"You are really pushing it, DiNozzo." McGee yelled as the two got off of the elevator.

"Come on, Probie, this was a desperate situation." DiNozzo shot back.

"Desperate?" McGee complained. "In what way was this desperate? And, now you owe me $200."

"I will pay you back this Friday. I promise." DiNozzo said unconvincingly.

"Sure, you will." McGee said sarcastically. "Why are you so broke, anyway?"

"I am on date number three, with the lovely Erica. She was a former model." DiNozzo bragged. "She has really expensive taste, when it comes to restaurants. I will pay you back, Probie."

"Yeah." McGee said sitting down at his desk, treating DiNozzo with a disapproving sideway glance.

"Morning Boss." McGee looked up grateful to see him.

"Morning McGee." Gibbs said looking at him suspiciously. He then stopped and turned to look to DiNozzo.

"Morning Boss." DiNozzo said, noticing the unusual glare he was getting from McGee.

"Morning." Gibbs said. He finally turned and went to his desk.

"Tony, do you know what happened to my. . .?" McGee asked looking around his desk suspiciously.

"I just got here, at the same time as you did. How could I have possibly taken anything from you yet?" DiNozzo shot back.

"My package of Nutter Butters is missing." McGee whined.

"And, you automatically assume that I took them." DiNozzo shot back.

"It wouldn't be the first time that you stole food from me." McGee yelled.

"Well, I didn't take it this time, McMoody." DiNozzo said. McGee scowled at him.

"I did not take it, McMeany." DiNozzo said again. DiNozzo started to get offended with how judgmental McGee was being.

Gibbs looked back and forth from McGee to DiNozzo. Gibbs was ready to start lecturing them both about creating a hostile work environment with all of their bickering, when his cell phone rang.

"All right, Boys." Gibbs said after hanging up. He stood up and walked over to McGee's desk. At first he stood directly in front of McGee and glared at him.

"Boss?" McGee asked in concern. He got nervous when Gibbs slowly walked around his desk to where McGee had thrown his jacket. He lifted up his jacket to reveal the missing Nutter Butters.

"Oh, well thank you . . .Boss." McGee said, slightly embarrassed.

DiNozzo was grateful that the Nutter Butters were found at that McGee would now be off of his case for that; however, the fact that Gibbs intervened made him nervous that a headslap or lecture was in his future.

"Gear up." Gibbs said.

DiNozzo and McGee responded by grabbing their gear and following Gibbs to the elevator.

"What do we have, Boss?" DiNozzo asked.

"Remains were found in Quantico." Gibbs said.

"And, they called us? How do they know. . .?" DiNozzo asked.

"There was a Marine uniform found on the remains with a note attached saying to contact NCIS." Gibbs answered.

"Oh." DiNozzo said quietly, sensing that Gibbs was irate with him.

Drive to Quantico

McGee turned himself around to give a quick look at DiNozzo in the backseat.

"DiNozzo, who keeps texting you?" McGee finally asked, hearing DiNozzo buzzing again.

"Oh. . ." DiNozzo laughed, embarrassed by the question. "Ugh, yeah that is."

"Who is texting you, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked. DiNozzo saw that Gibbs was watching him closely now through the rear view mirror.

"It is Erica, isn't it?" McGee asked, shaking his head in irritation.

"Yeah." DiNozzo finally answered softly.

"This better be the last of it, DiNozzo." Gibbs said.

"Ending the texting now, Boss." DiNozzo said.

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