The Journey of the Lone Marine

A/N: Hello! This is my first story, and I'd like to say some things to make some things before you read this story for it to make sense, among other things. In the story, everything is full-scale in comparison to an average human. I'd like comments and constructive criticism, but not outright flames. If you do only flames, then they will be used to fuel the pits of Tartarus. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the story!

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

His eyes burned as dust and smoke was blown into his face by the symphony of chaos and explosions. The marine shot at a small 4-legged Protoss walker, a Stalker, as his fellow soldiers concentrated their fire on the mech. The bullets pinged off of the walker's shields, causing a ripple effect on the psionic barrier. Sparks and muzzle flashes from the guns lit up the air around them, and the Stalker's hull began to crack and break from the merciless barrage of flying bullets.

With one final shot fired at the Stalker, the Protoss walker ignited into a fireball that blinded many of the marines for several seconds. One of them, the commander of the platoon, ran ahead of the other marines and charged the hill. Photon fire danced and flew around him as he ran straight for the defending Protoss soldiers. A group of light flyers could be heard overheard, screaming above the ground forces as they unleashed volleys of missiles at the enemy mechs.

The commander stepped out of the way of the bus-sized foot of a Thor that was firing at a Warp Prism overhead. The Thor fired a salvo of missiles that struck the length of the Warp Prism's glowing-blue hull. The Warp Prism returned fire, firing white-hot bolts of energy at the Thor, blowing off the left arm of the Terran mech. The Thor staggered backwards from the blow, then fired again at the Warp Prism, this time hitting the bridge and engines. The metal frame of the Warp Prism groaned as it twisted and melted, and the flying Protoss aircraft finally exploded, sending flaming bits of metal raining down on the ground forces.

Several of the Banshees were shot down, their entire frames on fire as they plummeted to the ground. Several medivacs touched down, dropping off fresh reinforcements and loading wounded marines onto the shuttle. Several of the medivacs were either shot down as they landed or as they tried to get away. Weapons fire from Protoss photon cannons illuminated the midnight sky as ships flew frantically high above the battlefield.

The Terran saw something out of the corner of his eye, and he just barely avoided being sliced in half by a zealot's blades. The 8-foot-tall Protoss warrior easily towered over him. Its armor was intricately designed, each curve and bend in the armor adding a sense of sophisticationtrying as hard as he could to avoid getting hacked to pieces. He aimed his gun at the zealot's arms and fired, most of the bullets either being deflected by the zealot's blades or missing the Protoss warrior entirely. The soldier rushed the zealot, jumping to the right at the last second as the zealot's swords sliced through the air where his head had been. He fired his gun at the side of the zealot's head, the bullets going straight through the Protoss warrior's head like butter. The result was that the zealot's body fell to the ground with a thud, and the commander ran off again to help out the Terran forces.

The commander's radio crackled as the panic-filled voice of a marine shouted over the noise of battle, "Commander Isaac! We're pinned down by the left flank by a large force of Zerg! We need help!"

Isaac's eyes widened in terror as his mind raced, 'Zerg! HERE? Why now, of all times? They said that there was no Zerg anywhere near here! Damn military intelligence, completely unreliable!' Isaac yelled at his platoon to follow him, and he ran as fast as his legs would allow. He dodged fire from enemy Protoss, and after several minutes of running and dodging enemy fire, he arrived to find a complete massacre. Zerglings, with their bony "skin" and drooling, malformed mouths were pouncing on marines and tearing them apart with their razor-sharp talons and claws. Others were melted by exploding Banelings, enormous sacs of acid that suicide bomb their enemies, or were skewered by the spines of a Hydralisk, it's jaws leaking deadly acid as it continued to impale Isaac's fellow marines.

Isaac turned his attention to a snarl that came from his right, and he just barely had enough time to raise his gun and fire at a Zergling that was about to pounce on him. The bullets met the zergling's head, the flesh ripping apart as the abomination died instantly.

He turned around and fired at a hydralisk that was just about to skewer him, the creature slumping to the ground with smoking holes in its scaled head, but not before one of its spines pierced his left arm, causing him to yell out in pain.

The marine suddenly felt a sharp, burning sensation in his right side, and he turned to see a zergling's elongated talon embedded in his side. He grabbed the zergling's head, and flung it away from him, sending it crashing into a boulder. He whirled around to shoot another hydralisk in the chest, causing it to stagger and, with a few more shots to the head, brought the monster down.

He heard the clanking of a marauder's footsteps, and he looked to his right to see a group of the over-sized battle suits rush past him, firing their missiles at the Zerg offenders. The missiles tore into the Zerg with ease, although several marauders fell victim to the savage onslaught of the zerglings. As a few minutes passed, Isaac knew that they were losing this battle on both sides. Most of the Terran forces had either been decimated, forced to retreat, or pinned down.

Suddenly, Isaac heard an earth-shattering explosion from high above him. He looked up to see a Battlecruiser had taken a point-blank shot through the bridge and main engines. It stuttered a bit, as if trying to stay in the air, before finally giving in with a horrid, mechanical groan. In what felt like hours to Isaac, the battlecruiser fell to the ground, flames erupting from the breaches in its hull and licking the outside of the ship.

Isaac's mind finally registered what was happening, and he did the first thing that came to mind: Run like hell. He did just that, and ran as far as he could before he saw an opening in the ground. To most people, jumping into a hole in the ground is a bad idea. To Isaac, on the other hand, it was one of his only chances of surviving. He dove into the hole just as the battlecruiser hit the ground. A ball of fire engulfed the entire battlefield, and after several minutes, the night became dark once again.