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Warning: This is a female Harry/Draco fiction. Harrity "Harry" Potter was born female. This is also rated M for possible future material and colorful cursing - mostly on the part of Ron. Also... There will be spoilers! If you have not read all seven books, turn back now if you don't want a spoiler. Movie fans, if you haven't read the books you might be a tad confused at parts, but no worries just pop me an email and I'll explain. I'm basing this unstrictly on the books. By unstrictly, I mean there may be some movie stuff in there as well but mostly the books.

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Consonance 3055

To Die For

People were scattered about the Great Hall, crying, mourning, praying, laughing, celebrating the end of the Second Wizard War and the fall of the Dark Lord for good this time. A somber though not all together unpleasant atmosphere hovered about the hall. Students stayed huddled together holding quiet conversation, and though they were bruised and battered, their expressions were that of humble victory. An old man - he looks a bit like Dumbeldore - shared a drink with Finnigan and Thomas. Longbottom and his grandmother, her wrinkled face beaming with pride, carried on together, the gleaming sword of Gryffindor at their side. The centaur professor sat in a corner surrounded by a small group of house elves. By all appearances he looked to be telling them a story.

The bodies of the fallen, laid to rest for the time being on the elevated stage where the professors of Hogwarts usually supped, seemed to be at peace with the happenings around them. He could see Fred, or is it George, Weasley clearly as he was visited by a steady come and go of the remaining Weasley clan. Kingsley Shacklebolt paced along the aisle, occasionally stopping and starting again. The Indian twins knelt beside the body of a girl whose name he believed to be Brown.

And on the sidelines of it all, were the three Malfoys. No one paid them any mind, something for which the youngest Malfoy was most grateful for later. Draco was content to stay beside his parents' forms, his mother's head resting against his father's chest, the man's arm around her protectively. He merely listened as they whispered, incoherent words that meant nothing to him, their son. Draco's own arm was still held in the firm grasp of his mother's shaking hand, and his eyes slid shut.

The mark on his arm no longer burned.

"Where is my daughter?"

The voices echoed strong from the entrance hall. Professor McGonagall stood from her place, a hand on her chest while Shacklebolt approached the entrance just as a smaller figure entered the hall. The witch, he noted, was carrying a small bundle on a harness about her chest. At first glance, he believed it to be his Aunt Bellatrix returned from the dead, but a second look showed otherwise.

"Andromeda," called Shacklebolt, attempting to head the woman off before she reach too deep into the hall.

Narcissa, who eyes had be closed up until now, opened her eyes to gaze at her long, lost sister for the first time in over twenty years.

"Kingsley, don't chide me, now. I want to see my daughter. Where is Nymphadora?"

The new Minister of Magic clenched his fists together tightly but took the woman's arm and led her to the back of the hall where the bodies of Remus and Nymphadora Lupin had been laid to rest, their hands nearly touching.

Andromeda Tonks did not break down, nor did she cry out. Instead, she lowered herself to the floor, one hand clenching the bundle about her waist, the other reaching for the cold hand of her daughter. From where he sat, Draco could just barely make out the single tear that slid down her face. Narcissa's hand tightened about her son's, and she pulled him ever closer, her breath ragged.

All was silent in the Great Hall out of respect for this mysterious woman's quiet sorrow. Everyone watching, yet not watching, her pain. Mrs. Weasley and Shacklebolt were only ones brave enough to venture forth into her space. The seconds seemed to stretch for hours until finally, Mrs. Tonks stood, turning to the people around her.

"Potter," she called, a slight sniffle to her voice. "Where is Harrity Potter?"

All at once, Shacklebolt and Mrs. Weasley started searching the hall.

"I'm here," came the voice of Potter. She seemed to appear out of nowhere from the back of the hall.

"I'm here, Mrs. Tonks," she said again as she reached the woman. Her sudden appearance seemed to be the cue for the rest of the hall. Everyone else returned to their conversations and their own private mourning. All except for one.

"Harrity…" Andromeda's words seemed to escape her for the moment.

"Mrs. Tonks-"

"Please, call me Andromeda."

