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Enter the Triad

Away from everyone, away from everything. Locked somewhere and nowhere at the same time, the entity was free. Free to control, no matter how ironic that sounded. The appearance of the place is irrelevant, as it is the identity of the being. For now, it will be known as Number 2. This so called Number 2 seemed to be completely alone, yet he/she/it knew it was just an illusion. After all, he/she/it was never alone. The knowledge of the world lived within he/she/it, and he needed anything more. Well, maybe…

"I knew I'd find you here." A second entity said as he/she/it entered the room (even if the room has no doors. It's everywhere, and nowhere at the same time). As explained before, his/her/its identity is not relevant, and will only be revealed when it's necessary. We'll just call it Number 3. It is impossible to tell which of the two was stronger. Number 3's body is more resistant, but Number 2 is much more intelligent. Number 3 always has a smile on his/her/its face, and he/she/it has a simple way of looking at things. Number 2, on the other side, visualizes everything as nothingness, due to the indestructible coldness of his/her/its heart.

"Of course I would be here. Where else I could be?" Number 2 replied.

"Well, who knows? Anywhere else? After all, we're guardians. We have to keep an eye on the worlds."

"Oh, and since when are you so interested in the world's fate? I never thought you could be that deep."

"Hey! You know as well as I do that there are big things going on out there!"

"Oh, come on…you know I'm joking…"

"Well, that would be your first joke in years!"

Number 2 understood what his comrade meant. But Number 3 couldn't understand the pain Number 2 had gone through. No one can…it makes me wonder why I was summoned…

"You already know the answer, Lord." A third presence appeared in the place, filling the room with a glowing aura of clarity. The strongest, wisest and oldest of the three, Entity Number 1, as he/she/it will be called from now on, made his/her/its entrance. Both Number 2 and Number 3 knew that they were no match against Number 1, but they also knew that they stability of Triad was necessary for the successfulness of the prophecy. After all, that was the reason they had joined together to create the Triad in the first place. The so-called prophecy.

"I must speak in favor of our friend there…" Number 1 said to Number 2, who simply looked back. Number 3 whispered a "I told you!" and moved back to his/her/its place. "There have been some…events worth mentioning. First of all, the reason of the Triad's existence."

"The Prophecy has begun…" Number 2 understood. "By the summoning of the Omni-Tamer. I guess Takato's arrival wasn't a coincidence. It clearly told us that he was indeed the one we were looking for."

"I always knew he was the one!" Number 3 exclaimed cheerfully. Number 1 simply nodded, while Number 2 snickered. "I remember someone who thought Akiyama was the Omni-Tamer…" Number 2 said mockingly.

"I…I must admit it was a mistake…" Number 1 stated. "However, Takato's arrival to the Digital World showed us that he has the kind of power we're looking for. Opening the Gate by himself is quite an achievement."

"That proves that he's not any ordinary human, you know?" Number 3 said. However, Number 2 had another idea in his mind.

"He's dangerous." Number 1 nodded again.

"I guess you're thinking of ChaosGallantmon, my friend." Number 1 stated, while Number 2 agreed. "Yes, that's a Digimon who was never meant to exist. But I must say there's no one to blame for his birth, not even the Omni-Tamer."

"But if such a dark power were released…!!!" Number 2 began.

"That's a risk we'll have to take. It's not like we can change the way things are. We are guardians, but the prophecy must not be altered. If Takato Matsuki was chosen as the Omni-Tamer, then it's our duty to prepare him for the challenges he'll have to face." Number 1 completed.

"However, if he has enough power to defeat the Sovereigns, then it's a force to be feared…" Number 3 added, the joyful grin gone from his/her/its face.

"Speaking of the Sovereigns, Azulongmon…" Number 2 stated.

Yes, the Sovereigns. A product of the Digital World's never-ending process of evolution and renovation, the four holy creatures were selected as guardians of the four quadrants, each quadrant connected to a different realm of what we call "Universe". Then; then question of which is bigger, the Digiworld or the Universe itself, remains unanswered; as well as the eternal question of the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent being. But the Sovereigns, just like the Digimon Tamers, are nothing but puppets in the grand scheme of the prophecy, the Ultimate plan for the Thread of Destiny. The true watchers, the real guardians and rulers of the dimensional planes, human and digital, were the three entities known as The Triad. However, the three super-beings were questioning their own role in the prophecy for a while now, especially after the latest events.

"Yes…" Number 3 agreed. "Azulongmon knows of our existence. He ignores our identities, but he has found his place in the grand plan."

Number 1 simply nodded. "We couldn't expect to remain a secret forever, my comrades. We all know of Azulongmon's great wisdom. In fact, I was getting worried that no one suspected of our existence. But I know that this new course of events won't alter the Thread of Destiny at all. Maybe this is for the best, as the Holy Dragon may actually help us as an unconscious link to the other three Sovereigns."

