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The bar was loud and the smoke clouded the room. It seemed like a packed house, though given the fact that it was around 11 at night on a Saturday, it would make sense. Laughter and music could be heard though out the tavern as many crowded into one of the busiest places on the strip.

Why the hell did I let Naruto convince me to come here when I could be resting?

Said blonde haired misfit was animatedly talking to the two others that had helped on the mission they had just completed.

"And then I singlehandedly took out all the bandits and Sasuke did nothing but mope around." loudly proclaimed the blonde teammate who by the looks of it had a bit too much to drink already. The former avenger wanted to correct him in saying how it was actually himself who took out the bandits but felt it would be pointless.

Just another reason to start a fight with the dobe.

"Yeah right, I'm pretty sure it was Sasuke-kun that saved the day, as usual." Thankfully, their pink-haired friend saved him the trouble. The only problem was the wink and seductive look she sent his way after the comment.

While it was considered the norm for her, after finally bedding the Uchiha, she seemed to think she had him wrapped around her finger. Sadly for Sakura, a few nights of sex (albeit good ones) weren't going to convince him that she was his soul mate. One of the main reasons he really didn't want to be her first but she was persistent as hell. Even before engaging in the acts, he had told her it was not going to change anything between them.

"But Sakura-chan! I really did kick all their asses." Naruto tried to convince the apple of his eye. "You believe me, don't ya, Hinata?"

All eyes looked towards the last member of their group who was quietly sipping her drink and for a second, Sasuke believed, was observing him.

"Ano, I really didn't hear the conversation so I can't say..." Hinata replied, taking another sip from her alcoholic beverage.

The slight ting of pink around her cheeks gave Sasuke the clue that it didn't take much for her to get tipsy. While glancing, he couldn't help but focus in on the way her tongue would stick out right before slightly biting down on her straw. One could only imagine how seductive that would look, if only it was used in the right situation.

Granted, the innocent demeanor the kunoichi gave off was a great turn-on for almost anyone... especially a certain Uchiha. Who would have guessed that out of all the people that could be chosen, THE Uchiha Sasuke would have an interest in one Hyuuga Hinata.

While looking at her with all her normal clothes, one could hardly see a figure but when she happened to be training, the lack of a sweater present, one would be shown a fully curved figure with nice shapely hips and a bust that would make any male's mouth water in delight.

Sasuke must have been staring for quite a while because he noticed Hinata blush increase a shade darker while looking back into his eyes. He quickly averted his eyes and took another sip of his beer, least he give his interests in the Hyuuga away.

The chatter continue for a about a half an hour and for a while the former avenger was considering heading back to his apartment. That was until he felt a certain foot graze against his leg that caused him to stiff noticeably.

What the?

"Ne, Sasuke-kun? What's the matter?"

No sooner had Sakura's sentence finished did the foot begin to trail up and down the inside of the Uchiha's calf. Even with pants on, the stimulation was very pleasant.

But he wasn't about to let her know.


"Hey, don't just ignore Sakura-chan like that, Teme!" screamed his male teammate.

"SHUT UP NARUTO!" the pink haired kunoichi yelled before turning to the dark male "I'm sure Sasuke-kun's just tired after a long and hard mission"

With each word, the brushing moved up further towards his thigh.


He spared a glance at the timid kunouchi only to find her looking out at the crowd. He didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed when she didn't turn while he continued to stare at her.

The rubbing drew him back to his present situation. Without looking, Sasuke quickly grabbed the foot that was slowly but surely edging closer to what he liked to call his "prized possession". Lord knows he didn't want to make a sense that would embarrass him in front of his crush.

I need to put a stop to this right here and now.


The Uchiha quickly let go of said foot, thinking he had been caught. Looking back at Hinata, she seemed to squint her eyes. "Isn't that Kiba-kun?"

The three teammates turned to the direction she was looking at but did not see Kiba anywhere. Well, they did happen to see an Inuzuka but aside from the triangle patterns, didn't look like the shy one's teammate.

Both Sakura and Naruto looked at each other, then to Hinata with the pink haired girl putting a hand on her shoulder "Ah Hinata-chan, I think you've had enough for today"

With her blush still in effect, Hinata nodded her head "Yeah, you're probably right" grabbing her other drink, a water, used just for this type of reason. Yet again, her petite tongue stuck itself out just before full pink lips descended on the straw.

The action in itself had aforementioned prized possession standing on full alert. Adding to that fact, the foot that had previously left during Hinata's exclamation, had returned in full pursuit.

The toes began to feel around the inside of Sasuke thigh, though it quickly drew back, once it had felt the hardness that centered at the apex. The exploration didn't end there, with not only the front but now the ball of the foot slowly rubbing on the firm clothed shaft.

Sasuke grunted a bit, which seemed to get the attention of everyone around him.

"Oy Teme, don't tell me you've had too much too!" Naruto chugged his beer before slamming it down "I swear, seems like I'm the only one who can handle their liquor!" which earned him a bonk on the head from Sakura.

The strong fisted kunoichi stroked her hand against Sasuke's laid out ones "Are you feeling alright Sasuke-kun?" She lowered her eyelashes for effect "If you want, I could take you home"

The stroking had gotten a little rougher at this point, with the toes spreading to rub the underside of his shaft. The wink from Sakura showed what she had in store if he were to let himself be taken home by her but the thought of Hinata seeing him leave with her quickly doused that fire.

"I'm fine." Hoping the conversation would end the tempting touching, Sasuke downed the last of his beer. This wasn't the case with the one-sided footsie. In fact, the stroking became almost too much, to the point that Sasuke actually believe he might just cum right on the spot.

"Are you sure" the pout on Sakura had an edge of sensuality "I know you'd have a..."

"AH!" A certain tune seemed to have awoke Naruto's full excitement "This is my favorite song! Come on Sakura-chan! Let's go dance!"

The foot retracted itself as Sakura was pulled up from the table, with many curse words following, heading to the dance floor in the middle of the tavern, led by their overzealous blonde friend.

Hinata giggled, watching as Naruto tried to "sexy dance" for his love interest. Sasuke, on the other hand, was just relieved to be saved from the heated problem that had arisen. Finally, he could have some alone time with his secret crush. With the situation now handled, Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief.

Until the foot happened to stroke the underside of his cock again.

Wide black eyes stared into clear, yet in some way, hazy ones. With her tongue sticking out slightly before putting her mouth back on her straw, the shy girl sucked the last of her drink down.

"Seems like they're having fun, Sasuke-kun" Her lustful gaze matching her voice "Maybe we should have some as well" the caressing of her foot even more prominent.

Who would have thought...

The Uchiha merely smirked back at her while using his own fingers to stroke her calf.

"Hn, let's"