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Once Upon a Time

Chapter 1 New Start

"Look Mom there's the sign", an eight-year old boy with dark hair exclaimed with excitement.

"Your right Henry there it is Story Brook our new home", a young blonde woman replied. The mother and son drove into a sleepy little town as the residents gaped in awe at the new comers. They came to a little apartment building that spelled out in white paint Happy Home Apartments. "Come on Henry let's settle ourselves in", the woman replied as they got out.

"Ok mom", Henry replied as he got out of the car. Suddenly out of nowhere a guy ran past them carrying a purse and a gun.

Another young blonde woman appeared shouting", Thief someone stop here please!"

"Henry stay here", his mother said and she ran after the guy in hot pursuit. She followed the guy into a back alleyway where he was trapped like a rat. "Alright buddy give me the purse", she barked. The guy just pushed past her and ran into the owner of the purse and grabbed her.

"Let me go!" the woman cried as tears fell from her face.

"Let her go!" the other woman shouted as she stared at the guy.

"Shut up I swear I'll blow her brains out!" the man shouted his whole body trembling.

"Look you are just in trouble for petty thievery let's not add murder to the list okay just put the guy down", the woman said as she stepped forward.

"No they'll lock me up I got kids to feed I needed the money you don't understand", the man cried holding his hostage tighter.

"No they won't not if you just give yourself up now think you have kids right what kind of life will they have with no father?", the woman questioned. Tears welled up in the guy's eyes as he stared at the other woman. "Please for your children's sakes put the gun down", the woman said softly. With a deep breath he dropped the gun and let go of his hostage. "Good job now let's settle this matter the right way", the woman said as she led the man away. He led her to the jailhouse where a beautiful young brunette woman sat at the sheriff's table. The woman looked up and saw a beautiful blonde woman, a little boy, and Charlie a local butcher coming toward her.

"Hello I am Regina Mills, the mayor of Story Brooke how may I help?" she questioned.

"Hello I am Emma Swan and this is my son Henry I caught this man stealing but he turned himself in and I really don't know what to do with him", Emma explained.

"Charlie I'm shocked I'm afraid you'll have to do some community service it would have been prison time but since um Mrs. Swan here spoke on your behalf 100 hours community service", Regina said firmly.

"Thank you Madame Mayor", Charlie said and quietly left.

"Come on Henry we better get back to the apartment buildings", Emma told her son as they headed out the door.

"Mrs. Swan may I have a word with you in private please", Regina asked softly.

"Of course Madame Mayor Henry wait outside for me", Emma told her son.

"Yes mother", Henry said as he went outside.

"Mrs. Swan", Regina began.

"Actually Madame Mayor it's Ms. Swan not Mrs.", Emma corrected.

A look of surprise fell on the mayor's face as she replied "Oh my mistake Ms. Swan this may seem a little forward but you handle that situation very well and I was wondering if you may want to become our new sheriff".

"I don't know the only law enforcement skills I had was when I was a bounty hunter when I was younger", Emma replied.

"Perfect you're hired ", Regina said with a smile as she handed Emma the sheriff's badge.

"May I ask what happened to the old sheriff", Emma questioned.

The smile disappeared and Regina flatly replied" He left".

"Oh ok nice meeting you Madame Mayor", Emma said as she left the building.

Henry and her went back to the apartment buildings and began to unload their stuff. When suddenly a young woman with dark black hair and a young man with brown hair appeared on their doorstep with a plate wrapped in foil. "Hello we are your neighbors I'm Mary Margret and this is my husband David", the woman greeted happily.

"Nice to meet you", David said as he shook Emma's hand.

"Hello I am Emma Swan and this is my son Henry", Emma greeted back.

"Hello", Henry said politely.

"Wow I'm a school teacher maybe you'll be in my class Henry", Mary Margret said happily.

"I would like that very much Mam", Henry said with a smile.

"Well if you need anything we are just right down the hall", Mary Margret said as she handed Emma the plate. "I hope you guys like Sheppard's Pie and welcome to Story Brooke", she said as her and David left the room.

"I like them mom", Henry said as he placed the food in the fridge.

"Yeah me too", Emma said as she began to unpack their stuff. Within 30 minutes there was another knock at the door. "I'll get it", Emma said as she opened the door and their stood a tall stern looking man with blonde hair wearing a black suit. A young blonde woman wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans with a little boy about Henry's age with black hair stood before Emma.

"Hello I am Mr. Gold your land lord and I am here to explain as well as welcome you to Story Brooke", the man said firmly. "This is my wife Belle and son Bay", Mr. Gold said.

"Please to see you again", Belle said happily. It was the same woman Emma saved from the mugger earlier this morning.

"Hello mam", Bay said as he shook Emma's hand.

"Hello I'm Emma Swan and this is my son Henry", Emma replied.

"The rent is $250 a month and that includes all appliances but since you helped my wife the first month is free but I expect to see the next month's rent in full", Mr. Gold said firmly.

"Yes sir", Emma replied.

"Good welcome to Story Brooke Ms. Swan", Mr. Gold said as he firmly shook her hand.

"Hope you guys enjoy meatloaf ", Belle said as she handed Emma a container.

"Thank you", Emma said as the family left.

"Wow mom free rent and appliances for one month, a nice teacher that lives next door, and you already found a job in one day. Our luck is changing", Henry stated happily.

"Yeah kiddo I guess we're going to fit in just fine", Emma said as she their door. Wondering what day two in Story Brooke will bring.

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