. . .

Mac entered his apartment and closed the door behind him. It was so quiet, but it was this peaceful, calm silence that he loved, not this one that used to rang in his ear, constantly reminding him that he was all alone. Jo's coat was placed on the chair so he grabbed it and hung in the closet, almost stumbling over her purse, that was laying on the floor beside the couch. He headed for the bedroom, but heard some music from one of the rooms. The door was ajar, so he peeked in there, seeing Ellie sitting at her desk, doing her homework.

''Hi, sweetie.'' Mac greeted her and moved towards her, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

''Hi, dad.'' She answered and he couldn't help but smile widely. He should get used to her saying that, but yet he couldn't. Every single time it made him so happy. She started to call him 'dad' a few months back, without asking if she could, without making a big deal about it. She just felt like calling him that, like it was the most natural thing to do for her. Sometimes she still used his name, but it wasn't that often as her calling him 'dad'.

''What are you doing?'' He asked, looking down at her notes.

''Physics.'' She looked up at him and wrinkled her nose.

''Need some help with that?''

''Nah, thanks. It's easy, only sooo boring...'' Ellie moaned, making Mac smile. She was now in high school and she was pretty good at everything, but she seemed to enjoy art more than science.

''Where's mom?'' He asked.

''She's sleeping, I guess.''

''Has she eaten something?'' Mac asked.

''Nope.'' Ellie answered and Mac frowned. He knew Jo was tired. She had a morning shift, that turned into an afternoon one and she was 16 hours on her feet without a break when he finally managed to send her home 3 hours ago. He made a mental note to get up earlier tomorrow and prepare some hearty breakfast, as he knew her first words in the morning would be about being starving.

''Don't stay too long, Ellie.'' He said, smiling at her. He headed for the bedroom, slowly opening the door, as he didn't want to wake Jo up. But the bed was made as they had left it in the morning. He glanced at two bedside tables, which were placed at each side of the bed. One was almost empty; there was only a clock and a lamp on it. While the other was covered with such amount of things one could not guess there was a bedside table beneath it at all. There was a jewelery box, piles of books and papers, a mug with pens and pencils sticking out of it, some jar with body lotion and a bottle of nail polish and who would know what else. As always, when he looked at those two bedside tables, he wondered, how it was possible for them to be together, as they were so different from each other. Her femininity, her messiness, her rashness, her charm... just everything of her was so different from what he was used to. And it brought so much life to his existence. She was like a storm and he was her safe port. And that was just perfect, because who needs a safe port when the sea is calm?

He looked around and found Jo sleeping in the armchair. She was curled up into what seemed like the most uncomfortable position ever. He moved closer to her, placing his hand on her cheek and gently stroking her.

''Jo... honey...'' He whispered. She opened her eyes, her gaze hazy and unfocused.

''Hi.'' She whispered back, smiling at him.

''Why are you sleeping here?'' He asked.

''I wanted to wait for you. It is so uncomfortable here I thought I wouldn't fall asleep.''

He placed his one arm beneath her legs and the other on her back, slowly lifting her up and moving to the bed. He lowered her down and she instantly curled herself into her usual position. He undressed himself, leaving only his boxers on and lay down beside her, pulling covers over them and wrapping his arms around her.

''I don't want to sleep.'' Jo groaned, trying to keep her eyes open, but her eyelids were so heavy.

''Jo, you're tired.''

''I missed you.'' She whispered, snuggling closer to him, seeking his warmth. ''I wanted to wait for you and spend some time with you.'' She murmured slowly, her voice fading away as she was fighting her sleep.

''I'm not going anywhere.'' He whispered, drawing lazy circles on her bare shoulder.

''Will you be here when I wake up tomorrow?''

''Of course.''

''And the day after tomorrow?'' She asked again, her voice sinking to a sleepy murmur.

''As well.''


''I'll always be here.'' He whispered, his eyes dropping to the infinity necklace he had given her some time ago. She still was in a habit of wearing many pieces of jewelery at once, but this one seemed to be her favorite as she never took it off. ''Now sleep, silly.'' He whispered, kissing her temple.

Jo's body became heavy and all her thoughts starting to fade away, except of one, the only one that stayed and filled her mind completely.

''I love you.'' She whispered, expressing that thought out loud. And with a soft sigh she drifted away into sleep.

''I love you, too.'' Mac whispered back, but she didn't register his words. It didn't matter, though, as she knew he did.

. . .

The End

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