Friends Until the End

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Chapter one:

I was standing next to my oldest best friend, Kira. We were leaning against a wall watching our friend Setsuna fight with a bunch of stupid druggies from Kira's gang. It looked like Setsuna was winning, not that Kira was paying attention or anything, got his nose in a book. Setsuna grabbed a broken piece of wood and used it to hit one of the druggies on the side of the head making him bleed. Once the blond saw the blood he froze.

"What happen! He just stopped moving all of a sudden!" another druggie yelled shocked. They weren't about to pass such a glorious opportunity to fuck up Setsuna, they started to kick him wherever they could.

"Kira…" I whispered to him as I ran a hand threw my pale black locks. This went from mildly amusing to boring in less than five minutes. The older boy just smirked, and when our friend stared to lose. Setsuna was lying on the floor bleeding before Kira closed his book.

"All right, that's quite enough." Kira said closing the book and walking towards the group.

"NO! STOPPED PLAYING BIG NOW HAVEN'T YOU!" one said grabbing the front of Setsuna's shirt.

"You'll end up breaking him…" I said walking up next to Kira.

"SHUT UP! I HAVEN'T FINISHED TEACHING HIM A LESSON YET! AND IF YOU GOT ANYTHING AGAINST IT YOU'LL BE NEXT!" I sighed; I never get any respect from anyone in this gang… Kira tossed his book behind him before he kneed the one that was holding Setsuna's shirt. I winced, that had to hurt like a bitch.

"Come on it's useless to fight right?" Kira asked as the boy held his stomach. Holding his stomach the guy painfully agree. After that the others left, it was just me, Kira, and a beaten up Setsuna who was still on the floor.

"You really aren't lucky are you? It seems like those guys have a fixation on you and you don't even know why. There are times when even I feel like smacking you around a bit." He said as he picked up his book.

"Hey Setsuna? Are you listening to me?... Are you dead?" Kira asked as he kicked the beaten up boy. I threw a useless glare at him, Set-chan was beaten up enough, kicking him is not going to help!

"I want…" Setsuna's pain filled voice whispered. Kira and I both crouched down so we could hear him.

"I want to fuck…" Now that was unexpected. Much to their amusement I fell over laughing.

/:Third person P.O.V.:/

The three students were walking along the sidewalk, the tallest one had dark brown hair tied back in a low messy ponytail, his eyes were like a steel color. Next to him, or rather the one that he was supporting had blond-brown hair, and blue eyes. Finally the one walking along next to the beaten one, holding two book bags, had short choppy pale black hair and his eyes were a mix of aqua and teal. All three of these boys wore the same uniform.

"You were too easy on them Set-chan! You were beating the crap out of them and then suddenly…" The one with pale black hair, Kiseki, started but was cut off by the beaten one.
"It's the blood." This statement confused both of his friends.

"I can't stand the sight nor the smell. Man this sucks."

Walking closer to the trio were two girls dressed in uniforms. One had curly brown blond hair and blue eyes, while the other that short strait black hair and was wearing glasses. Right as the boy in the middle looked up from being lost in thought, the girl with the curly hair smacked across the check making him lose his recently regained balance. Holding his check the boy stuttered:


"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP PICKING FIGHTS? BUT NO! YOU RATHER GET BEATEN THAN SPEND YOUR TIME WITH ME! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS REFUSE TO GO ON DATES WITH ME?" The girl now known as Sara screamed. The other two boys didn't look the least bit suspired at what had just taken place, but the second girl looked shocked and worried as her friend yelled.

"YOU MAKEI IT SEEM LIKE I'M SOME SORT OF MASOCHISH!" the boy yelled from his spot on the ground.

"Hi Sara! You know you look kinda hot in that uniform!" the black haired boy stated happily with his bag slung over his shoulder, not paying the slightest bit of attention to his friend. Kiseki bent down to check on the one who got smacked, as Sara turned her anger toward the black haired boy,

"YOU, SHUT YOUR MOUTH! IF YOU WANT TO LEAD MY BROTHER ASTRAY LIKE YOU, YOU'LL HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME FIRST." This did nothing to faze the boy as he pulled her closer.

