Okay, wellhithere (not sure if it's a permanent fanfic account, but I hope he/she can find my story) sent me three requests, and this is a second out of the third. DeamousandKlaineOTP requested a baking!story of Niff. I think it's baking. Basically put, it's "What if someone lets Nick and Jeff use the kitchen?", and I know how that'll go. ;) So, sneak peek.

Nick, Jeff, and Kurt looked nervously at the curly-haired boy once he returned from the council room.

"Nick and Kurt. You guys are moving on." Blaine said, biting his lower lip. He was happy for Kurt, but he felt bad for Jeff, who had auditioned six times for a solo. Plus, he knew how close Nick and Jeff were, and they didn't even get to go through it together.

The blonde warbler frowned, but tried to keep himself from getting too disappointed. The other two walked awkwardly to the council room, but Blaine stayed behind. "I'm sorry, Jeff. I know how hard you've worked for this."

Jeff gave Blaine a forced half-smile. "It's okay."

After the entire day was over, Nick and Jeff headed to their dorm room. The brunette frowned. "Are you okay? You're pretty quiet."

The blonde shook it off. "I'm fine. How was the rest of the audition?"

"Nothing to write home about." Nick smiled sadly at his roommate. "I think Kurt's going to end out getting the solo, but it's okay."

"I don't think it's okay." Jeff sighed, "I mean, Kurt's awesome. I'm not ragging on him. But, it seems a little unfair that we don't get much of a chance even though we've gone through a lot of auditions, and he's just recently transferred here."

Nick's head lowered. "It's all about the person's voice, I guess. And the work they put into it. Which is why I don't understand why you didn't get to move on."

The blonde looked sympathetic. "No, no. You're voice is amazing, Nicky."

He chuckled lightly. "No offense to Blaine, but your voice blows his away."

"Really?" Nick dragged his head up to meet Jeff's eyes. "Because, I think your voice is even more amazing."

Jeff blushed, eyes widened in shock. But, he didn't dare look away from those beautiful brown eyes. He could just lean in, and kiss all of Nick's troubled away. But, that wouldn't be right; it would only give him more problems to deal with.

So, he hugged him. "Thank you. I believe in you, three."

After he pulled back from the hug, Nick grabbed his wrist. "Wait."

They stayed in that position for a while, the brunette trying to convince himself to move just a few centimeters closer and close the gap between their lips. They were even closer than before, their noses almost touching. "What is it, Nicky?"

Nick could feel the blonde's warm breath on his face, making him shudder. He dropped his wrist and moved his head back, leaving a large distance between them. "Um… I forgot." he lied, "Let's go."

Without so much as a word exchanged between the two, they went to their beds and slept. Well, they both pretended to be asleep, but neither could stop their thoughts from swimming through their heads.

Was he going to kiss me? Jeff wondered. Of course not, you idiot. He doesn't like you!

You idiot! Nick scolded himself. How could you almost kiss him? He doesn't like you!

It was sad that neither boy knew that they both felt exactly the same, and that the nervousness deep in the pits of their stomachs was pointless.

"What's up with you, Jeff?" Trent asked the blonde-haired warbler next to him.

"Nothing. What do you mean?" Jeff snapped back harshly.

Trent held his hands up. "Sorry, man. Just asking. You and Nick always sit next to each other at lunch, but now you're on the other end of the table."

"Can't I change things up a bit?" the blonde questioned, irritated. He was only being so bitchy because of everything going on in his head.

Honestly, that wasn't why he wasn't sitting with Nick. After what had happened the day before, Jeff had no idea what to say to his best friend. He occasionally found himself sneaking glances at the brunette. Sometimes, he'd find, that Nick had already had that idea.

"Whatever man. If you're gonna be an ass, forget it."

"Sorry… I just have a headache." It wasn't a lie. His head was literally pounding from overuse and thinking.

Finally, after an annoying period of Calculus, Jeff decided to confront Nick about the almost-kiss before warbler practice. It was clearly an accident. The brunette would never do that on purpose.

"Why?" he asked. Nothing descriptive. Just the subtle question, knowing Nick would understand.

"I didn't mean to do it." the brunette muttered.

"That doesn't give me a thorough answer! What were you trying to do? Screw with my brain? Because, you succeeded!" Jeff was starting to yell.

Nick took a moment to think of a response. "You wouldn't understand. Why would it screw with you, anyways?"

"Tell me, and I'll tell you." the blonde replied, his voice softening. His face was now crimson red. Was he seriously going to say it?

"I love you!" they both said in unison.

"No…" Jeff whispered, "You're lying. How could you love me?"

The shorter boy shook his head. "How could you love me."

"I guess we're both underestimating ourselves, then…" Jeff whispered.

"I told you, Jeffy, you are so amazing and talented. You are the nicest and funniest person I've ever met. And, you're beautiful, and sexy, and…" Nick blushed, "I'm rambling now."

The blonde chuckled, "If I was good with words, I would say something really cheesy and romantic. But, I'm just going to say the feelings mutual."

"I believe in myself now, Six. Because of you. And, I hope you believe in yourself, now, too."

"I think I'm starting to…"

"And, that's why I'm going to withdraw from the audition, and let Kurt win, even though he's probably going to, regardless."

"But, why, Nicky?" Jeff frowned, "You could still win!"

"We don't need a stupid solo to prove how good we sound." Nick snorted.

"You're right." the blonde whispered, leaning slightly down and inching closer to the shorter boy. "Because girl, you're amazing just the way you are."

Nick laughed. "Stop singing cheesy pop songs and kiss me, you big doofus."

And, with that, Jeff pressed his lips to Nick's. The brunette sighed into the kiss. He had waited for and imagined this moment for so long, and now, it was real.

It was a feeling of pure bliss for both boys. Jeff took a handful of Nick's dark brown locks between his fingers, and kissed with more passion. He wasn't good with romantic moments, but he wanted to make sure this was the best kiss both of them ever had.

"I love you, Bruno Mars." Nick whispered with a light chuckle.

"I love you, too, Nicky." Jeff replied, keeping their foreheads pressed together.

They kissed again, getting in as much time as they could before the rest of the warblers came for practice and found them together. Nick and Jeff knew that if they had never met each other, they would have never believed in themselves like they did now.

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