New boy

"Wake up," screamed my sister from the bathroom door that connects our rooms. I look at her and roll my eyes. Then I turn to look at the clock and see its 7:50 a.m. Ten minutes to get ready and get to school. I freak out. I jump straight out of my bed and run to my closet I pull on jeans and a T-shirt while my sister is brushing her hair in a rush. If you haven't noticed we don't have parents in the morning to wake us up this is kind of our routine every morning. I run into the bathroom, grab a hair tie and put my hair up in a knotted bun. My hair is long dark brown hair and has little waves to it. Abby's (my sister's name) is light brown and straight. She looks more like our dad and I look like our mom. Our mom died when I was 5 and she was 4. Nobody ever figured out how she died. Our dad is always working. He is an Italian chef. I snapped out of my thinking when I heard, thud! I looked around and saw that my sister fell to the ground. "Are you okay," I asked. She looked at me with her deep brown eyes and said "This is really getting annoying," I shake my head and offer her my hand. She takes it and gets up wobbling a little. It's like reality just hit us in the head we threw our backpacks on our shoulders and ran out of the house to my car. We jumped in and I zoomed to school, I was surprised a cop didn't come and stop me for speeding. Once we got to school we were 20 minutes late and the last bell for advisory rang. I gave her a good luck with school look and ran off to first hour. Lucky me, I got there just when the bell rang. Everyone stared like I was a weirdo but like I said "routine". I sat down in my seat near the back. On my right was an empty desk and on the left was Julian (Miss. I know it all). I sat through my morning hours thinking. When the lunch bell rang I ran to the door and swung it open like a crazy person. Then I heard "thud". Seriously how many times can you hear thud in one day. I looked behind the door and found a really cute guy holding his nose and looking like he was only annoyed. Of course I am the girl who slams a cute guy with a door like a maniac. "I am so sorry." I said staring at him not recognizing his face. Oh so I hit a cute new guy with a door like a maniac, even better. "I'm fine." He said. He looked up and tried to look me in the eyes but I looked away real quickly. The halls were almost empty with only a few stragglers. "I really hope you are fine. I bet you think I am a weirdo. I am so sorry." I said. "Don't worry." He took out a piece of paper and an ink pin. "Call me. I really want to get to know you. Would you show me the lunch room?" "Sure and thanks" I took the paper from him and started showing him the way to the lunch room. We walked together to the lunch room. Once we got there he said thanks and went off. That got me through the rest of the day. Later that night I called him hoping he didn't think I was desperate or anything. "Hello" He said in a confident voice. "Hi" I said in a high squeaky voice. "I know you don't know me but I know you. Your name is Christina and your mother died but no one knows how…..Except for me. I know you are probably freaking out but please trust me." I did exactly what he asked me not to do, I freaked out. I didn't know what to say. I hung up, turned off my phone, and cried myself to sleep.