Caroline clung to Bonnie, sobbing. It had been two days since that night she said goodbye to Tyler. Two days since she found out Elena had died with vampire blood in her system. Two days since Klaus was staked and Alaric died. Two days since she was supposed to leave town. Bonnie was the only one she could trust, so she was staying with her until she could find a way to pull herself together enough to leave.

"It's not fair. I know I should be happy for her, but it's not fair" Caroline cried.

"I know, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" Bonnie replied. She blocked out all thoughts about how she played a part in Tyler's demise. No. Tyler would be dead either way. If she hadn't switched the spirits in their bodies, Klaus would really be dead, and he would have been followed by many other people, people she actually cared about. Tyler would still be dead, but Abby would be too. and Caroline. And the Stefan and Damon. She did the right thing. She wouldn't allow herself to feel bad about this.

"Elena gets everything. She gets to spend eternity with which ever Salvatore brother she chooses, and she doesn't have to blame herself or them for her being a vampire. She can have her choice of two fairy tale endings. Why can't I have mine?"

Bonnie was reminded of an conversation they had about two years ago. That night, they stopped at the grill for some sober-up food on their way home from the party. Caroline had instantly crushed on Stefan and was hurt that he had picked Elena over her. Caroline would never admit it, but the same thing happened the year before when she started casually flirting with Matt, only to find out that he was working up the courage to ask Elena out, and had only gotten friendly with Caroline to figure out if he had a chance.

Later on, when Caroline and Matt started dating, she was constantly reminded of how he only saw her as an option when it was clear that Elena would never be his again. Tyler had hooked up with half the girls in school, but at least he never had a thing for Elena.

"We were going to run away together. Now I have to run away by myself" Caroline whispered, and dissolved back into a fit of tears.

Bonnie hugged her tighter. Caroline was there for her when she lost her Gram, and she helped Abby adjust to being a vampire and helped Bonnie feel ok with having a vampire for a mother. Now it was her turn to be a good friend. She thought about her meeting, planned for later that night. What would a good friend do?

"Let me get you some tea" Bonnie said.

She turned the kettle on and climbed onto the kitchen counter to reach some boxes on the very top shelf. These little metal tins were marked not by names, but by pictures that helped her remember what each herb or remedy was for. She fond the one with the picture of a bed and sprinkled a pinch of it into Caroline's tea.

Once Caroline had dozed off, Bonnie draped a blanket over her and left a note

Went out for some Groceries and didn't want to wake you. Text me with what

ice cream you want if you wake up

before I get back.

As Bonnie drove to the location, she reminded herself she would need to actually buy a few groceries on the way back.

The abandoned farm house was about a 40 minute drive from Mystic Falls. There was no electricity or running water, but the structure itself was stable. There was a functional well in the backyard and the water seemed safe to drink. She had found this place a few months ago. She knew that being a witch meant that Vampires would always be coming for her, demanding she do things for them and threatening her life and the lives of those she loved. She needed a place to hide.

She thought about Jeremy and Jamie and Abby. She wanted this place to be there for them when they needed to escape. She had saved up for a little generator, and had brought a box of candles, some matches and flashlights, an air mattress and blankets, basic toiletries and first aid, and some nonperishable food up to the house last month. She did an exhausting spell that couldn't quite keep uninvited people out, but at least gave them a very strong feeling about not wanting to step foot on the property. She was hoping to get her mother to help her compel the town to sign the deed of the property over to her. If Bonnie could get her name on the deed, she could keep vampires out completely. But things had gotten so crazy there hadn't been time for that. At least for now, the hybrid she learned to tolerate was occupying the house, and he would probably rip apart anyone who dared come near it.

"Hello" Bonnie called out.

A stair creaked

"I brought you some blood" She said as she waved the cooler she was carrying.

Tyler's face was suddenly in front of her. But that smile was not his. She had been the one to swap the souls inside their bodies, but it still made her blood run cold to watch Klaus walk around in Tyler's body.

