Chapter 1

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Summary: In fourth grade elementary school, the Girls, who were considered simple, ordinary girls, asked the Boys, the most popular kids in school, out, and were rejected in the most humiliating way. They all ran out off the school campus, sobbing, and didn't come back the next day, or any days after that humiliating day. Seven years later, the Girls are the most popular and desired models in the entire world; their faces upon every single major magazine and T.V. show. Now, it is the Boys who desire the Girls, wanting nothing more to apologize for what they did seven years ago. The only problem: the Girls already have boyfriends, who weren't willing to give up their beloved, gorgeous girlfriends up to a bunch of normal high school boys.

Warning: There'll be at least 6 OC's, if not more. You already know two of them; and I'll introduce the others when the time is appropriate within the story

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It was a bright day in early spring, in Townsville. The snow had just finished thawing out, leaving behind rivers of fresh, freezing cold water and a fierce gust of fresh air that sent chills down the spines of everyone outside, even bundled up with warm, early spring clothing.

Four young, nine years old girls sat at the lunch table underneath the overhangs near their classroom, simply admiring four certain boys who were playing football on the field. Blossom Utonium, the eldest of the four sisters, was staring at one Brick Rowdyruff, who was also the oldest of his brothers. She sighed softly as he flashed his signature sexy grin when he nailed one of the players on the other team, "Oh, he's so dreamy~."

Bloom Utonium, who was just younger than her sister, the second eldest, was gazing upon a Bruise Rowdyruff, who was giving one of his friends a harsh-looking slap on the back, and smiled lightly, "He's like a prince right out of a fairytale."

Buttercup Utonium, the third eldest, or the second youngest, was doing her best to resist shooting glances at her crush, Butch Rowdyruff, who was grinning like a madman, which some found completely scary or simply creepy, but to her, it was all part of his 'totally wacked out sports jock' charm. Blossom and Bloom chuckled at their younger tomboy sister, "Ah, does wittle Buttercup have a crush on Butch?" Said girl blushed fiercely, "Yo-You're out of your minds!" But, the blush and sweet sparkle within her eyes were enough to tell that she indeed, was in love with the crazy Rowdyruff brother.

The three girls glanced at their youngest, and sweetest sister, Bubbles Utonium, who was completely lost in her own little world, while admiring one Boomer Utonium, who was playing catch with one of his buddies, "He's so cool~. I absolutely love him~." Bloom smiled, "This is the first time I've seem Bubbles so in love. It's like she thinks that he's her soul mate or something." Blossom and Buttercup grinned, "That's because she does. You know Bubbles, she still believes in things like 'true love' and 'soul mates'."

Said Utonium sister seemed to somehow heard that last comment and blushed cutely, calling out, embarrassed, "He-Hey, you can't deny that you don't think that same way with your crushes..!" Buttercup smirked, doing her best to cover up her own embarrassment, "Touché." The loud bell echoed through the entire Pokey Oats Elementary School, signaling that recess was over, and that the students had five minutes to return to their classroom, before they receive a tardy and a stern lecture from their teacher.

Later that day, during lunch time, the girls decided to approach the boys, wanting to confess their love to them. They knew that the rejection would be painful, but they would be able to retaliate with the thought of the boys knowing about their crush on them. The boys were seated at their usual table nearest t the play structure, surrounded with all their friends, boys and girls alike.

All laughter and chatter at said table was halted as the 'populars' saw the four girls approach them. Several of the boys whispered to each other while the girls scoffed at their less than fabulous attire and seemingly… ordinary appearances, except for several… unique characteristics that mainly Blossom and Bloom possessed. Princess Morebucks, the most popular girl in school, sneered, "What do you losers want? Your making me loose my appetite."

Buttercup was the one who drew enough courage to speak up, but her usual cocky, tomboy tone had diminished to a volume just above a whisper, "We… we want to talk to the Rowdyruff Boys, please…" That shocked everyone at the table, even the Princess, into a silence. There wasn't a single non-popular who had enough audacity to come right up and demand to talk to the most popular boys in school. Brick, deciding to humor the girls, smirked carelessly and spoke, "Alright then. What do you want to tell us? Me and my bros are all ears."

Blossom blushed fiercely, which Brick found surprisingly adorable, and tried to hide it with her long, sunset orange hair, "Um… well…" Bloom suddenly spoke up, "I…like you, Bruise Rowdyruff, will you go out with me..?" She suddenly felt so high on the adrenaline surging through her veins as gasps and most whispering rippled through the table, 'I said it! I really said it!' Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles seemed to have drawn courage from their sister's confession and managed to stammer out, "I… like you, Brick/Butch/ Boomer, will you go out with me?"

There was mere silence for what felt like an eternity to the girls, before the sound of laughter rang out. It started out small, from one person, then it spread as quickly as wildfire, until all the populars seated at the table were howling with mocking laughter. Some were holding their sides, while others fell onto the ground, gasping how their stomachs hurt from laughing so hardly. The girls didn't seem to care what the others thought of their confessions, but simply turned their attention back to the boys. They were horrified to see them laughing as well. Brick was doing his best to hide it behind his hand, but his brothers didn't seem to care that the girls were ready to cry. Butch was rolling on the ground, Bruise was clutching his stomach tightly and Boomer whipped actual tears from his eyes.

