Chapter 2 just smile

"hello annabell glad you decided to join us", Mr. Bill said. I took my seat hoping Owen wouldn't notice me. "Okay everyone welcome back! Since today is your first day back we are going to do something very special each of you may choose to partners for this we are going to have a video project, ya'll have thirty minutes to make a creative video introducing yourself best video gets an A "Mr. Bill stated. I was hoping Owen would pick me so we could talk. Instead he partnered with the two girls I've never seen before. No one wanted to be my partner, but well I'm used to it. All class I sat there just looking at the ground not caring about anyone or anything. until my phone buzzed.

Unknown number: I see you staring BACK OFF

Me: excuse me? Do I know u?

Unknown number: no, but u will


No one ever replied, which left me curious I had to figure this out. Luckily we ran short on time and the bell rang. The next 2 classes were hard for me, Owen always partnered with the same two girls, I could help but stare did I still love him?, but why should I, I'm the one who screwed us up. When lunch came around I couldn't resist , I put my tray right beside his. " hey Owen listen we need to talk I um.. "Annabell I don't want to here this right now", he snapped. "Owen please just here me out", I said tears filling my eyes. "You heard him he don't wanna hear now please get out of my seat", one of the girls who were hanging around Owen snapped. I picked up my tray and ran. I couldn't take it. I thought he'd understand, or at least let me talk. I could feel it was over for good. No exceptions!

***** chapter 3 coming soon chapter 3 won't be short!*****