"Bonnie, you're too kind, Please come sit down in the kitchen" Klaus said.

"Sit where?" Bonnie asked. There was no furniture in the house when she found it, and the idea of perching on the cabinets with Klaus struck her as odd.

Klaus just smiled. When Bonnie walked into the kitchen she saw a table and four chairs. They were unpolished and rustic looking, but carefully crafted. The room smelled like sawdust and the forest and nature. It appealed to her witchy side; ever since she discovered her powers, things that reminded her of nature gave her great comfort. She reached out to touch the table.

"You... where did this come from?" She asked.

"I made it" he said, and smiled a little. "I've been here for two days with nothing but my thought to keep me company, so I gave myself something to do. There were some tools and nails and strips of lumber in the shed out back"

She looked at the chair in front of her, and started to sit but she stopped herself. A painful memory of 9th grade wood shop with Tyler, and the birdhouse he made that kept falling apart. This isn't Tyler, she reminded herself. But still, looking into those eyes, she saw her classmate, the guys she always thought was an asshole but learned to like when he made her friend so happy. She felt another wave of the guilt. Tyler got staked and killed by Alaric because of her. She did it for the right reasons and she saved lives, but she still had a hand in taking his.

"It's safe, love, you can sit down." Not-Tyler said. "You forget that I come from a time where we made things instead of buying them. For centuries I lived in homes I built, filled with furniture I also built."

Bonnie sank into the chair, and was relieved when it didn't fall apart under her, but she still felt a need to get a little dig in.

"You must have built a lot of houses, what with constantly being on the run from Michael, and moving before people noticed you didn't age." Klaus nodded in agreement. "But I have a hard time believing you built any. you probably just compelled people to do the heavy lifting for you."

His eyes narrowed "There's a lot you don't know, Bonnie Bennett." spitting out her name like he hated the sound of it. "You presume to know who I am because you saw some of what I am capable of. You know nothing of where I've been-"

"So show me." she cut him off. "I came here to figure out what the next step in the plan is, but i need to know a few things about you, and I need to know you aren't lying"

"Fine" Klaus said.

"Ok, when i dropped you off here the other day, I offered to contact one of your siblings for you, but you told me not to tell any of them about you. Why?"

"I love my family, but I don't trust what they will do with my body if they know it still exsists and that I'm out here, waiting for a chance to get back in it."

"The others told me Elijah and Rebecca were devistated. They're your family... they love you."

"well that's nice to hear, as I love them as well. But that didn't stop me from daggering them and keeping them in boxes. I have no doubt they would try to teach me a lesson by holding my body hostage or even destroying it. So no, there is no way they can find out about me until I'm back in my own body. I don't intend to spend eternity looking like this" he said.

"That's going to take some time. Damon hid your coffin in the storage unit before he brought Alaric's body back to Mystic Falls. He's helping Jeremy make arraingments for his burial."

"That vile hunter put a stake in my body! He would have killed all vampires, how could they care-"

Bonnie cut him off again "that was not who Alaric was and you know that. That monster was your mother's doing. The real Alaric protected us, he loved Elena and Jeremy like they were his own children, he stopped hunting vampires and worked side by side with them in order to protect the people he loved." She glared at him, daring him to speak.

"Fine. but my body..."

"I moved it. I can't compel people and I don't have vampire strength, so the best I could do on my own was to put it in a different locker and spell the door."

"That's not safe enough. I want it here. with me."

"You're welcome, asshole. I didn't need to do that for you or give you a place to hide. You're only still here because of me. Now, you're not going to like this next part."

Klaus scowled.

"I opened up the coffin. Your body didn't burn completly, but your chest is disgusting. It's all charred and melted."

"So put me back in it, and I'll grab a drink and heal. Good as new."

"Not quite. The dagger hit your heart, and did some serious damage. If you weren't all beef-jerky-fied it probably would have been completly destroyed, but because of your err- situation, it stayed preserved a little. But not a lot."