Princess Morebucks scoffed after finishing her own laughing spree, "Are you four as stupid are you are ugly? Why on earth would you think that the Rowdyruff Boys, who're the best-looking, most popular boys at school, would go out with a bunch of losers like you? They're the crème of the crème, so they would only date the crème of the crème, like moi~." She flipped her long, curly light brown hair for effect.

Bubbles turned back to Boomer, large, fat tears brimming in her eyes, "B-Boomer..?" Said boy finished laughing, before turning back to the girl, who mentally gasped at the sheer amount of mockery and cruelness that swam in his dark royal blue eyes. This boy wasn't the same person she had seem playing football in the field earlier that day; kind, understanding and warm. This person, was the exact opposite; inconsiderate and unfeeling, "You really thought that I'd go out with a big baby like you? Get real, I don't even know who you are."

Brick smirked at Blossom, who was doing her best to keep a brave front, hiding the inner torment that she felt, "You don't really want to go out with me. Judging by the look on your face, you got the totally wrong image of us. We aren't the 'kind, considerate princes' you find in fairytales." Butch sneered right in Buttercup's face, who renewed her signature scowl upon her face, "Besides, Butterbutt, I wouldn't want to date a total tomboy like you. I go for the more slutty type."

Bruise chuckled at Bloom, who's face was completely expressionless, except for the crystal tears which threatened to burst from her eyes any given moment, "There, there, don't cry. I'm sure you'll fine more… suitable boys to your school status. Like, Dexter Mandark, the school nerd. I'm sure he'll be willing to go out with any one of you." That riled another shriek of laughter out of the table, and by now, other tables nearby had caught wind of the topic of the conversation, and in less than five minutes, the entire school knew of the four stupidly foolish girls who had the nerve to ask the Rowdyruff Boys out, and were laughing as well.

Bubbles was the first to crack, running as fast as her legs would take her, sobbing into her hands as she ran from the scene. Blossom was next, running from her own misery, as well as wanting to chase Bubbles to keep her out of harm's way. Buttercup didn't leave, not wanting to run away, but even her heart felt like it was being shredded where it beated. She placed a hand upon her elder sister's shoulder, which quivered ever so slightly under her touch, "Come, Bloom. We have to keep up with Blossom and Bubbles."

Bloom didn't move for a long minute, before raising her hand, and brought it down harshly against Bruise's face, the sound of skin connecting with skin was sickening as it rang out loudly, suddenly hushing all the wails of laughter. No one had ever dared to slap a Rowdyruff before, no matter how much he or she hated them. Bloom shot her meanest, harshest glare at the boy she once claimed to love, whispering, "You bastard. Have some shame on what you've done today. You've made four girls cry, and any man who does that, is no man at all." With that, she ran away, along with Buttercup, those welt-up tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks.

The girls didn't come to school the next day, or the day after that. Neither their teacher nor the principal received word if they transferred to another school, or simply dropped out of public schooling altogether. Letters sent to their address were never given a reply, emails were left unanswered and calls were always received by their voicemail. The principal even attempted to hire detectives to snoop out the Utonium household, to get a clear message of what happened to the girls, as well as their guardian, Professor John Utonium, but all the windows were drawn, and the doors were bolted shut.

It was as if the girls had disappeared off of the face of the earth. No one had heard word from the Utonium household, or its occupants, until an entire seven years later, when fourth graders became sophomores in high school.

"-Ello, Blossom? Earth to Blossom..!" The girl snapped out of her thinking stupor to see her youngest sister Bubbles, dressed in a beautiful white womens' belted trenchcoat embroidered with matching silver-tinted fur, waving her long, slender hand in front of her face, "Are you alright? You looked like you were ready to cry." Blossom smiled lightly, running a hand through her long, still gorgeous as ever, sunset orange locks, "I'm fine. I was just recalling a bad memory, that's all."

It had been seven entire years since that horrible day at Pokey Oats Elementary School, with the Rowdyruff Boys, and now, the girls were fifteen, ready for their sophomore year in high school. But, the only thing that hadn't changed about the girls were their names. Everything else, their appearances, their personalities, their talents, had changed immensely, and for the very best.

Blossom's absolutely breathtaking sunset orange hair with a light silken sheen, was as soft and smooth as pure velvet, cascading all the way down to her lower legs, which lightly fluttered whenever the girl walked. Her eyes were an astonishing and rare shade of light blush pink, glittering and gleaming like pink gemstones. Her growth spurt hit during the eighth grade, allowing her to grow until she reached a tall 5'11, her body structure thin and petite, with a perfect B-cup bust. Her skin was slightly sunkissed, but still with a tone of paleness, as smooth as velvet.