"What did you say…? You want to take a look at my room? Of course you can!"

"Nobody listens to what I have to say." Sara said with a sigh, Kiseki nodded his head slightly showing that he understood what she meant. After that she turned her attention back to her brother, Setsuna, as she starts yelling about how he forgot that they were supposed to go on a date and what not. The other two boys just watched in interest as their friend got beaten up by his little sister. Everybody seemed to have forgotten about the other girl until she mumbled a quiet 'hi.' Sara stopped her attack on Setsuna as she introduced her friend, Ruri Saki. The English looking boy looked up from rubbing his head to look at Ruri. When he did the girl took a step back in shock.

"Damn your ugly." Setsuna said with absolutely no hesitation what so ever shocking the two girls.

"Sorry… I have to go home now…" Ruri said in a mumbled shocked voice. Sara turn and glared daggers at her brother.

"Well…let's escape while we can Kiseki." The black haired boy muttered to his friend.

"Yeah Kira, let's get out of here." He muttered back. The duo then proceeded to make their escape away from the bickering siblings.

"Hey, you need a place to stay tonight?" Kira asked from his spot on the bed. The duo had arrived at his house a while ago, and were now hanging in Kira's room drinking beer, talking about the events that had happened earlier.

"Yeah, can I borrow some clothes to?" Kiseki asked. With a nod Kiseki stood from his spot on the floor next to the bed, to get some clothes out of the closet. With his back to the other occupant the boy started to unbutton his shirt. Kira lied down taking a sip out of his beer can.

"Does it bother you that you're only friends are guys?" Kira asked out of the blue, staring up at the ceiling. The smaller male paused for a second before he turned around, hands slowing falling to his side, shirt fully unbuttoned, revealing that the male was not a male but a female. With a smirk she answered. Her torso was covered in scars, and bandages wrapped around her waist and breasts.

"I'm a boy, why should it bother me?" Kira just rolled his eyes and dropped the subject. He was about to roll over when something caught his eye. On the left side of her waist, were the bandage was wrapped, was a rusty shade of red . Kira was used to seeing his friends multiple scars but to always find new ones is something that didn't sit well with him. Getting up, he walked towards Kiseki, who had gone back to changing and was in the prosece of taking off the white button up shirt in favor for a plain black one.

"Were you going to tell me?" he asked as he wrapped his long arms around the girl's shoulders with his head resting on top of hers. Kiseki froze for a second before relaxing.

"Not unless I had to." She replied with a sigh, knowing that her friend didn't like it when she hid things from him.


"I…I didn't want to worry you…"

"I'm your friend; it's my job to worry about you. Trust us a little more; Setsuna is also worried about you."

"I…I'll try" she said quietly. He smiled before saying:

"That's all that I ask." After Kira let go, and plopped on to his bed. She quickly finished changing. With a sigh Kiseki meandered over to the bed and lied down next to Kira.

"I feel bad for Setsuna." She said randomly.

/:Kiseki's P.O.V.:/

"I feel bad for Setsuna." I said. Not only does he always have people trying to mess him up, but also his sister to worry about.

"Yeah I do to. Now shut up and go to sleep."

"Fine, whatever."

It was me, Kira, and Setsuna hang out during our break. Setsuna was complaining that his sister didn't go easy on him. Kira was balancing on the windowsill, looking at the miserable Setsuna. I chuckled from my spot on the closest desk.

"What are you saying? With your sweet little face you shouldn't have any trouble finding a girlfriend." I said to him cheerfully.

"My opinion is that you're worrying too much about this." Kira stated.

"GIVE ME BACK MY DISK!" a kid yelled, interrupting our conversation.

"Instead of spending all of your time playing video games, you'd better come to school more often. And above all, you dare to bring it to school with you?" a teacher yelled. The three of you turned our heads to see a teacher holding a case of some sort out of reach for one of the students. The cover on the disk read 'Angel Sancutary.'

"IF I HAD LEFT IT AT HOME SOMEBODY MIGHT HAVE STOLEN IT OR EVEN WORSE SOMEONE COULD HAVE THROWN IT AWAY!" Matsuno, the kid, yelled at the teacher. Man, talk about obsessed. Suddenly Matsuno had the teacher by the neck and slammed him into the glass window.