"You think putting me back in that body would kill me?"

"Maybe. I don't know. I just know that a shriveled, charred segment of a heart isn't the same as a heart, and vampires need those to survive. I don't know if you could heal fast enough." Bonnie was surprised by the compassion in her own voice.

"So what exactly are you suggesting? that i stay in this wretched body forever?" Klaus motioned at himself, disgusted by the Tyler of it all.

"No. We need to get your body somewhere safe. And I'm going to need vampire help to do that. After that, I need to find a way to heal your body enough to put you back in it. But I seriously doubt I'll be able to do it alone."

"I have witches everywhere and my hybrids will help"

"Your hybrids scattered the second you and Tyler swapped bodies. It broke the sire bond and you had better hope they stay scattered. If anyone remembers what they looked like and sees one alive, your cover will be blown."

He snarled at her.

"I'll accept help from your witches when it comes to that. But I need a vampire to get your body to you."

"I can't trust any of your vampires. If one of the Salvatores knows, Elena will know, and she'll go running to Elijah and ruin everything."

"Abby will help me. She'll keep the secret. Not for you, but for me. And because if you die, she knows she will too."


"Ok, I guess that's all we need to discuss for now. I'll bring more blood bags in a few days, By then I should have your body in a safer spot. Once Damon checks the storage container and sees you're not in there, he's going to rip the whole place apart."

"Rebecca will come looking first. And she'll do more damage than Damon."

"Are you sure you don't want to tell her?"

"I can't. Not until I'm in my own body. I can't risk it."

"Ok." Said Bonnie, and she got up to leave.

She had her back to him when he quietly asked "How is she?"

Bonnie didn't need to ask who he was talking about.

"Stop. Don't pretend you actually care about her."

He looked down. Bonnie walked back over to him until she was mere inches away from his face. She grabbed his chin so would look at her. Klaus wanted to rip her arm off for touching him, but he knew he still needed her.

"I'm going to keep helping you because I need you alive, but I won't tolerate this bullshit. How do you think she is? Tyler died. He loved her. You don't care."

His own words echoed through his mind. Love is a vampire's greatest weakness. We do not love, we do not feel and we do not care.

He opened his mouth to start to respond, but he couldn't find the right words.

"I don't know what you were playing at, acting like you liked her. I don't know if messing with her was fun for you or if you were just trying to torture Tyler, but it will not continue. You will leave her alone."

And with that Bonnie stormed out of the house.

Klaus sat at the table and listened to her start her car and drive away.

Who did she think she was, giving him orders? No one tells Nicklaus Michelson what to do.

Bonnie stopped at the grocery story on her way home. She was mad. How dare he pretend with her? After everything she did for him?

A much smaller voice in the back of her head asked her if she was so sure he was lying. What if he really did care about Caroline? She remembered the decade dance, how he looked at her. Was he really just trying to get a rise out of Tyler? Or could there really be a chance... No, she wouldn't allow the thought to continue.

Bonnie recalled her conversation with Klaus earlier that night. She had said to him"I came here to figure out what the next step in the plan is, but i need to know a few things about you, and I need to know you aren't lying" She never did get a chance to ask him the things she wanted to ask, and she still wasn't sure he was lying. But she would find out. There had to be a spell for that.

She hardly paid attention to the items she put in her cart as she ran around the store. If Caroline woke up early, she'd be wondering why it took so long for Bonnie to pick up a few groceries. She remembered to check her phone. There was one new text, from Caroline: mint chocolate chip please! Bonnie's mood lifted. Caroline was going to pull through all this. Everything was going to be ok. She grabbed the ice cream and a jar of those red cherries that Caroline liked so much, and drove home.

Caroline and Bonnie spent the rest of the night eating ice cream and watching comedies. Bonnie was glad to be able to take her mind off everything for a little while. Tomorrow things would get a tiny bit easier, and so on until one day it would be easy to be happy again.

