The Witcher and The Apprentice Witch

A Tale of Finding Destiny

There was a chill in the air. Geralt and Vixen had seen the light of day once more as they crawled out of the cave, completed a job: to kill the Nercophages in Fog Wind Cave. Geralt was practically beaten to death but was recovering quickly; Vixen had sacrificed her only swallow potion just to save him. Vixen pulled him up and out of the hole, the dirt getting his Geralt's moon white hair. He coughed out a spot of blood onto the earth.

"You're getting too old for this, Geralt." She said.

Geralt gave a harsh chuckle," And you're too young to know everything about the Witcher's path. You need me."

"I know." She smiled. Her shirt had been torn at the arm and her pants at the knee. Those Nercophages are something fierce. Geralt laughed but then coughed up a little more blood.

Vixen sighed," Poor old plough."

He smiled, standing, and then beginning to walk as he regained his strength.

"Let me carry your swords for you." She offered.

"I feel better if I hold them, Vix, you know how many creatures hide underground, they could pop up at any given moment."

"I'm sure nothing's left around here, we killed them all on the way here. You'll strain your back and give yourself a headache if you push too hard."

"Plough the headaches and pains, I don't complain. Physical pain is nothing, especially when you're as old as me. You've felt it all."

She sighed and they trudged down the mountain. About 3 miles down, Geralt sat down and leaned against a tree. The Witch looked back at him,"Tired?"

"The cold air wears out the heart and lungs much faster than warm or hot."

"But it's getting dark, It must be at least six o'clock already. We don't want any Arachas sneaking up on us if we fall asleep."

" I'm just taking a break, don't be so dramatic."

" You're such an old plough, always wanting to put your feet up." Vix teased.

He turned his head," And you never know how to pace yourself. You're just a spawning Witch, barely halfway in completing the Witcher's path.

"Maybe so…but my spirit is always telling me to get trudging on to my goal. My destiny is out there somewhere, Geralt, I can feel it. It is a great destiny. To be one of the greatest Witches to go down in all of Temerian history."

He looked into her eyes admirably. Vix smiled," To be like you, Geralt. Something great."

Geralt's cheeks turned red," Come, apprentice." Vix sat next to him and leaned on his side. He spoke," You want to please me as your guide?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then take it slow and rest, destiny will wait for you."