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Sarah sighed tiredly as she rolled over on the bed in the guest room of her sister's apartment. She slowly and deliriously rubbed at her sleep-filled eyes and stretched her body out. Light was streaming through the windows, she could tell, and she slowly opened her eyes to look around the room. It didn't take her long to realize that she was still at Abby and Brody's place. Suddenly her eyes popped open and stared around with wide eyes.

"Oh my God." She whispered and shot up in bed. "I'm getting married today."

She held the blankets close to her chest as she let the thought set into her brain and she was barely starting her freak out when the door opened and Abby poked her head in, a huge grin on her face.

"It just hit you, didn't it?" She said knowingly.

Sarah continued to stare at the wall opposite her, and Abby sat down on the bed next to her. "This is your big day. How are you holding up?"

"Well…I've been awake for about five minutes and I've almost had a panic attack." Then she smiled. "I'm getting married!"

They hugged and their laughter brought Brody to the room. He knocked first, then peeked his head in with a smirk. "Good morning. Would either of you like some breakfast?"

They nodded and Sarah sighed. "I don't know how much I'll be able to eat, but it does sound good."


Three hours later, the girls were sitting inside of a tent getting ready. Conrad and Sarah had decided early in their engagement that they wanted to be married in the field where he took her on her 18th birthday and eventually made it happen. There were two tents set up (one for the guys, and one for the girls).

"I can't believe my last child is getting married." Sheila smiled as she touched her daughter's shoulder.

Sarah nodded. "It's so weird. But it seems so right."

"How are you feeling?" Gail asked her and handed her a water bottle.

Sarah took a deep breath. "I'm a little nauseous, but that is just nerves I think." She paused. "Other than that, I'm okay."

Sheila was about to speak when she heard a small commotion and excused herself from the tent. When she got outside she saw what the problem was.

"Steve!" She walked over to her son, who was in an argument. "I can handle this."

Steve backed off, but didn't leave. Sheila faced the couple. "You need to leave."

"We have every right to be here." Katherine told her.

"You have no right!" Sheila yelled at her. "My daughter doesn't want you here, so you have to leave. Remember that my husband is a cop and so are my sons, one of which is standing behind me. They can make you leave if you don't do so willingly."

Katherine gave her a look and just as William stepped forward, so did Steve. He eyed the man and he stopped. Then slowly, he grabbed his wife's arm and they left.

"Way to go, Mom. I haven't heard you yell like that in years." He told her and she smiled.

"This is Sarah's big day. Nothing is going to ruin it."

As the music started, the butterflies in Sarah's stomach increased and she clutched her boutique of blue roses tightly. She watched her bridesmaids walked down the aisle; first Madi, then Laura, then Gail, Cassie, and Abby. As Ellen and Faith walked out spreading their flower petals, she looked up at Don.

"Are you ready for this?" He asked with a smile.

She nodded. "Yeah…I think I am. Just don't let me fall."

He shook his head. "Never."

Slowly, they walked down the aisle and as her eyes locked with Conrad's, she couldn't help but smile. When she made it to the front, the ceremony began. The minute the words 'objection' and 'speak now or forever hold your peace' were uttered the whole Kowalski family (including Conrad and Dustin) looked around for the grandparents. Luckily, they were nowhere in sight, so the ceremony continued. When they came to their vows, Conrad went first.

"I remember talking to my dad when I was younger about falling in love. He said that one day I'd bump into my soul-mate somewhere and I'd know that she was the one. Well, I finally bumped into her during my senior year. Literally. I knocked your books everywhere." People laughed and he smirked. "I knew in that moment that you were different than anyone I had gone out with. I knew you were the one my dad had told me I would find. And ever since then, every day of my life has been leading to this moment. When you finally said yes, it was a dream come true for me. Now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend…well, other than Dustin. Sorry, dude." He glanced at Dustin, who shook his head with a chuckle. "I love you, Sarah."

She had tears in her eyes and she tried to blink them away as she began to speak. "In the orphanage, there wasn't a lot to do. I spent a lot of my time reading. I grew up reading Nicholas Sparks' books. He said once that 'A guy out there was meant to be the love of your life, your best friend, your soul-mate. The one you can tell your dreams to. He'll brush the hair out of your eyes. Send you flowers when you least expect it. He'll stare at you during the movies, even though he paid eight dollars to see it. He'll call to say "Goodnight" or just because he is missing you. He'll look in your eyes and tell you you're the most beautiful girl in the world. And for the first time in your life, you'll believe it.' And I didn't really get it…until I met you." She swallowed and smiled. "Honestly, I didn't think we'd get this far. I seriously thought my brothers would have killed you by now. But the fact that they didn't, shows me that you really are the perfect guy for me, because anyone that is able to really, truly charm my brothers is worth it. And that's you."

They exchanged their rings after that and not long after, they were finally husband and wife.