That night Caroline dreamed about the last time she saw Tyler. She remember how calm he looked even though she was a mess. "You're going to be fine, you're strong and you have a beautiful future in front of you"

The dream repeated itself every night for the next week. That one moment played on a loop in her mind. Every night when she fell asleep all she could see was Tyler in that one moment.

Bonnie walked back into the farmhouse. She had the cooler again, full of blood bags Abby gave her when she raided a blood bank a few towns over. Abby may have been an absent parent for most of her life, but she was doing everything possible to make up for it now. She helped her move the body, she got the blood for Klaus, and even now she was going through Grimoirs looking for something to heal Klaus's body before the put him back in it.

"You better have my body ready by now, sweetheart or I'm going to be very angry" Klaus appeared carrying a large wooden spoon. Was he cooking?

"And what are you going to do if I don't, Klaus? Kill me? You'll never get your body back."

"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff."

"Very cute." Bonnie said, and rolled her eyes. "Its going to take longer than we expected"

"How much longer"

"A month" Bonnie said quietly.

The spoon snapped in half. "A month! This is absurd. If you need more witches, I'll get you more witches!"

"It's not like that. not all magic is say a spell and focus some energy and everything happens in an instant. Some things take time. Abby and I found a potion that can help your body heal enough for us to put you back in it. Our main concern is that your heart needs to grow back to close its normal size before we can feel confident you'll survive in that body."

"The potion"

"It took a few days to make, we applied it starting two days ago and its working, but slowly. We need to keep reapplying it, especially directly where its needed most." Bonnie scrunched up her face.


"Meaning I have to stick my whole hand in the crumbly charred hole in your chest and rub smelly goo all over the tiny piece of beef jerkified heart in your chest. Twice a day. and you're starting to grow some kind of mold."

Klaus took a moment to picture it. "You'll have a mansion. One with a very big garage full of expensive cars. Just pick out the one you'd like."

"You're offering?"

"I'm insisting."

"Can I put this table in it?" Bonnie motioned to the kitchen table.

"I'll make you a better one. I don't forget what you're doing for me. Just get me my body back."

He grabbed the pot he had dangling off the fireplace. Bonnie had brought a mini fridge and microwave to plug into the generator, but he seemed to prefer using the fireplace. "I made spaghetti" he mumbled, looking down. Was Klaus asking her to eat dinner with him? Sure he was probably bored from having to stay hidden so long, but it can't be unusual for someone as unpleasant as Klaus to spend a week or so alone.

"Can I have some?" Bonnie asked

He smiled. "Of course, anything for my rescuer" He looked around. "I don't really have anything to drink, there's some water in the fridge.."

"I've got a few bottles of wine in my car, I've been meaning to bring them over to you."

Somehow Bonnie found herself way past tipsy as Klaus pried open a second bottle and poured some into both of their glasses. "Can I ask you something" she said.


"Why did you want everyone to think you had a crush on Caroline? What was the plan behind that"

"Was it really that obvious... that I liked her?"

"painfully. But you're not answering my question. Why?"

"I wasn't pretending" he said. He looked her in the eye when he said it. It this was really Tyler, she would be certain he was telling her the truth. But Klaus was sneaky. Bonnie still wasn't sure.

"You don't care about people other than your family. Why her?"

"Because she's Caroline. Because she has this energy that makes her seem like she's glowing. Because when I gave her my blood I felt like she was saving my life instead of the other way around. She got under my skin."

Bonnie wanted to believe him. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny vial. "This stuff is a powerful truth syrum. If you take it willingly, knowing what it is, I can ask you five questions and I know you'll tell the truth. But it won't work if I force you to take it or if I slip it in your drink. So will you do it?"

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm going to ask you about Caroline. Because I have to hide her somewhere outside of Mystic Falls and that can be here or it can be somewhere you'll never find her."

