A.N.: E/O challenge, WOW: Crush. 100 words on the dot. We were supposed to a different POV and so I chose Baby. This was inspired by two things. 1.) MeAzrael's story 'A streetcar named desire' (read it!) and the promo for S7 finale. I hope all who read enjoy

Disclaimer: Not mine or I would own that car. True story.

She's crushed. Her hopes and dreams smothered under the dusty tarp that has become a makeshift shelter for her against the elements.

She misses their laughter, cursing, banter, and the slow rhythmic breathing indicating peaceful sleep. She misses her family.

She worries that she might never see them again, that her fate will be condemned to rust and faded memories.

Then one day, her spirit sputters into awareness as the shroud is lifted, the voice she has dreamt about murmurs, "Hey,baby."

Keys slide into her ignition, engine rumbling back to life in seconds.

They are finally home.

And she soars.