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This is the prologue to Haven Chronicles: Origins. I thank all of you who submitted OCs onto my D-Factor story. If you are just checking out this story here's what's going on:

The Haven is a place for young mutants who've basically done something illegal. It was started up by a pair of cousins (more on this later), and at this "current" time (December/winter break for those who are following D-Factor): Leo, Benj, and Ty have joined the Haven.

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"Toss me a light there Foxy."

A group of mutants were gathered in the common room of the Haven's second floor. It was a carved out stone room with brown rock walls, ceiling, and floor. The mutants had arranged themselves in a circle containing two couches and several chairs.

The mutant who spoke had bright red skin with devil's horns and shark teeth. Tyler Dyson, AKA Spades, was one of the newest members to Clay's squad. He smiled, baring his shark teeth, and sat back in the wooden chair he had pulled up. He wore a fire-proof orange and red vest that exposed his red chest and equally fire-proof black pants.

Another mutant turned his head irritated. Sionnach Fae, AKA Kitsune, growled. "You call me Foxy one more time Spades, I swear—"

"Relax, Sionnach." The mutant next to him sighed, placing a hand on Sionnach's arm. Cloak leaned closer to him and pressed his lips against the other boy's cheek.

Sionnach's face turned a deep maroon, matching his hair. He buried his face in his palm and turned away from Cloak.

Ty grinned at the pair, how long had it taken for the two of them to get it all figured out? A while, by his standards.

"Oh, all right…" Sionnach groaned, rubbing his hands together. With the friction it was easy for him to create a small blue flame that he held in his hand. He tossed it at Spades.

Tyler caught it in his hand and absorbed the heat. "Much better, now…" He extended his arms and let the heat roll off of him. Everyone smiled at the increased heat in the room.

"Damn, it's cold here." Sionnach sighed, sitting back on the couch.

"I hate the cold." A small voice said. It was Ashley, or Ash, Wolfe. She was probably the smallest mutant in the entire Haven. Not even five feet tall, the girl's voice matched her stature.

"You hate the heat!" Leo laughed. The mutant wore a thick leather chest plate, as well as brown shorts, and fingerless brown gloves.

"Yeah, well…" Ash muttered, drifting off.

"So, Clay what did you want us all here for?" Benj asked to the gray-skinned mutant. Unlike his brothers, he wore normal clothes, just jeans and a T-shirt.

Clay rubbed her bronze wrist guards, and shrugged. She had recently gotten into the habit of wearing the wrist guards all the time, and she rubbed them frequently as a sort of nervous habit. It was no wonder though, she had a lot on her plate.

"I just thought you guys have been with us now for nearly a month now, and you don't really know all of our stories, whereas we know yours."

"Actually, Clay… No one knows your whole story." Zendi said. She quickly glanced up at the ceiling when Clay gave her a look.

"Fine, this will be great for all of us." Clay grumbled.

Zendi jumped out of her seat and struck a pose. "How about we hear about the 'Adventures of Zendi, the Knife Wielding Elf'?"

"You'd be willin' to share the whole thing?" Clay raised an eyebrow. "I thought some of it is hard for you to share."

She frowned and tossed her hair back behind her pointed ears. "If we're all willing to share our stories, I'll tell you guys everything."

Most of the mutants nodded and agreed. Then their eyes turned to Clay.

She folded her arms. Leo raised an eyebrow and nudged her with his elbow. Clay sighed.

"…fine! Just know, you guys won't like mine."

"Oh, come on, your family's not that—" Zendi started.

"YES THEY ARE!" Clay shouted. She took a deep breath. "Okay, Zen. You volunteered, so go on."

Zendi sat back down and scrunched up her face. Where to begin? Ah, yes… the beginning.

"So I first came to here when I was twelve, making me… what the third longest one here on our squad? How long have you been here, Cloak?"

The white hair mutant closed one eye and counted. "I was also twelve, but I am eighteen and a half… yes, six and a half years. Only Clay has been here longer."

"Well actually…" Clay interrupted. "Rena's been a part of the Haven since we found Richter."

"What?" Zendi said, shocked.

"It's a long story…" Both Clay and Rena said at the same time.

"Okay, Zen go on, then I guess Rena… you'll have to explain the next part. I'll give some input on it too."

Zendi gathered her thoughts again. "First came… yadda yadda… My parents were, possibly are, assassins. Both of my brothers were born with awesome powers, but when I was born…"