He glared at her. He wanted to rip her apart for playing with him like this. He hated her in that instance. But he was also full of wine and out of hope and Bonnie seemed like the person he could trust the most. Klaus uncorked the tiny vial and drank.

Bonnie waited a minute and reached for his hand. "I'm going to need to be physically connected to you for this to work." She looked into his eyes and saw that the pupils were a bit dilated. "Ok, its ready. Question 1. How do you feel about Caroline Forbes?"

Without a second's pause he replied "I love her."

Bonnie shot him a stunned look. Love? How could he? Klaus was shocked by how quickly the words came out. Bonnie could tell he hadn't planned on saying that, but if it came out, it must have been the truth.

"um Question 2. What is the most important thing to you.?"

"Staying alive." He said. He glared at her. "That wasn't about Caroline."

"It was... in a way. Question 3. If you had to choose between staying alive and keeping Caroline safe, which would it be?"

"Staying alive" he instantly replied.

"Question 4. Will you kill me once I'm done helping you?"


"Question 5. Why not?"

"Because you're an excellent witch and you chose my side."

Bonnie let go of his hand. She stood up. "It's done. There aren't any more questions left on the syrum."

Klaus felt rage boiling inside him. It wasn't fair. She tricked him. He never wanted to say Love. He wasn't ready to admit it to himself, much less nosy little Bonnie Bennett. And making him choose life or Caroline. it wasn't fair. A vampire's nature is to protect oneself. He would always protect himself.

"Caroline will be here tomorrow. You should clean up a little bit."

He looked up at her in disbelief. "What? But I..."

"You told the truth. About staying alive, it wasn't what I wanted to hear. But I wasn't expecting to hear you say you loved her either. I know you won't sit idly by if someone comes after a person you love. Thats enough for now. I think she's safer with you than on her own."

"Bonnie" he stood up to look directly in her eyes. "Thank you" The words sounded so strange coming from him.

"Like I said, I'll drop her off tomorrow. But I'll be back with blood and supplies a week after that. And Klaus." she paused "She needs to know who you are by the time I get back. Don't torture her by letting her think she still has Tyler." He nodded in response to her and she was out the door.

"Caroline, I'm home"

"In here" Caroline called from the kitchen. "I thought you might be hungry so I made some spaghetti"

Bonnie laughed.

"Uh... I don't get it." Caroline replied, annoyed.

"It's nothing Care, I'm just so full right now. But thank you." Bonnie said. Caroline was slurping pasta out of a bowl and followed Bonnie to the couch. Bonnie realized this would be their last night together in the house. She would miss her best friend. "I have a safe house for you to go to." She said.

"Wow. I guess it's really happening" Caroline said, tears welling up in her eyes. She knew she had to get out of town soon, but it was so hard to imagine doing it alone. This was supposed to be her and Tyler.

"You need to pack enough stuff to get though a few weeks. You'll be in a house that has a generator for a few electronic things but the showers are buckets of well water. You can't bring a computer or phone, its too risky that someone will use it to track your location. You have to stay on the property at all times and stay inside as much as possible. I'll bring blood and food as often as possible. After the next couple of weeks, we'll figure out where to move you next, and you won't have to stay so hidden."

"Ok" Caroline whispered. It was so much to take in. That night after she packed up the duffel bag and suitcase she brought to Bonnie's house, she came downstairs and handed Bonnie her laptop and cell phone.

"It won't be forever, Caroline. You're going to get these back. I promise."

"Lets just enjoy our last night as roomies, ok?"

They were pulling into the driveway. Bonnie had to tell her eventually. "Theres something else you need to know."

Caroline looked at her quizzically.

"Theres someone else in this house. You're safe with them, I trust them. But listen to me Caroline. Things are not what they seem to be."

"Do you have to be so cryptic about it? Just tell me!"

"I'm afraid I can't." Bonnie said. She put the car in park and helped Caroline unload everything. "Now I have to go"

"You're not coming in? Can't you at least help me lug all these bags in so I don't have to make a million trips? There's like five people's worth of blood here."

