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Rainbow Chapter 1 New Tutor

The day started off as normal for the Sawada residence. The only son of Nana and Imeitsu Sawada was up bright and early to start his day of school. He was always at school early, was he was an average B-student, and he was respected if not slightly feared by his class. Tsuna sat down at the breakfast table with his mother when she put down a piece of advertising paper in front of him.

Let Your Child Be the Leader of Tomorrow.

Your child will be tutored to be best in academics, athletics, and/or social skills.

*The only payment will be of room and board.

Tsuna not being one to jump to conclusion, decided to ask his mother about. "So what this about" He asked as he pushed the paper back and started eating again.

His mom a happy go lucky woman, when she wanted to be, beamed, "I decided to get you a tutor."

Tsuna jumped up and scream, "The hell mom, if you wanted A's you could've just said something." Deliberately misunderstanding the whole point of the AD. Tsuna was a B- average student in his class. While he "could" do better he choose not to, because he's satisfied with what grade he has.

Nana jumped up to, "You know exactly what I meant."

Tsuna turned his head. "We're not having this conversation again." This was the same conversation they had for the last couple of years. Tsuna lack of social skills. It's not the social skill part that's the problem, he just refuses to socialize. He has charm and a bit of an appeal, but he rejects any attempt of befriending others.

Nana hates that he isolates himself, the way he do, but she'll do anything to make him smile again.

She watch as Tsuna charge out the house irritated again and she wondered slightly if she should just leave it alone now.

She went outside to see a baby dressed in an expensive suit and a fedora.

In a squeaky voice he said, "I'll take care of your child for you."

Nana could only manage a weak smile and put her head in her lap.

'Imeitsu, I hope this works.' She prayed that by the end of the year, Tsuna has a least one friend.

Tsuna ran to the school and in the end he made it to school before seven. Now he had a lot of time on his hand. He thought back on the conversation he and his mom had. He almost felt guilty for talking to his mom like that. She wished that she let this whole needing friend's thing go. It was aggravating to say the least. And he felt like who need friends.

Tsuna went by the baseball field and sat on the bleachers. Whenever Tsuna get to school really early he just watches the baseball team practice. Though sometimes he wondered if he's slightly suicidal, because the baseball star of the school, Yamamoto Takeshi, was a real demon on the field. Tsuna watched as Yamamoto pitch at a deadly speed and never miss striking people out and he admire the way he can hit homeruns with little to no effort at all, though today Tsuna noticed that Yamamoto was a bit off his game today as he deliberately let the balls go past him. He eyed Yamamoto right arm and he noticed that he was favoring it a lot. It wasn't until everybody on his team was "teasing" him to stop "playing" around was then only when he got "serious". Tsuna shook my head in disgust. His own teammates and coach are ignoring the fact that Yamamoto wasn't doing well and refusing to bench him. He would go down there to tell the coach himself, but it wasn't any of my business and frankly he didn't care, because if Yamamoto isn't saying anything, then why should he.

"Look out," Tsuna lifted his head to see a fast ball aimed at him. Tsuna unthinkingly caught the ball, surprising himself and the baseball team.

"For somebody who always rank low in reflexes, that was pretty quick of you," said a squeaky voice. Tsuna looked around for the source of the voice, but saw nothing.

Class was about to start and Yamamoto wasn't around. His baseball team saw if fit to talk about him.

"God Yamamoto was pathetic today, he was so useless." One of the boys said, the others nodded.


"Yeah, I hope he pulls his shit together, otherwise we'll lose."


"Honestly, he better hurry up and play for real otherwise his popularity will go down, that's the only reason why I'm friends with him."


The boys laughed and Tsuna kind of felt bad for Yamamoto. Speaking of him, he came in. Everybody surrounded him like they just didn't bash him a second ago. And this was the perfect example of why Tsuna don't want friends. They do shit like that.

Tsuna volunteered to clean the field after the students played. He noticed Yamamoto started to help too, but he didn't acknowledge him, though he could feel those brown eyes on him and it made him uncomfortable that somebody would stare at him for so long. Tsuna picked up the balls and was on his last one, until…

"Hey Tsuna-san," Tsuna looked up and narrowed his eyes at him, but gave him his attention. "I haven't been doing well in baseball, I can't hit homeruns or pitch fastballs like I use too, and just this morning I could've had killed you, for hitting that ball like that. I never did get a chance to apologize, sorry." He bowed, but Tsuna waved it off. "Anyways what do I do?"

Tsuna rolled his eyes. "The answer is simple. Stop playing." Yamamoto eyes widen a bit at the blunt statement. "You're pulling everybody else's weight and they're not doing anything. So while you're hitting homeruns and striking people out, they're not doing anything to help. You play more games than anybody else. All those inning and you barely sit any of them out. You're running yourself into the ground."

Yamamoto predictably defended them. "But they're depending on me."

Tsuna rebutted, "That's all good and all, but there is no I in team, but there is an m, for me and that's exactly what it is, just you." Tsuna said. "You take yourself out of the equation, they're nothing without you. You need to hang up your baseball gear for a while and stop."

The two of them stared at each other, one with a confused helpless look, the other blank face.

"You're really think I should stop," Yamamoto asked.

"It's not what I think, it's what you should think about, and it's your body, your health that you should worry about. You should make your own decision and not let your baseball team influence you."

Tsuna finally made it home. He had to go the long way around the school, because some gang had started a fight at the school and the disciplinary committee had to step in and stop the mess. It got ugly real quick and Tsuna wasn't interest in waiting it out.

"I'm home," he said removing his shoes at the door. He could hear his mother in the kitchen humming some song. As he made his way to the kitchen, he saw a baby in the kitchen. Tsuna just sat down waiting for mom to explain.

"For somebody who does exceptionally well on their homework, you sure don't put in that same effort, in class," the baby said. Tsuna looked at the child funnily and ignored it.

Mom put tea down in front of us and sat down. "Tsuna this is your new tutor Reborn."

Again, Tsuna said nothing. He was going to pretend he didn't hear that. "Your dad specifically asked him to come over so he can tutor you if you need any help, especially with your social skills."

Tsuna calmly drunk his tea. He wasn't going to let himself get insulted and he wasn't going to scream.

"So you guys think that my social skills are so poor that I have to have a baby tutor me in socializing?" Tsuna said incredulous. "Dad is really a trip."

Tsuna left the kitchen. Nana banged her head against the table. Hard.

"This would've been so much easier if Imeitsu was here, but no he sends a baby tutor," Nana grouched throwing the tea set into the sink. "Leave to me Nana darling," she imitating her husband. "I got this. I'll send the best tutor to help our anti social son. Soon he'll have friends and be the most popular boy in school."

Reborn watched Nana slightly surprised with the change of attitude.

"Sawada-san, please rests assure that my look doesn't match my age, I will do my job in helping Tsuna become more sociable, but you must tell me how he got to be this way. I observed him these past few days, his interaction with the students at his school, he lacks trust in everybody around him except for you. What happened?"

Nana scowled at the baby. "And why should I tell you?"

"Because I'm your last option."

Nana felt drained all of the sudden she poured some more tea and began telling the story.

"It happened when Tsuna was eight in elementary…"