Chapter 2! :D

I decided to keep the theory from the first FMA anime about Amestris and Germany having similar languages. It makes it easier for the characters to communicate. If you're a devote fan of FMP and read the novels then you know German isn't one of the languages Sousuke speaks, but I figured giving him the benefit of the doubt that he might have learned German during his many mercenary travels was more believable than him miraculously learning German in a week so just go with it. XD

That being said this story will flow more along with the 2009 anime Brotherhood. Mostly because of the extra characters that I've grown attached to. Well, reading time.

Sousuke's eyes snapped open as his hand felt its way to his head. He could tell he was inside an A.S. and that he was laying down in it. It certainly wasn't the most comfortable of sleeping positions.

"Are you awake Sergeant Sagara?" a tinny voice asked.

"Al?" he said finally recognizing the screens around him. "Status report. What happened?"


"Why was I unconscious?"


"Can you connect with the team?"


"What can you do?" he asked a tinge of frustration coloring his voice.

"I have surveillance footage of Arbalest's surrounding before the short in the system occurred. Would you like playback?"

"Yes." He said as he started to recall what had happened. In front of him the screen displayed a blue sky with gently moving clouds, but when Sousuke had been knocked out it had been closer to midnight. How was it possible for it to be so late in the day?

"The video is loaded." Al's voice rang though his thoughts.

"Begin playing."

Sousuke watched as venom once again stepped into view and Gauron ranted about payback. Then he watched as some sort of beam struck the Arbalest moments before the camera failed. He thought he saw a flicker of what looked like a gate before the image was completely gone. "Al, what was that light?"


He looked from side to side. "Where are we?"


"I need answers Al!"

"Current coordinates suggest we should be in the Atlantic Ocean." Al replied.

Sousuke looked around again. It was pretty dry for an ocean. "Is it possible something is interfering with your GPS?"

"It is always possible, but highly unlikely." Was the machine's response.

His mind wandered back to the blast. "What stopped that light? And how did we get here? And where is the rest of my team?"

"The lambda driver stopped the blast." Al said addressing the first of the questions.

"The lambda driver? I didn't…"

A knocking sound stopped him mid sentence.

"Al, turn on outside microphones and get me a visual. Who's out there?"

"I'm telling you sir. It's probably just some alchemist pulling pranks." A female voice said in what Sousuke quickly decided to be German. Seconds later the screen in front of Sousuke lit up with a visual feed of the left side of the A.S.

"The only alchemist around here who would make something this tacky and then throw it at me would be Elric and he's supposed to be halfway to Resembool by now."

Sousuke tried to place the name Resembool and couldn't think of where it might be. Nor could he figure out why these two people might be speaking German when the last time he'd been awake he'd been in Russia. "Status report Al. What damage do we have?"

A transparent page popped over the top of the video feed displaying a diagram of the Arbalest. "Left hip joint is severely damaged. Minimal damage to the left sensors and shoulder joint."

"We won't be walking away then." He muttered to himself.

Outside the argument was raising in heat drawing Sousuke's attention back to it.

"Sir! We can just drive around it!" the woman said looking slightly flustered as the man pulled a glove from his pocket.

"Nonsense Lieutenant. I'll just burn it."

"Al turn on speakers." Sousuke said watching the man apprehensively.

"Speakers on."

"What are you doing?" he asked calmly in German.

Their reaction would have been amusing to anyone but the ever stern Sousuke. The man jumped at the sudden voice and dropped the glove and the woman pulled a gun with reflexes that Sousuke could see rivaled his own. Finally the man seemed to regain his composure.

"Is…is there someone in there?"

Sousuke watched him closely. A lot of civilians had never seen A.S. units before, but this man didn't strike him as a civilian. "Yes, but even if there wasn't it's hardly normal to burn something like an A.S. unit."

The woman was now glaring daggers at the man's back. He straightened glancing up and down the Arbalest as if looking for a specific point he should be talking to.

"Could you come out of that thing? And is there someone in the other one over there?"

"Al! Are there other active A.S. units nearby?"

"Searching. Search complete. Negative. No other active units. One deactivated unit 20 yards due South."

"Is it from the team?" he asked only slightly hopeful.

"Negative. A.S. unit code named Venom."

"Hey can you hear me!" the man outside yelled.

"Standby mode Al." Sousuke said checking to make sure his pistol was loaded before he popped the pilot hatch.

"Activating standby mode." He heard as he flipped out of the cockpit and rolled as he hit the ground about six feet below.

