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Love of the Light

People would probably laugh if he ever told them the story of how he and his love began. He remembers, indistinctly, that the townspeople of that little town, her friends, had thought he was using her as some ploy in his plan. They thought he'd finally gone completely insane.

And back then, she was among those who held that opinion. She told him once, that, at first, she'd thought his confession of feelings was some cruel joke, some sadistic scheme he'd come up with to amuse himself. Then her opinion had changed, that night at the ball, she had realized that he truly did believe he had feelings for her. However, she still didn't believe as he did. She never considered the option that he loved her, simply because, as she had put it, "For one to love someone, they have to love themselves first. You don't love, you only desire and possess. You're not capable of love."

He had always thought that she didn't believe his feelings because she had a low view of herself. She never did accept his compliments back then. Because back then, she had been so used to being chosen second that when someone actually did chose her, she couldn't see it.

All of that changed, though, the day Alaric kidnapped her and the doppelganger. He saved her, once again, but that wasn't the significant part. It was because he inconvenienced himself, put himself in danger some might say, to save her. That was why she finally realized that he actually did love her. Wholly, truly love her. Like a human would love…

He saw it in her eyes that day, when she gazed up at him, shocked, and barely muttered out a "Thank you." But those words had been so sincere that he too suddenly understood something; she was finally acknowledging him, speaking to him like she would to a normal person, she was offering him her genuine thanks. He took it.

The rest is a jumbled mess of desiccating, body switching, revelations, yelling, and finally-one very heated kiss.

So no, most people, back then, did not see what people now see every time they look at the pair. Back then, it would've made no sense whatsoever for them to be together. Even he didn't fully understand how she would change him, what she would make him see, until it actually happened.

But he always understood why he loved her. He didn't admit it to himself for quite a while, but he always knew why his subconscious chose her. Because she is good. She is light personified. She is the vampire that desperately clings to her humanity, who even has trouble drinking from woodland creatures. And he is not; he is pride and anger and hurt. It was only natural that the darkness would be drawn to the light. When they're dynamic is put into simple terms, it's actually very easy to understand. Because everyone knows that the only thing that can truly heal a soul is love, love from the light.


-Pixie 3