Chapter 4

She couldn't stand the silence anymore. It was driving her crazy. After Vaan left she just sat there, thinking about how they had never argues that much, and what she had done wrong. Once the silence began to eat at her heart (as if it wasn't wounded at all), she turned on the thousand dollar stereo that Vaan had bought one weekend. It had been his first bit of splurging that he had done with the money that he made from his job.

The music of the station that was already programmed in immediately relaxed her. It was instrumental, and reminded her of a lullaby.

You could be happy and I won't know

A male voice sang, and Terra lost her moment of peace that had come with the instruments alone. Yet even with the lost peace, she felt the words speak to her. Vaan would have never known that she was unhappy if it hadn't been for the fact that she destroyed the pictures and said something.

Terra walked back into the kitchen, there was a mess that she had to clean up, but first she turned up the radio so that she could her it anywhere she went into the house.

But you weren't happy the day I watched you go

Neither were happy when Vaan stormed out. Terra did't blame him, and she wondered where he went. Where he was right now and what he was doing. She scoffed, he was probably at work, again, logging in more hours and earning more of his precious money.

And all the things that I wished I had not said
Are played in loops 'till it's madness in my head

Her head was in turmoil. Should she have stopped him? Would it have made a difference? Why was she thinking about it now anyways, it was in the past, and what is done is done. There's no changing her actions, but Terra couldn't help but feel like she could have done better. Pound, pound, pound seemed to be wearing away in her head. Wait, that wasn't in her head, it was in real life. There was someone knocking at her front door. For a moment she thought of ignoring it, but then it would be something important or an emergency. Ever so slowly, Terra picked herself off the floor and opened the door. The song still played in the background.

Bartz stood on her porch, and any hope that Vaan had returned to her to apologize was dashed. Bartz looked her over, wondering why she looked sad and haggard.

"Hey Terra is Vaan here? We were supposed to go out drinking. At least that's what he told me was going to happen.

Terra felt a flash of anger push its way through her sadness. Vaan could make time for him but he couldn't make time for her, his on wife? More tears gathered and fell at the thought, but she just brushed them aside. Her cheeks felt so bruised and sore, but the pain seemed so small and insignificant.

"No, I don't know where he is, and frankly right now I could care less," she muttered out, attempting to shut the door. Bartz stopped the door from closing with his foot easily.

"Is everything okay? You don't look to well," he said through the the crack. Terra hesitated, and that was all the answer that he needed. Slowly, as if he was afraid that he would startle her, he opened the door and stepped inside. Terra didn't have the will power to fight him off, so she just let him in. Bartz took her hand and led her to the living room where she sat on the couch with a thump. Her song had ended, and now it was playing some random garbage that the radio so much enjoys now a days.

"What happened?"

Terra cried as she told him every little detail from her life over the past few weeks. It was one thing to live through it, or even think about what had happened, but another to tell someone else about everything. Bartz never interrupted her, instead he listened as she choked out every detail and story. He would rub her back when her sobs would make it to where she couldn't talk, and held her hand when she would ring them together. When she had finally finished her story, her tears didn't want to stop. Bartz was kind though, and held her until they finally did dry, and helped her come down.

Terra looked up at him with red, almost swollen eyes. Every part of her body and face ached from the crying. She must have cried more than she had ever cried before in her life. Bartz stared back at her, bringing up his hand to push back a strand of hair that had fallen into her face. His hand brushed across her face, feeling so nice against the heat that seemed to radiate off her face now. She leaned her face into his touch, trying to capture as much of the coolness as she could.

Bartz looked down at her with confused eyes. Terra didn't notice though, but before she could think even more he was leaning down. Terra arched her back to meet him midway. Their lips met in a passion of raw emotion and neediness. Lips parted and tongues clashed in a battle of dominance and power. Bartz won that battle, but Terra easily submitted to the kiss. They only parted because of the need to breathe. Their eyes met yet again, but before they could kiss once more realization dawned on Terra's face about what she had just done.

Terra's mouth dropped open, her hand covering it automatically. She couldn't cry anymore even if she had wanted to. Instead she ran faster than she ever had before right to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her and locking it. Bartz banged on the door, but it didn't budge. He couldn't even hear her there, making him worry even more.

"I'm sorry Terra! Please let me in. I know you don't want to be alone right now," he said knocking gently. After what seemed like an eternity, the door finally opened for him. He went inside and closed the door behind him, following her to the bed laying down there with her. She didn't protest, at any point, not even when he laid next to her and wrapped his arms around around her and held her close.

Within moments Terra was fast asleep in his arms, looking more peaceful than she had probably felt all day. Bartz stroked her hair with his hands, watching her sleep. Thoughts ran through his mind as he laid there with her. This was his best friends wife. Was she really going to be worth all the trouble and woes that being together could cause him.

Looking at her sleeping face Bartz decided that yes indeed, she was worth it.

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