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What if…?

"Kurt! You should spin it!" Rachel slurred, "Spin it gooood."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Fine, but only because Finn and I are the only sober ones here. But, if it's a girl, or an uncomfortable guy, I won't do it."

He didn't know why, but Kurt could feel his heart beating intensely with hope that the bottle would land on Blaine. Sure enough, it did, and he swore that if his heart could beat any faster than it already had, it was.

"Okay." Blaine whispered, sobering up just a little from the shock. Of course, he was still drunk. Very drunk. The one thing that Kurt wished he could change.

But, Kurt still had his chance to kiss Blaine, didn't he? And, possibly, his not-so secret crush would again become oblivious to the warbler when he was over his drunk-crazed night.

Kurt leaned in slowly, and attached his lips to the other boy. It was probably because he was so drunk, but Blaine kissed him hungrily, letting his lips move fast against Kurt's. Without asking for entrance, the warbler slipped his tongue into Kurt's mouth, feeling every inch of his mouth that he possibly could.

Kurt nearly moaned from the amazing feeling, but he knew he couldn't let himself get so eager over a drunken kiss. When Blaine finally pulled back, he kept his face close, the sweet and sultry stench of alcohol present on his breath.

He almost leaned in to kiss Kurt again, but he was stopped. "Blaine, you're drunk. If you really want to do this… if you really want to be with me, I want to know you honestly feel sparks."

"This is embarrassing." Kurt whispered, "I… I think we should go."

"Fine by me." Blaine retorted.

Kurt let his motherly instinct take the best of him, saying, "You should probably stay with me. You're… too drunk."

And, without saying even a word of goodbye's to anyone else, Kurt grabbed Blaine by the arm, got their coats, and dragged the drunken boy to his car.

"Get in the back." he commanded, opening the door for the other boy, then going to the driver's seat.

Blaine whined, but did as he was told. The entire drive to Kurt's house was silent.

"Where's your Dad?" Blaine asked, and Kurt was starting finding a hint of seriousness in his voice. He was beginning to sober up. Still, Kurt decided he would help to fully sober him up in any way he could. To pretend nothing ever happened.

"He stays at the shop on Saturdays until, like, midnight. I'm not sure why. He's such a grease monkey sometimes." Kurt replied with a sigh. He knew he couldn't and didn't want to change his Dad, but he wished Burt were less of a mechanics freak.

"Oh." was all Blaine murmured, then randomly added, "I'm tired."

"No, no, no, mister." Kurt scolded, "You need a cold shower. I don't want you sleeping drunk in my bed. You might… try something."

He walked to the kitchen, Blaine haphazardly trailing behind. Kurt poured, then handed Blaine a glass of water, which he accepted and gulped down.

"Okay, shower." Kurt whispered, almost blushing, realizing the difficulty he would face trying to get the warbler into a shower. Blaine nodded clumsily.

Blaine followed Kurt to his bathroom, again being handed something. A towel. Kurt turned the water on, in between hot and cold, because he was worried Blaine would freeze. "Please tell me you can change by yourself."

The other boy nodded, starting to strip down his shirt. Kurt silently admired his toned upper body, blushing furiously. Once Blaine started unbuttoning his pants, Kurt snapped back to reality.

A squeak left his lips before he slammed the bathroom door closed, leaning against the other side and trying to regain his breath. What was he doing? He couldn't watch Blaine undress.

After Kurt heard the sound of the curtains closing, he quietly crept in, grabbed Blaine's clothes, and rushed out of the room. Again, having such a motherly instinct, Kurt took the unclean clothes to the laundry room, and tossed them in the washing machine.

When he was back in his room, Kurt did his face-cleaning regimen, like he did any typical evening. Nevertheless, he knew tonight wasn't just some Saturday night. He had… a boy in his bathroom, who would soon be sleeping in his bed with him.

Kurt shook his head. It was only because Blaine was drunk, that he was doing this. No shenanigans will be pulled. he thought, just before he heard the bathroom door open.

Kurt braced himself, but Blaine had the towel wrapped snug around his hips. Thank God. Kurt fumbled through his dresser for a pair of pajama pants. "Uh, y-you can use these. Your clothes are in the washing machine."

"Thanks." Blaine mumbled, accepting the pajamas and making no eye contact with Kurt. He undoubtedly felt just as awkward.

Kurt turned his head away, and squeezed his eyes shut, until Blaine told him it was safe to turn around.

"Are you any better?" he whispered.

Blaine nodded. "I… I think so. I'm not quite as dizzy or anything, if that's what you mean. I can think straight, too."

"Good." Kurt mumbled, "I mean… okay."

"Kurt, are you okay?" Blaine asked, his voice gentle and soft.

"Yeah, it's just… it's just…"

"It's just what?"

"Do you… remember what happened before we left?"

Blaine stepped closer to Kurt, until they were only a foot away from each other, "Yes."

"The whole thing is just bothering me, that's all. It was an awkward, and uncomfortable situation. And, then… what I said to you. Oh gosh what I said to you was so… wrong. I mean, we're just friends, I get that. Why on earth would I think any different just because you were-"

Kurt's rambling was interrupted by Blaine's lips connecting with his. The kiss was soft and by far more elegant than the sloppy one from earlier. Blaine ran the tip of his tongue across Kurt's lower lip, and Kurt granted him further access, wrapping his arms around Blaine's neck to pull him closer and deepen the kiss.

When they finally pulled away, both too desperate for air, Blaine smiled. "There were sparks." he breathed.

Kurt nodded, still in complete shock. Blaine grabbed one of his hands and put it over his chest, despite the fact that he was most definitely, still shirtless.

He brought his face close to Kurt's, making him blush, and whispered, "Can you feel my heart beat?"

"Yes." he whispered back, leaning his face just a tad closer to again close the gap. He loved the feeling of their lips connected. It was so right, despite what he had said before, and their lips fit perfectly with each other's. Blaine hummed into his mouth, and grabbed him by the hips.

"I love you, Kurt Hummel." Blaine said when they pulled back again, "And I have ever since I met you."

"M-me too." Kurt muttered stupidly, nearly crying when he pulled Blaine into him for a gentle hug.

Scratch that, hethought, I would rather remember this day forever, than try to forget it.

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