Hello to all readers out there. This is something new that I'm considering writing. It's Paul/OC and don't worry to all of the readers who love LTL
(Learning to Love) I just have a slight writers block on that story, but I'm getting back into writing that story as well. I hope you readers out there enjoy this story or at least give it a chance, since this is something new.


They connect to form a sentence.

Sentences give us something to say. Sentences let us connect to people.

But what if you couldn't express those feelings through words and sentences? What if you didn't know how to communicate with people? What if you couldn't communicate with people? How could you get people to understand you?

Well there's the prologue, I hope you guys like it. I haven't forgotten about Learnign to Love. Hopefully I'll be able to update that story really soon. Please review.