A/N My first JAC story, so it is very likely it will be imperfect in many ways. It's rated T as I have no idea where it will take me, it could be some smutty place as well ;) As English isn't my native language please excuse me all the language mistakes I've made.

Disclaimer: CSI New York and its characters are the property of Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS. No infringement is intended, just pure fun.


''I'm so glad to hear that you're having a blast, honey.'' Jo said talking on the phone.


''Oh, just a tiny little bit. Well OK, maybe a little more.'' She smiled while getting off the elevator.


''Yeah, I know that! OK, when you will be back next week...''

''Jo, into my office.'' Mac's voice broke into her conversation. She frowned her eyebrows – his tone was unusually harsh. Something has happened. She thought.

''Now!'' He added even more sternly and disappeared. Yup, definitely something has happened.

''... sweetie, I have to run now. Love ya!'' She ended up talking to Ellie and followed Mac. While entering his office she noticed that blinds were down. That was not portending anything good.

''What's up?'' She asked.

''Close the door.'' He muttered without even looking at her. She did as he asked and turned around to face him again.


''What the hell were you thinking?'' He growled. Jo's eyes winded. He is angry at me? But why? She made quick examination of conscience and came up with nothing.

''And what are you referring to?'' She asked trying to smile, although she knew that it wouldn't make it any better.

''To your careless behaviour previous today.'' He said very slowly. He hadn't looked at her even once till she entered his office. His stare fixed on his desk.

''Well... I droved red light in the morning, but to be honest it wasn't that bad as street was almost empty.'' She joked but was immediately brought down to earth by his voice.

''Jo! Do I look amused to you?'' He looked at her and she realized how serious he was. His eyes were almost navy blue with anger. She felt a little intimidated by his gaze, like a schoolgirl getting scold. ''I asked what the hell were you thinking. Because it seems to me like you weren't thinking at all.''

''OK.'' She put the serious attitude as well. ''I suppose you are talking about the incident on the roof. No idea how you did actually found out about it, but...''

''From Flack. I was on the phone with him all the time.'' Mac interrupted her.

''...but it was nothing, really.'' She finished not bothered by his words.

''I have a different opinion. You probably think it was courageous, but it was just reckless...''

''It was my call.'' Now Jo entered his words. ''I was sure he would not jump and I was right.''

''Really? You are able to read minds or what?'' He said ironically and that made her angry. ''You couldn't be sure about it, Jo. You could compromise the whole case...''

She was trying to argue, but he rose his voice even more, intimidating her further.

''… but what's even more relevant, you put your life in danger and I can't tolerate such behaviour. I supervise your work and I am responsible for you and the whole team.''

''Wait a minute.'' She finally cut in. ''It seems like you have some wrong image of what happened there. I wasn't in any danger.''

''You were standing on the roof's edge. On the twenty-stories building, for God's sake!'' He snapped and she frowned her eyebrows. What the hell? He never acts like that.

''I was holding to... to... some steel thing.'' She started to lose her cooling.

''Yeah, that changes everything.'' He mocked.

''Well it obviously seems so, as I am not lying on the pavement right now.'' She said in the same manner as he did.

''It's not funny, Jo!'' He yelled and she rolled her eyes.

''I'm so done here.'' She said and turned around, heading for the door. She was surprised by what happened next. He rose from his desk and in a flash he appeared in front of her, blocking the exit.

''I am not.'' He said firmly making her back a little. ''I said I will not tolerate such behaviour from anyone in my team. Is that clear to you?'' She looked at him. Her stare was so intense that if look could kill he would be dead by now.

''Let me pass, Mac.'' She said quietly, closing the gap between them. She thought he would move to the side, but he remained still.

''Not until you promise me you will never do such thing again.'' His tone was more gentle now, but she didn't notice that. Her heart started to pound violently and her own blood was roaring in her ears.

''And exactly how you imagine that possible? I'm not some kind of bimbo who is here as a decoration. I'm doing my job here, just like you are. And I don't have to explain to you that it is just getting dangerous sometimes. We can do nothing about it.''

''That's not my point and you know it.'' He said. ''All I am asking you is not risk your life when it's unnecessary.''

''But I wasn't!'' She cried in frustration. ''Gosh! You weren't even there and...''

''OK, I see we're getting nowhere with this.'' He interrupted her and she sighed with relief, hoping this ridiculous conversation will be over and he would let her go now. ''I am suspending you for as long as it will take you to understand that what you did was wrong.'' Her jaw dropped at his words. ''At least for five days.'' He finished.

''Well, good you added that.'' She panted in shock. ''Otherwise you wouldn't have a chance to see me here anymore.''
Then she pushed him aside and opened the door with such force they swung and hit the wall making loud noise.

''Jo!'' He shouted after her.

''You know what? Screw you!'' She shouted back without even turning. She didn't bother to wait for the elevator. Instead she headed for the stairs. Mac followed her with his gaze and sighed. He could predict it will end like that. Then he looked around and saw that there wasn't a single person who wouldn't be looking in his direction. Great. Just great. He thought.