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Rainbow Chapter 18 Future

~I hate you, you ruin my life.~

Tsuna jumped at that. He was walking with Reborn when he heard that voice again. He has been hearing voices for a while now and he was having a hard time trying to concentrate on his exams with that kind of malice floating around him. Even though their anger wasn't directed towards him, it made him nervous enough just to hear it. He wondered who the voice was angry at and why.

Reborn looked up at Tsuna, who was currently in Tsuna arms again. Reborn would change into his adult form more often if Tsuna didn't like hugging his smaller form a lot. Reborn wondered if Tsuna was about to have some kind of mental breakdown. He hasn't been sleeping at all despite everybody's effort. However they, except Gokudera were too busy with either taking entrance exams or busy with other stuff. Tsuna refuse to tell them what wrong.

~I'll get you for this.~

Tsuna blanched at this he shuddered, somebody was going to die soon. That he was for sure of. This didn't sound like petty revenge, this sounded like somebody got hurt really badly. He felt the agony. He wanted to know who felt this strongly.

~Die already.~

Tsuna can tell whoever felt this angry had been bottling it up for a long time. Somebody who shouldn't have done it, but did it anyways, somebody who lied to themselves, but who? Why? And for what?

Tsuna sighed.

Tsuna was walking in a hallway. It would've been impressive if the setting wasn't black and white. He looked to his left and saw a garden. He looked to his right and saw a mirror. He was startled because his image reflected was different. Besides the fact that he couldn't see his face, it was obvious that he wasn't in his body.

He walked down the hall and he greeted some of the help. Most of them were women and they seemed to swoon at the sight of this cassanova, but Tsuna wasn't all that concern about them, he was more concern on why this guy aura seemed to change more and more when he got further down the hallway. Tsuna vision soon got blurry and static like making it hard to see what was going on. Though he dread what was going to happen.

The man went to the kitchen and he can feel the sinister plot that was going through the man head. The man pulled out a bottle, he don't need to know what it was for it was very obvious in what he was about to do. However what the man did next was surprising as he picked up a cooking utensil and started making small incisions in the food and moving things around, it was hard to describe what he was doing, but it was professional like. Either way it goes whoever it was knew what they were doing and the chef of the kitchen isn't going to even notice anything different.

It was a shame with what's going to happen to whomever receives that plate, but Tsuna couldn't really bring himself to care. The person body he was in felt more serene when they poisoned the food so maybe this was the end of the guy malice. Maybe he truly succeeded. Whatever it was Tsuna would be glad if he never hears that voice again.

Just when he thought he was going to have a dreamless night once more he was hit with one more vision. It was a graveyard setting. This time he was one the outside looking in. The setting was just pitiful sight to see. Tsuna didn't need to know there was an overcast for that day. He saw men in black suits surrounding a casket. There noticeably older people there as well as young men, each of them had various emotions from grief, anger, despair, disbelief, and satisfaction.

Tsuna watched the man who smiled in the background. His heart thumped at the site. It wasn't because it was particularly evil it was one of pure happiness. It was disturbing.

Tsuna woke up exhausted for some reason. His body felt strained like he was fighting against something and lost terribly. He looked around to see he was in his room. Reborn must've carried him there. He tried to move, but he was chained to the bed. He heard something creak, Tsuna lifted his head to see Reborn standing in the middle of the door way. His cool eyes stared at Tsuna and if Tsuna didn't know any better swear that Reborn was undressing him with his eyes. That was when Tsuna choose to notice his clothing or better yet the lack of it. He only had a white button down shirt on and guess what? It wasn't button.

Tsuna looked at Reborn who closed the door to his room and sat down on the bed. He caressed Tsuna's face and his hand slowly went down his chest. Tsuna blushed.

"You know how tempted I was to take you when I saw you like this," Reborn said pressing his face into Tsuna's neck. He bit it softly. Tsuna squirm. "I didn't want to take you when you were asleep because I wanted you to enjoy it." Tsuna blushed. Reborn kissed him deeply and then he started exploring Tsuna body by licking and sucking on various spots of his body eliciting throaty moans from Tsuna.

Tsuna clamp down on his lip to stop his moaning. He felt embarrassed acting like this in front of Reborn, but it felt so good.

Reborn stopped his ministration and looked at him with teasing eyes. "Don't stop on my account I love hearing your voice." Reborn kissed him again and it turned into a full make out session. Reborn pressed against Tsuna's erection making him mewl in pleasure. Reborn smirked and lifted Tsuna legs and undid the chains. Tsuna wrapped his arms around Reborn neck. "I love you Tsuna."

Tsuna body felt numb, he couldn't move and it was all because of how insatiable Reborn was. The man had a libido the size of his house maybe more. Either way it goes, he was happy. He looked at Reborn back and noticed the scratched marks he left behind. He would get some cream so it wouldn't get infected, but it hurt just to turn so he settled for licking Reborn back.

Tsuna heard Reborn phone crack as said man looked at him with lust filled eyes and Tsuna thought, 'Bad move.'

Reborn hung up the phone. His expression looked very grim. He pulled Tsuna into a hug.

Tsuna didn't like where this was going and he didn't want to hear what was going to come out of Reborn's mouth.

"That was your dad," Reborn said hugging Tsuna tighter. "He told me that Frederico died several hours ago." Tsuna heart thump he did want to believe it. He thought about his dream and he hope it wasn't what he thought it was.

"How did it happen?"

"His food was poison."

Tsuna eyes widen in disbelief. He couldn't believe it. That dream wasn't a dream at all, he practically witness the death of Frederico.

"Tsuna?" Reborn asked noticing he was looking kind of faint.

"Ah ha," Tsuna laughed awkwardly. "That mean I'll be inheriting Vongola now." Tsuna fainted. It looks like that fortune teller was right on the mark. His life will take a drastic turn because of one death.

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