Dean said slowly. "Let me make it easier for you." He held out the gun and for a moment he saw a flash of his real brother before the ghost took over and snatched the gun, looking it over. "Real bullets are gonna work a hell of a lot better than rock salt." There was another hesitatio before his possessed brother removed the safety and aimed the gun at his face. That was when all hell broke loose.

A blonde haired blur crashed into Sam, slamming him to the floor, and a lightly tanned hand dropped into his view. "Dios mio," a girl snapped when he didn't move. "Are you going to keep gaping like an idiot or are we going to burn the body?" Dean shook his head lightly to clear it and scrambled to his feet without the newcomer's help, heading for a medicine cabinet. He was reaching for the handle when he heard Sam cry out.

He spun around to see Callie gently shifting an unconscious Sam into a more comfortable position, muttering obscenities under her breath. Then she glanced up and her eyes widened. "Dean look out!" He turned again in time for a possessed gurney to slam into him, knocking him to the floor. It reversed direction then and flew at the other girl who jumped and actually landed on it, hanging on for dear life as it jerked to a stop. That was, predictably, when Dr. Ellicott decided to show up three inches from Dean's face.

He reeled back, try to reach the salt or the kerosene or the lighter or anything really that could get rid of the gruesome sight before him. "Don't be afraid," Dr. Ellicott crooned with a crazed smile that would have had Dean swearing had he not been completely out of air from his crash to the cement floor. "I'm going to help you. I'm going to make you feel all bett-" The doctor cut off in a horrifying shriek as he began to vanish and Dean turned his head slightly to see the Hispanic girl standing in front of a burning body, Dean's supplies scattered around her on the floor.

He sat up with a groan, finally feeling air come into his lungs, and turned his head a little more to see Sam stirring. Then Callie was in his arms, heading buried against his shoulder as she clung to him. "I thought-" she mumbled.

"Shh," Dean said, cutting her off. "I'm fine, you're fine, we're all okay." She tilted her head to glance at him and Dean was startled to see that she was crying. "I'm sorry," he whispered to her. "For what I said earlier. I didn't mean any of it."

"I know," she said softly, leaning closer, and then they were kissing, almost desperately. They pulled back for a moment to catch their breath and she whispered, "Don't ever do that again."

"I promise," Dean reassured her before leaning forward to kiss her again. They pulled apart once more when the Hispanic girl cleared her throat, catching their attention. Dean grinned and pulled a flushing Callie up with him.

"I take it you're staying with 'em again," the girl said and Callie nodded. "Luck then Colton," she continued. "I'll call you when we find Arden." Then she turned and headed for the door.

"See you Kaila," Callie called after her.

Dean turned to Sam then and asked, "You're not going to try and kill me are you?"

"No," Sam responded, slowly standing up.

"Good," Dean said with a slim grin that said all was forgiven. "Because that would be awkward." Sam managed a weak smile, still looking upset, and Callie elbowed him in the ribs before snatching up the supplies and heading for the door. Kat and Gavin were waiting for them upstairs. Kat's face lit up in a big relieved smile when she saw them.

"Thanks guys," she informed Sam and Dean before turning to Callie. "I'm glad you got there on time."

"So am I," Callie said, hesitating a moment before continuing. "Look Kat, if you ever get in this kind of trouble again call me or Sparrow. We'll send someone or show up ourselves, okay?"

"I promise," Kat said, coming over and hugging Callie. "Come on Gavin, let's go."

"Ok," Gavin said, throwing an arm over Kat's shoulder. "Thanks guys." Then he turned and led Kat toward the waiting car as the sun began to rise. Dean noticed that Callie's two bags were already next to the Impala and there was no sign of whatever transportation she and Kaila had used to get to Rockford so quickly.

"Hey Dean?" he heard Sam say as Callie dumped her bags in the Impala. "I'm sorry man. I said some awful things back there."

"You remember all that?" Dean asked curiosity getting the better of him.

"Yeah," Sam replied. It's like I couldn't control any of it but I didn't mean it."

"I know," Dean said, meeting Sam's eyes. "It's over with a forgotten, right?"

"Right," Sam said with a relieved smile.

"Let's go," Dean said with a grin then, slipping in the driver's seat.