He glanced around ignoring the surprised looks on the two people's faces as he searched for venom. He took off at a run when he spotted it, weapon drawn. The red A.S. was much worse off than his own with an arm missing and the chest plate nearly crushed. He cursed when he saw the cockpit was empty. Either Gauron hadn't come to this place, wherever it was, or he'd ditched the damaged machine shortly after arrival.

He heard the two approaching and immediately went on the defensive. After all he wasn't sure if they were enemies yet. He hadn't pointed the gun at them, but he had it at the ready. He had also crouched just the slightest bit to make himself ready should either attack.

The woman spotted his gun and immediately tensed bringing out one of her own, though she didn't aim hers either. The man eyed him curiously.

"So, care to tell me how that giant scrap heap of yours ended up in front of my car on the road?" he said levelly.

Sousuke noticed the insignia on the back of the man's glove though he pushed that aside as useless information. "I'm not completely sure what happened." He said ambiguously. "Where exactly are we?"

They weren't trying to kill each other yet so he figured maybe getting a bit of information out of these people would be for the best.

They man eyed him distrustfully this time with a bit of interest and skepticism. "We're on the outskirts of Central City."

"Central? What country?"

An incredulous look this time shared with the woman. "Amestris. How is it you came to be in the middle of this country and didn't even know you were in it?"

The name Amestris wasn't ringing any bells, and he had a pretty solid grasp on geography.

"Did you see anyone get out of this A.S.?" he asked.

"No…in fact I didn't even know there were people in them. What's your name kid?"

"Sir…" the woman said still tense as she eyed Sousuke's gun.

"Oh, right. It's rude to ask your name before I give mine. Roy Mustang. Colonel Roy Mustang, the flame alchemist, and this is Lieutenant Hawkeye." He seemed to be gauging Sousuke's response, but Sousuke's expression never changed.

Finally he replied. "Sagara. Sousuke Sagara."

"Sagara? I've never heard-" while talking Mustang had been reaching toward his coat pocket and Sousuke reacted leveling his gun at the hand in motion. Hawkeye reacted to Sousuke by leveling her gun at him.

Mustang not having realized the danger he was in kept talking and moving and Sousuke pulled the trigger. Hawkeye shoved Mustang roughly just enough to get him out of the bullets path and took a shot of her own which Sousuke easily dodged surprising her. She turned and fired twice more which he rolled away from before putting the Venom between them.

"Sir? Are you alright?" Hawkeye asked not taking her eyes from where Sousuke had gone.

"Fine, fine." He said looking a little ruffled, and perhaps a tinge annoyed, but otherwise healthy. "Now then. Sousuke Sagara right? As I was saying before you…well…shot at me, I've never heard that surname before. Where are you from?"

Sousuke studied them from behind the A.S. "Does the name Amalgam mean anything to you?" he asked watching for any reaction.

"Should it?" Mustang asked with a frown, pulling what appeared to be a pocket watch from his coat pocket.

"What about Mithril?"

Mustang said nothing for a long moment. "You don't seem to be from around here…" He said eying the red robot. "Have you ever heard of Xing?"

"Xing?" Sousuke said trying the word for himself. "Negative. I've never heard of it."

"Strange…if anything I thought your name sounded remotely Xingese." Mustang muttered before directing his voice toward Sousuke again. "How about you come out here and talk face to face. Look, Hawkeye will even put away her gun."

Hawkeye hesitated only a moment before re-holstering her weapon. She saw that the Colonel still had his flame gloves on and that gave them the advantage should the boy attack. Sousuke eyed Hawkeye warily before edging back around the fallen machine. His finger never moved from the trigger.

"That's better." Mustang said diplomatically, though Hawkeye could tell he was assessing the boy. "I assure you that unless you have ill intent toward my men or Amestris I'm not your enemy. On that note I believe we got off to a not so pleasant start. Sousuke Sagara? Welcome to Amestris. The country you seem to have found yourself in the middle of somehow."

"Where exactly is Amestris?" Sousuke asked eying the land and then his own A.S. "Is it in Europe? Close to Germany perhaps?"

"Europe? Germany?" Mustang repeated the foreign words. "I'm afraid I don't know those places. Amestris is in the center of the great continent. Xing lies to the East, Creta to the West, Drachma to the North, and Aerugo to the South." He said telling Sousuke things that any grade schooler would know.

Sousuke's confusion just seemed to grow. He knew none of those names. Was he hallucinating? Or maybe he'd landed in some sort of psychiatric ward?

