Disclaimer: I own nothing, just having a little fun.

E/O Challenge Word: Crush + dialogue only story

Spoilers: None that I can think of, unless you count a potential Weechester fic that has yet to be written.

A.N.: This is literally my first drabble, so be kind. Also, there might have been some inspiration from a scene from "The Walking Dead".

"So, who was she?"

"Who was who?"

"Your first crush?"

"I already told you, Sam, I'm not telling you that!"

"Really? Come on, Dean. You spent most of our teenage years telling me about all the girls you slept with...in excruciating detail I might add."

"Yeah, well, that was different."


"Because I said it was...Because we were kids then."

"And what? You're shy now?"

"Okay, so who was yours smartass?"

"Linda Scott."


"Second grade up in Wisconsin. Your turn."

"I can't believe you just admitted that."

"Still your turn, Dean."

"And it's still none of your business, Sammy."