I rolled the dark berry in my fingers. I knew exactly what it was, Nightlock. It was deadly; in fact it would kill you in a matter of seconds. Should I eat it? Peeta Mellark seemed to have no idea that the berry was poisonous, because he was gathering quite a few of them. Well, he had found his lover, Katniss Everdeen. That was sweet, a spot of light in such a dark place. I wish I had someone like that, but I didn't. I was always the quiet one back in my home, I had friends but I have never had a boyfriend. I really wish I could have experienced that before I died. But life doesn't always grant your wishes before death. And honestly, I would rather never have even talked to a boy again if that meant I could live. All I wanted was to see my baby sister grow up, my little brother mature, my adorable little brother with the same fiery red hair as me, and I wanted to see my parents grow old. I thought of my dad, who would always call me his little baby. I want to see him more than anything. All I want is everything any other tribute in here wanted. I just wanted life. I did not mind living in District 5, I actually loved it there. It was my home.

Tears began to trickle down my eyes as I thought of home, my friends and family… I would never see any of it again. Why did the Capitol have to do this? The rebellion happened so long ago… it wasn't our fault. And now we were being blamed. We are being slaughtered for nothing more than entertainment, they say it is because they want us to be reminded of the rebellion, but I don't believe that. They just want entertainment because the Capitol is full of sick, disgusting bastards. I wanted more than anything to fight back… but I can't take it anymore. I just can't. I looked up at the pale blue sky, my lips quivering.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. It was meant for my parents, my brother and sister, for my home. Mostly for my daddy. I had failed him, but I can't handle being in here anymore. I am so tired. I need to go to sleep. I raised the berry to my mouth, put it in and bit down. The delicate berry broke and the sickly sweet juice squirted on my tongue. I looked once more at the green trees, the delicate branches and I saw a little patch of flowers. They were beautiful. I smiled, glad that they were there so I could see something beautiful before the end. The beautiful pink flowers were the last thing I saw.

I loved Foxface :( I was so sad when she died. This is just a short little one shot because I think she may have eaten Nightlock purposely. This is what I imagined she was thinking about before the end :'( but please review!