Hi! This is my Sisters Grimm story! It has no particular storyline, it's just multiple one-shots combined into one, big happy story! Here is chapter 1!

Chapter 1: 18, 8, and 4

Sabrina POV

As we walk along the side of the road, Puck says to me,

"By the way, 18, 8, and 4."

"Huh?" I ask, confused. He chuckles.

"That forward message you sent me. 18, 8, and 4." He explains. Since I didn't know what forward he was talking about, I was forced to take out my phone and check.

When I found the right one, which was one that said: "Send me back what you want from me!" and a whole list of numbers.

"18, a close friendship," I started. "We already have that. 8, to chill." I said, puzzled.

"What do you think we're doing right now?" I asked, not even checking what 4 was.

"Come on, just check 4." He urged. I gave him a dirty look but looked.

"Number 4..." Did he get the numbers right?

"...a kiss? I think you got-" He cut me off by kissing me. Without needing to think, I kissed him back. After what seemed like a life time, we broke apart.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that." He whispered lust fully.

"Ditto." I answered back.

Okay, that was chapter 1. Pretty lame, I know. But you guys can either message me ideas or you can mention them in your reviews. I'll try and do all of the ideas, but a lot of the chapters will be made with my own prompt. Hope you liked it! Don't forget to review!