"Andromeda… I'm so sorry. I never meant for things to turn out like this. I never wanted-"

"Hush, child, I do not blame you."

She began shuffling through the sack at her chest.

"Harrity James Potter, there's someone I've brought you to meet."

The-Girl-Who-Lived stepped closer.

"Harrity, I would like to introduce you to your godson, Ted Remus Lupin."

The baby boy slept soundly in his grandmother's arms. His face screwed up slightly at the intruding light, but he slept on. Potter's face softened, fresh tears springing forth in her emerald gaze at the sight. Draco realized that that was his second cousin sleeping in the older witch's arms.

"Would you like to hold him?"

The younger woman did not answer; she merely nodded her head. Andromeda coached her, quietly placing the baby into her arms.

Draco's insides clenched, painfully, and he stood.


"I'm fine, mother. I just fancy a walk."

"Be careful, darling."

With a curt nod to his father, Draco left the Great Hall, walking past his mother and father wrapped tightly around each other, past the Weasley and the Muggle-Born as his fingers thread through her bushy hair, past the deceased werewolf and his wife all but holding hands in their deaths, and away from Potter. Potter, whose smile sparkled incessantly with warmth and kindness. Potter, whose ability to love and care and protect had saved them all. Potter, whose heart had already made a place for the child in her arms. Potter, whose eyes had never held anything but contempt and loathing for him.

It didn't even register how far he'd gone until the Black Lake lay before him, its surface inky black glass beneath the night's sky.

He lowered himself into the grass, notably calmer than before.

He didn't know why it bothered him so. All that pain and heartache in one room. Too much emotion, it made him sick, not with disgust but… something else. A young woman holding a baby in her arms against a background of death and destruction… that was all it should have been. But the feeling on her face, watching the slow development of undying love and devotion, why had it affected him so? Why had he suddenly felt he was drowning in his own skin, suffocating under an onslaught of overwhelming misery?

He didn't understand it.

"What is wrong with me?"

His family was whole. His parents were there, solid and unwavering in their love for him and each other. Bellatrix, his aunt, was dead and gone, but he couldn't really mourn the loss of a woman her barely knew, let alone liked. He had nothing to worry about any longer. Voldemort was gone.

Lord Voldemort was gone, killed by the backlash of his own curse.

"But it's over, now. He's gone. Gone for good this time. I should be happy."

But he wasn't. He felt alone.

Granger and Weasley, Longbottom and Lovegood, his parents…

He pulled the sleeve of his left arm. The Dark Mark, though dull and lifeless, was still burned into his skin. He would carry it with him the rest of his life, a brand for his sins. Who would ever want someone like that? A pair of kind, honest eyes looked back at him. But he shook the vision away.

Draco stood from his place and walked up to the very edge of the lake and picked up a few flat stones. He knew he always had his parents. They would always be there for him, no matter what, but it just wasn't the same.

"I wish there was somebody who could understand."

He threw. The first stone skipped once before sinking.

"I wish there was somebody out there willing to give me a second chance."

The second stone skipped once as well.

"Someone who could see me for who I really am. Someone who could help me be the person I want to be."

The third skipped twice.

"I wish…" His fourth throw stuttered on the water, and he suddenly recalled the Weasley's screams for his girlfriend that night at the manor when Bellatrix had picked the mudblo- no muggle-born for interrogation. "I wish for something to protect, something worth fighting for."

He tossed his final stone once, twice, three times in his hands and took aim.

"I so bloody tired of this emptiness. I want to feel complete."

The stone skipped three times along the surface of the lake barely making a sound as it bounced.

He watched it disappear below the surface, heaved a long sigh, and shook his head. Well now didn't he feel silly, talking to himself like that. At least no one had been there to witness it. He felt better though, if that stood for anything.

So Draco left the lakeside to return to the castle.

He never saw the pulsing of his last stone or the bubbling of the water where it sank. He never knew of the object he had just cast into the Black Lake or it's propensity for listening without hearing. He most definitely never suspected that he had just set into motion the series of events that would so intrigue us in the year to come.

For at that very moment, deep in the Department of Mysteries, behind a door that was never unlocked, something was stirring.


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