"Sorry. I can't be here for the next part. You have to walk in those doors alone."

"Is this, like, a witch thing?"

"No. something else entirely." Bonnie said. She had promised Klaus she would give him a chance to tell her who he really was. If she was here, her face would give everything away.

"Bonnie, why are you being so confusing? Just tell me whats going on."

"I'm sorry. I'll see you a week from today. I love you"

"I love you too" Caroline said, and pulled her into a hug.

Bonnie walked back into the car and drove away.

Caroline watched the car go into the distance and picked up her duffel and one of the shopping bags full of blood bags and walked up to the front door.

He heard the car pull up. He paced around the empty living room anxiously. The coffee table he had built the day before was still out in the shed. He should have brought it inside. He should have found some way to get a couch or some soft chairs in here for her. Klaus snapped himself out of it. Why was he so concerned about stupid furniture? Caroline was out there right now, and she would be walking in the door any second. He would finally have her undivided attention. This was his chance.

Klaus leaned against the staircase, trying to look casual. The door opened.

Caroline dropped the bags and clapped her hands over her mouth. Her expression was one of pure shock, but it quickly softened into one of adoration and happiness. She lowered her hands and was smiling. That radiant smile he had only caught glimpses of was directed at him. He stood there, unable to move, absorbed by the reality of what was happening. Caroline was standing in front of him, looking at him like that, and he had her all to himself.

"Tyler?" she whispered.

His heart sank. The whole time he had spent pacing around waiting for this moment, thinking about the stupid furniture, he had completely forgotten what wretched body was in. Caroline would never look at him with that much love. It was all for her stupid Tyler.

"Tyler!" she said again, this time louder, and suddenly she was running towards him. One of the rails on the bannister behind him snapped as she slammed into him with vampire speed and force. Suddenly she was kissing him. Her arms were looped around his neck and she was holding on to him so tight a human would have been crushed. He kissed her back, meeting every forceful kiss with one just as powerful. He ran his hands down her sides and leaned down to reach behind her knees, hitching her legs up around his waist. She giggled and held on to him tighter. He pulled her in to a deeper kiss and she made a soft noise as she kissed him back. He spun around the empty room a few times while he held her by the small of her back, just because he knew it would make her smile.

Caroline let out a surprised noise when she felt him spin her around, but as she felt him twirl her in circles, she smiled from ear to ear. Tyler was alive, and he was right here. Nothing else mattered.

He took her into the kitchen and put her on the counter. She slid her hands from the back of his neck down his arms, and laced her fingers in hers. Klaus tried to remember if anyone ever held his hand like that. He knew he never cared so much about something as simple as a girl holding his hand.

"How?" she asked him "How are you alive?"

Why hadn't he thought of this? He was planning on telling her right away, but the greeting took him off guard. He just wanted to kiss her again. He wanted to do more than kiss her, but kissing would be a good start. And he knew once she knew what he really was, she wouldn't go near him. Would it really be so bad to play along for a little bit?

"I... don't know really...Bonnie did something magic ...somehow"

"But I saw you" she said, "you were dying."

"I know, it felt like I was. I ... I thought I did, but I woke up on the floor of the cave, and here I am" he said. It was weak, but he knew Tyler not understanding would be the easiest story to keep up.

"Klaus" she said. He felt a rush when she said his name. But she wasn't talking to him, she was talking to Tyler. She was asking if Klaus had the same luck that Tyler did.

"No, I mean, as far as I know, he's really dead." He stammered out. He searched her eyes as he said it. She avoided his stare and looked down.

"Oh, ok. well um, good riddance" she said. It was weak. She didn't have the hate in her voice like she did that night he gave her his blood. He remembered asking "Do you really think that low of me?" And her response, a "Yes" that sounded more like a growl than anything else. But this time, the same anger wasn't there. Could there be hope?