With that point cleared, the three entities moved to the next topic. "How's the Event Matrix going?" Number 3 wondered, which caused Number 2 to smile. After all, both the Event Matrix and the Omnivice were his/her/its greatest creations. However, I shall admit I didn't come with the original idea. Both devices were based in theories from a person the three entities considered the greatest mind in the Eastern Quadrant. I'm talking about Koushiro Izumi, of course.

"I have expanded the algorithm to consider a wider variety of possibilities." Number 2 explained. The Event Matrix was created to do one simple thing: predicting the future. Of course, that's impossible, as the future is composed of twist and turns, knots in the Thread of Destiny. However, the Event Matrix worked in base to the continuous flow of data from every possible source. Based in the data acquired from the events in the present (which of course includes the past, as past, present and future are a whole), the Event Matrix displays the most accurate possibilities for the close future. Of course, it is as precise as a weather forecast, which is generally not very much. However, the Event Matrix was the best instrument the Triad had to control the course of the prophecy.

"The Matrix predicts a steady flow of events. That is, there shouldn't be too much trouble until its arrival. To make things clearer, the Omni-Tamer will survive every possible situation until the arrival of it. However, there are two problems." Number 2 continued to explain. Noticing he had the others' total attention, he continued. "First, I have the suspicion that we are not considering one or two variables. Our sources of data for the Matrix are continuous and consistent, yet I still think they are incomplete."

"Any suggestions?" Number 1 asked.

"More agents. They could help us find other sources of data we haven't considered."

"We shall discuss that later. Please, go on." Number 1 replied. Number 2 did as told.

"Second, there's a very complex variable the Matrix is unable to analyze. To make things worse, this variable is crucial when it comes to the Omni-Tamer's future."

"I think I know where you're getting at!" Number 3 claimed with a huge grin. "It's the Nonaka girl, right?" Number 2 nodded.

"Indeed. Rika Nonaka, as the Omni-Tamer himself, is an unpredictable variable. Its difficulty lies in the fact that she seems somehow bonded with Matsuki, in a way I still cannot understand. However, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I think I've found a reasonable solution."

"Which is…?" Number 1 said impatiently.

"Considering Rika Nonaka and Takato Matsuki as ONE variable."

"Two humans as a whole? Which fundaments do you use to propose such a thing?" Number 1 questioned, not believing that Number 2 was being serious.

"I'm not doing this based in any scientific fundament. It's just a matter of human nature, something of which you have a complete lack of." Number 2 retorted. Number 1 growled. Number 2's personality made him/her/it lose his/her/its temper every once in a while.

"Proceed with this…experiment of yours. We'll be waiting for the results. Now, for the last point of today's agenda, the Agents. I'm having no problems with mine, of course." Number 1 said.

"Yes, I must admit that Renamon of yours is quite an efficient one. Being Nonaka's partner, she has just the exact proximity to the Omni-Tamer." Number 2 agreed. Number 1 was visibly proud. Giving Renamon the title of Agent was probably the best decision he/she/it had done in quite a while.

"I'm having no problems with my Agent, either." Number 3 added.

"Oh, yes…your invisible Agent." Number 2 mocked, to which Number 3 responded with a yell. "It's real!" Of course, Number 1 remained outside of the argument. Even if he/she/it ignored the identity of Number 3's Agent, Entity Number 3 always seemed to be completely informed of the latest news, so this "invisible" Agent had to be a very good one. If my friend here wants to keep the Agent's name a secret, so be it.

"And what about you?" Number 1 asked, a question aimed towards Number 2, who sighed in defeat.

"I ask for permission to deploy a second Agent. The first one is losing her approach."

"Can't you improve the Agent's approach in any way?" Number 1 questioned.

"Yes, it's possible, but I'd rather have two Agents working on the Omni-Tamer. It would help me study Matsuki's interaction with different stimulus."

"Do as you please." Number 1 declared. "I guess that's all for today. This session is officially…"

"Wait!" Number 3 interrupted. "Actually, there's something we hadn't taken into account."

"And what could that possibly be?" Number 1 wondered.

"Ka……Lady Hikari's encounter with the Omni-Tamer." Number 3 announced. Number 2 groaned, which caused the other tow to chuckle a little bit. Number 1 stated his/her/its opinion.

"I don't think that will be a problem. After all, she has other things to worry about right now. She'll eventually forget it."

I sincerely hope you're right… Number 2 thought. As the other two entities abandoned the place, the one known as Number 2 couldn't get the image of Takato Matsuki out of his/her/its mind. He/She/It was worried, deeply worried, as his/her/its heart had the feeling that they, The Triad, guardians of the Thread of Destiny, were forgetting something. And that could be a deadly mistake.

Takato Matsuki…please take care……I'll pray for your safety……you……you are my only hope……



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