"You seem confused." Mustang offered. "Did you hit your head when you…fell?"


"Do you think you could move that scrap heap from the middle of the road?" Mustang asked seeming to recall that the boy had nearly crushed his car minutes ago.

"Negative. There is damage to the hip joint. It will not be easy to move." He answered eying the Arbalest.

"You talk like you're in the military." Hawkeye added watching him with astute eyes.

Sousuke hesitated then supplied an answer. "I am." He had no idea where he was or how to get back to the Tuatha De Danaan. The only people he'd met so far were these two and they didn't seem overly hostile. To top it off there didn't seem to be any sort of town nearby.

"Not Amestris' military?" Mustang said his eyebrows drawing together in confusion and suspicion. If the kid was military and not from Amestris chances were he was a spy.

"No." Sousuke said clearly gauging their reactions. If he had known more about his current situation he might have lied, but at the moment he needed to gather information and he'd be playing a dangerous game by starting off with lies.

"What country are you with then?" Mustang asked.

Sousuke shook his head. "We do not belong to a country. We're a paramilitary anti-terrorist group."

This sparked an interest from Mustang. He was glad Sousuke hadn't said Aerugo or Drachma lest he have to drag the kid back to Central's rather uncomfortable prison. He watched as Sousuke slowly re-holstered his gun. "Are we gaining a bit of trust?" he asked a tad smugly.

Sousuke shook his head. "There are no viable areas for a sniper to position himself." He answered bluntly his eyes shifting momentarily from side to side before returning to them. "Likewise there seem to be no preset ambush tactics. The threat level is moderate at the moment."

"Ambush?" Hawkeye spoke up again. "Why would someone ambush you?"

"I was in enemy territory before losing consciousness."

"And that place wasn't here?" Mustang said glancing as the short cut grass that stretched on growing only slightly higher in the distance. Sousuke had been right. There was no good place for a sniper to set up.

"Affirmative." He said nodding. "I was in Russia. Though I can't tell you where or why."

"Russia? Never heard of it. How did you get here?"

Sousuke seemed a bit offset, but answered regardless. "I was fighting the pilot of this A.S. Al showed me video feed of being struck by white light. When I awoke I was here." He said giving a simplified version.

"Al?" Hawkeye intoned a bit incredulously.

"Video?" Mustang said eyes sharp.

Sousuke pointed at the Arbalest simply confused by Mustang's repeating of the word video. "Al, status report."

"Name please." Came the projected voice of the A.I. causing the other two to jump.

"Sergeant Sousuke Sagara."

"Voice match confirmed. Severely damaged left hip joint, and minimal damage to left sensors and shoulder. The same as earlier Sergeant Sagara. Might I suggest a retreat to the TDD1 for repairs?"

"That," Sousuke said gesturing to the robot. "Is Al."

"What is TDD1?" Mustang asked.

"A ship." Was Sousuke ambiguous reply.

"What is that thing?" Mustang asked this time a little more agitated at the boy's ability to dodge his questions.

"An arm slave."

"What is an arm slave?"

Sousuke eyed them. "You two appear to be military. How do you not know what an arm slave is? All but the poorest nations have at least a few these days."

Mustang didn't like that the boy was insinuating Amestris was both weak and poor. He grit his teeth with a frown. "Technology like that has never been seen before." He ground out.

Sousuke seemed at a loss for words after that.

Kalinin walked swiftly toward the command center grinding his teeth. He'd just received an urgent report from the field. He slammed the door open startling a technician standing behind it. He was immediately handed a headset. "This is Perth 1." He said giving code name since the agent he was speaking with was still in the field.

"Perth 1 this is Urzu 2. We temporarily lost communications with the advance squad. When they were restored we were short a squad member. No one can find him or his A.S. He was reportedly fighting venom shortly before disappearance." Melissa Mao's voice rang through the receiver.

"The missing operative?" he said having a feeling he already knew who it was.

"Urzu 7."

"Understood. This is still a recovery mission. Have any signs of the target been found?"

"Negative Perth 1. It seems it was a set up."

"A trap." Kalinin muttered to himself. "Understood. Set up a search squad. Attempt to find Urzu 7. You have two hours before call back."


Kalinin set down the headset and rubbed his temple's it was just his luck that it had been Sagara that had gone missing. He was sure Sagara wasn't a deserter. The boy was extremely devoted for a mercenary. No, this probably had more than a little to do with that bastard Gauron.

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