He was kicking himself for not thinking of a cover story ahead of time. Who would Tyler have talked to? How much would he know? "I.. uh... I guess when I felt like I was dying, I felt him die.. because of the sire bond?"

She nodded in agreement. "Right.. The sire bond. But how did you survive? Are you really alive, are you a ghost or something?" Bonnie had warned her that things would not be what they seemed.

"I don't know" he answered weakly. The less Tyler knows, the easier the story is to keep up.

"I'm just glad you're here" she said, squeezing his hand.

Thunder clapped somewhere nearby, and she flinched at the noise. ""Oh shit! The rest of my bags are still outside!"

They ran into the downpour and scrambled for all of the bags, there was a second one of Caroline's things, a bunch of grocery store brown bags filled with blood bags, and a few necessities Bonnie had brought, like food and extra sheets and pillows.

It took three trips but they finally got everything inside, although most of it was soaking wet.

He shut the door behind them and looked at her. She was drenched and mascara was running down her cheeks, but she was still the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Caroline pulled off the soaked hoodie she was wearing, and awkwardly looked around for a place to hang it. He smiled at her as she found a doorknob to hand it on. The pale blue tank she had on under was soaked too, and it clung to her skin. He could see the black lace bra she had on under it.

Caroline caught him looking and smirked. She closed the distance between them and kissed him. He went straight for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. He ran his hands allover the newly exposed skin. She pulled away and whispered in his ear "Lets get you out of those wet clothes"

Caroline peeled layers of wet clothes off Tyler as he led her down the hall to the the room the makeshift bed was in. She hooked her foot over his pants once they were halfway off so he could easily step out of them. Once they were gone, she slipped a hand under the waistband of his boxers and started to stroke him.

She was confused when he wiggled away and took a step back. Was she doing something wrong? He smiled and unbuttoned her pants and started to slide them down. She tried to reach down to get them all the way off, but he stopped her, looped an arm around her waist and carried her to the bed. That was new. He sat by her feet and slowly pulled her pants the rest of the way off. He ran his hand up her leg and she shivered. Suddenly he was kissing his way up her leg. When he got up to her thigh, his hand ran down her stomach and over her underwear, his thumb applying pressure where she wanted it most. She felt him smile as he continued kissing the inside of her thigh as his hand found the wet patch at her core.

He removed his hand and she whimpered at the loss, but suddenly he was looping both hands through her underwear and pulling them off. He slid her down the bed, pulling her by the ankles so she was closer to him, and slid her legs over his shoulder. Suddenly she realized what he was about to do. She was confused. Tyler never does this, she thought, but his mouth was on her and she was too overwhelmed by the sensation to care.

She arched her back and gasped as he continued. She was getting close.. almost there... and suddenly he stopped. No! But he was quickly pulling her onto his lap as he unhooked her bra and started to devote his attention to her breasts, taking one nipple into his mouth as he caressed the other breast, then switching sides. She rocked in his lap as he did this, feeling his hardness. She felt like she was going to explode.

When he finally brought his mouth up to hers she kissed back with force. She ran her fingers through his hair as she slid her tongue across his lower lip. She broke free of his hold and got out of his lap so she could get rid of the boxers he was still wearing.

Seconds later he was on top of her, kissing her, his hands running up and down her sides. She took his length and guided it in to her. They quickly found the right rhythm, and she was bucking against him, meeting each thrust. She was clawing at his back and moaning at the feeling of it all. She felt herself getting closer. She was almost there. And suddenly the ripples of pleasure were all over her and she let out a scream of joy. She felt him start to come just after she did. Sweating and out of breath, they clung to each other as they laid in the aftershock.

Klaus woke up in the middle of the night. He heard an owl hooting somewhere in the yard. He started to sit up but he felt something. Caroline's head was resting on his chest. He looked down at her naked body, tangled in sheets. He knew he was going to pay severely for this. She would find out eventually who he really was, and she would only hate him more. But for now, he could be with her. And for now, it was enough.