"GIVE IT BACK!" he yelled. Setsuna's other friends come next to him.

"What happened to Matsuno?" one asked nervously.

"I don't know… I always found him to be a strange guy, but he just lost it!" Setsuna answered painful honest yet again. I swear this kid does not know how to lie.

"In my opinion he just works to much." I said never leaving my spot on the desk.

It was the end of the day, and I was by the school gates with Setsuna waiting for Kira to hurry up and meet us.

"Where did you two disappear to yesterday?" Setsuna asked me out of the blue.

"His house, right after you called that one girl ugly and Sara turned to glare at you." I answered.

"Great friends…leaving me to face a demon all by myself." He grumbled. I smirked at that, he though Sara was a demon…not too far from the truth with how she acts.

"Oh hush now. You're just fine now aren't you? Hey look there's Kira." I said pointing to the tall brunette man. Kira walked up to us, and we made our way down the sidewalks. My house was always the first stop to be made, mostly because my friends are incredibly over protective and want to make sure I get home safely. Though there is nothing safe about my house. As we talked about our days, mostly about how Matsuno freaked out today, my house came into view. I was a normal enough looking house, one floor, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and a living room. Not as nice as Kira's house, but better than Setsuna's.

"Bye guys, see ya tomorrow." I said to them when we reached the small and totally useless gate.

"Bye Kiseki." Kira said as the ruffled my short black hair, Setsuna just gave a wave. Soon they were both out of sight. Opening the front door I peeked in praying that no one would be home right now. I cursed my bad luck when I saw both my parents and my bratty sister in the living room. My mom was sewing on the couch; my father was reading the newspaper on his recliner, and my sister was on her stomach near our dad's feet reading, just like the little dog she is.

"I'm home." I said with a cringe, knowing what was about to happen. My sisters head shot up, while my father turned his attention from the paper he was reading to me with a glare.

"Just where were you last night." His voice practically filled with malice. I flinched.

"I stayed over a Kira's." I mumbled, turning my gaze to the floor. Mother's finally turned her attention to me.

"And why were you at his house?" I mother question her voice also filled to the brim with hate. I suddenly knew that was the wrong thing to say. Mother hates Kira almost as much as she hates me. I could never understand why though…

"I-It was l-late, and I-I didn't want to w-wake you up." I convincingly stuttered out the lie. I always have to make them believe that I'm so scared of them. I learned early on that it is less painful for me, but it still feels totally degrading.

"What were you doing beforehand that you didn't even call head?" Shit… God must really hate me or something.

"I-I was with Setsuna, and Sara, we were studying, and I lost track of time." I lied yet again. I heard my sister chuckle, and just hearing that made my blood freeze. She knew something, and that's never going to end well for me.

"Really? I thought I saw someone who looked just like you hanging out with someone who looked a lot like Kira-Senpia watching someone who looked a lot like Mudo-san get beaten up." I glared up at her. My father let out a angry growl as he stormed over to me and back-handed me. My head snapped to the left.

"YOU DARE LIE TO ME?" he yelled out in a fit of rage, Bitch-slapping me to the ground.

"YOU. UNGRATFUL. SPOIL. GOOD. FOR. NOTHING. BITCH." He said kicking in between the top of my ribs to my stomach, after every word. On the last kick he hit my face, almost breaking my nose. All the while I could hear my sister laughing.

"Honey, please have more self restraint, those stains are hard to get out." Like she is ever the one to do anything around the house. Father just grunted.

"Fine whatever. Just get out of my sight you useless slut." He said delivering one more kick to my stomach. He went back to sit on the recliner. I could feel my sister's smug smirk as I slowly got up and limped to my room. My room was the smallest room in the house, barely fitting a mattress, a extremely small chest that had all of my clothes, a small desk, and a lamp. There was almost nothing in there that held any meaning behind it, except for the small music box. The music box was given to me as a birthday present form Kira when we were younger. I dropped my bag next to the mattress and fell down on to it falling asleep right away.