Bloom's positively gorgeous chocolate brown hair, every single strand of hair as straight as an arrow, normally tied in a high ponytail with a lavender-colored silk ribbon, was as soft and running like the water from a clear mountain river, the locks of hair flowing through peoples' fingers, tumbling down the girl's back, brushing her thin hips. Her eyes were a hypnotizing amethyst purple color, which seemed to swirl with an unknown energy. Her height was the same as her elder sister's; 5'11, her body structure lithe with a slight air of delicacy, with a perfect B-cup chest. Her skin was a smooth cream color, with the texture of fine silk.

Buttercup's positively fabulous raven black hair possessed a silken sheen which made her hair glow like black opal whenever light shun upon it, the locks being slightly layered, growing and cutting off at her upper back, just inches away from her petite shoulders. Her eyes were the brightest, clearest shade of emerald green, which sparkled and shimmered like the freshly polished emerald that the green gems upon most of the expensive jewelry that celebrities and important tycoons alike wear. Her height was just shorter than her two elder sisters, going to a 5'10, while her body frame was just a tiny bit more busty than her sisters', due to all the sports she played in her childhood, with an absolutely narrow waist and a bigger B-cup chest. Her skin was beautifully tanned, like extremely light bronze.

Bubbles's certainly exquisite light blond hair, tied in long pigtails on either side of her perfectly shaped head by thin hair-bands, which barely grazed her delicate shoulders and seemed to flutter around her head every time she moved her head, was as gorgeous and beauteous as golden silk. Her eyes were the most marvelous shade of sapphire blue just about anyone had ever seen, brimming with an angelic innocence and warmth most people had never experienced themselves. Being the youngest, she was also the shortest, with a height of 5'8 ½, her body frame as delicate and petite, like a porcelain doll. Her skin was paler than all three of her elder sisters, with the paleness and smoothness of fine porcelain.

The girls were the most gorgeous people most people have ever seen. They were the top models in the entire world, with producers chasing after them, offering huge sums of money if only one of them would work under them. They were called the' Four Queens' of the entertainment industry. There wasn't a single person who came even close in beating them in this category.

The girls moved out of their small, poor house when their modeling career took a skyrocketing turn during their early months of fifth grade, and moved into a huge manor in the richest part of Townsville. They were hundreds of times richer than all the people in Townville, so rich that the Professor could've retired already, so that he could sit by the pool and read all day, while drinking iced tea. But, having such passion and dignity in his work as a scientist, the man continued working, while completely supporting his four beloved girls.

Bloom and Buttercup entered the dressing room, with towels draped over their head/ shoulders, gently dabbing the sweat droplets away from their foreheads. They were currently modeling the new winter collection of Chanel clothing. Bloom collapsed upon the couch, carelessly crossing her mile-long legs and leaned into the backrest, "Blossom, you have five minutes before you have to get back on the shoot. The director's that crabby old French guy, and he looked like he was about to attack us because you weren't there."

Buttercup gulped down half of her bottle of mineral water, "What happened anyway? Something wrong with modeling Chanel clothing?" Her orangette sister shook her head in denial, "No, not that. I actually like modeling for the Chanel brand. It's just that… it's been seven years already…" Bubble's glittering sapphire blue eyes slightly dimmed at the sudden memory, "Seven years since that horrible day at Pokey Oats Elementary School. Ugh…" She shivered at the very thought of the memory.

Bloom snarled, "I swear, if I meet any one of those Rowdyruff Boys, I'll make sure that he'll never be able to have children, because he won't have the necessary organ for reproduction..!" Buttercup chuckled, "I still remember you slapping Bruise in the face. That was absolutely priceless, how you brought him down from his high horse." There was a moment of silence before Blossom abruptly stood up from her seated position at her large make-up table, "Enough of all this moping around. We're the 'Four Queens' of the entertainment industry. We're above all those 'populars' back in fourth grade. There's no need to wallow in the past, especially when it causes us pain. Now, Bubbles, where is my outfit?"

Buttercup grinned as the blond took the orangette's winter clothing off a hanger and handed it to her, "Now that's the leader girl we all know and love. You go, Blossy." Bloom smiled as she stood up and tossed her towel and water bottle onto her make-up table, glancing down at her diamond-embedded platinum watch, "C'mon, let's get going. After this, we still have the whole line of accessories to model."

Blossom stepped out from behind the changing screen, dressed in a black Women's irregular Cuff Coat with Fur Extra heavy Outerwear overcoat, a pair of matching black leather gloves, trimmed with black fur, a pair of black Denim skinny jeans, a pair of black leather high-heeled boots which trimmed with black fur, going up to her knees and carrying a black New Madison gathered signature C Lindsey handbag. Bloom whistled, "Looking good, Blossom."

The orangette model chuckled as she took a pair of black sunglasses trimmed with rhinestones and placed them on, "Thanks. Now, let's get going. I want to get back home and soak in the hot-tub today. I have a feeling that I'm going to need the pampering after this shoot." Laughing, the other girls arranged their own clothing, and the Four Queens walked back for the shooting.

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