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Darcy ended up taking a taxi to Daniel's since she had no desire to go back to Baker Street. Once she arrived, she remembered Lestrade thought she had gone home so instead she called Daniel to help him sneak her in.

"You could've just walked in, Darcy." Daniel said to her once he had snuck her inside.

"Wasn't in the mood." She mumbled before opening his bedroom door and falling face first onto his bed.

A few seconds past before Daniel spoke, "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Not necessarily."

He didn't answer at all this time. Instead he walked over and gently nudged her over so she wasn't hogging the entire bed.

Eventually Darcy did talk about it, "I visited my mom and my… father." She paused, clearly gathering her thoughts, "Mom explained that she ticked off the wrong people and now she's going into hiding until they either get arrested or there's a bigger threat than her."

"How long will that take?" Daniel questioned cautiously.

The youngest Holmes answered in a quiet voice, "I called her after I left when I realized she never said, she told me at least two years. No phone calls, texts, emails. Nothing. No contact for at least two years. If I tried it would only make her time of absence increase."


"Yeah," Darcy replied snuggling closer to him and hiding her face in his neck, "there's nothing any of us can do."

"You can always not stress yourself out and get some rest?"

She let out a small laugh, "That's a good idea."

Soon both of them fell asleep.

Darcy had received a text from John informing her of the recent discoveries Sherlock had made on the bomber case. He also told her that he needed her help researching and she needed to come back to Baker Street. Darcy knew that Daniel would do nothing but sleep all day so she brought him along for help, convincing him that John wouldn't mind. Darcy and Daniel met John at the home the late Connie Prince.

"There you guys are," John said when he spotted them, "you ready?"

John didn't really wait for them to answer, obviously eager for them to solve the case before the bomber blew someone up.

"We're devastated," Connie Prince's brother stated as he led them inside the expensive house, "Of course we are." He pointed towards the couch motioning the three of them to sit.

"Can I get you anything?" the helper of the house asked John, Darcy and Daniel.

John looked at the two teenagers before answering for all of them, "Uh no, no thanks."

"Raoul is my rock," the brother said talking about the helper once he had left the room, "I don't think I could have managed. We didn't always see eye to eye. But my sister was very dear to me."

A cat them jumped on the couch where John sat between Darcy and Daniel. John moved the cat off of his lap and onto Daniel's lap. Where the teen gave it a disgusted look that caused Darcy to smother a giggle as he put the cat on the ground.

"To the public as well, Mr. Prince." Darcy answered the man's statement.

He smiled at her, "Oh she was adored. I've seen girls who looked like the back end of root masters and turned them into princesses." The cat then jumped back onto Daniel's lap as he once again gave the cat a look.

"Still it's a relief in a way to know that she's beyond this veil of tears." Mr. Prince continued oblivious to Daniel's hate to the now purring cat.

"Absolutely." John said in reply scooting farther away from Daniel to avoid the cat.

Darcy cleared her throat, "Its more common than you would believe, tetanus is in the soil, people cut themselves on rose bushes, garden forks that sort of thing" She explained comfortingly.

"She's right," John said.

Before John could finish his statement Mr. Prince sat on the table in front of him leaning foreword closer to John.

"I don't know what I'm going to do now." He said quickly as Daniel and Darcy exchanged a look.

"Right." John said quickly.

"I mean she left me this place, which is lovely. But it's not the same without her."

"That's why my paper wanted to get the full story," He answered shifting uncomfortably and leaning away from the other man, "Straight from the horse's mouth. Are you sure its not too soon?"



"You fire away." Mr. Prince said staring intently at John.

John saw the cat that had previously been all over Daniel and him run away and Darcy saw him rub his face before smiling kindly at Mr. Prince,

"I'm sorry," Said John in a slightly panicked voice, "My interns and I have to, um, go make a phone call if you don't mind we will be right back."

They left the house and John immediately took out his phone and dialing a number that was most likely Sherlock.

"What the hell was that, John?" Darcy questioned, "We were getting answers."

John shushed her and purposely ignored the glare she sent him.

"Hi, you need to get over here quickly, I think I'm onto something." John said into the phone, "You'll need to pick up some stuff first. Have you got a pen?" John's voice trailed off as he walked away from Daniel and Darcy.

Daniel had a confused look on his face while Darcy looks at John's back, glaring daggers.

"I'm so done," Darcy mumbled to herself before Daniel's hand grabbed her and gently nudged her towards the house while they waited for John's phone call to be over.

Sherlock walked into the room guided by Raoul, "There they are." Raoul said as he showed him into the room where John, Darcy and Daniel were seated and Mr. Prince standing.

"Ah, very nice to meet you." Sherlock said and everyone turned to look at him, John, Darcy and Daniel stood up as Sherlock shook Mr. Prince's hand.

"Thank you."

"So sorry to hear about…"

"Yes, yes, very kind… shall we uh…"

Sherlock nodded and he motioned for the other three to speak to him.

"You were right, the bacteria got into her another way." John said once they were farther away from Mr. Prince.

"Oh yes?" Sherlock said.


"Wait if someone could fill me in-" Before Daniel could finish his sentence Mr. Prince interrupted.

"Right, we all set?" He asked.

Darcy answered for them all with a fake smile, "Yes, of course."

Sherlock came up close in the man's face with a bright flashing camera as he took photos quickly.

"Not to close," Warned Mr. Prince, "I'm raw from crying."

Sherlock didn't answer and took a few more photos before the clingy cat started purring next to his feet, "Oh who's this?"

"Sekhmet, named after the Egyptian goddess."

"How nice," Daniel remarked sarcastically.

Sherlock spoke after Daniel, "Was she Connie's?"

"Yes, little present from yours truly," Mr. Prince picked up the cat as he spoke.

"Sherlock," John stated, "light reading?

"Oh, uh…" Sherlock took a light and flashed it right into Mr. Prince's eyes.

"Bloody hell," he complained as Sherlock saw John examine the cat's paws as Daniel and Darcy who had been standing next to Mr. Prince looked away shielding their eyes. "What's going on?"

"Actually I think we've got what we came for." John said while Sherlock ignored the glares from his niece, "Excuse us."


"Sherlock, Darcy, Daniel, come on, we've got deadlines." They all nodded and skittered out of the room following John.

Before they left Sherlock heard Mr. Prince yell clearly annoyed, "But you not taken anything!"

John, Darcy, Daniel and Sherlock left the house as John laughed.

"Oh well this isn't working." Darcy said before stopping and standing in the adults' way. "I would like to be filled in."

Sherlock rolled his eyes, "John thinks it was the cat. It wasn't."

John looked at him, "What. Yes, it is. It must be. That's how he got he tetanus into her system. It's paws stink of disinfectant."

"Lovely idea." Sherlock said and he moved around Darcy and they continued walking.

"They coated it onto the paws of her cat. New pet, bound to be a bit jumpy around her, a scratch is almost inevitable. She wouldn't have been…"

"I thought of it the minute I saw the scratches on her arm, but its too random and too clever for the brother."

"He murdered his sister for her money." Daniel spoke, understanding the situation better.

"Did he?" Sherlock said without even glancing at his niece's boyfriend.

"Didn't he?"

Darcy now understood where Sherlock was going, "No. He wants revenge."

"What?" John asked, "Who wants revenge?"

"Raoul, the house boy."

Sherlock looked at her approvingly, "Kenny Prince was the butt of his sister's jokes week in, week out, virtual bullying campaign. Finally he had enough fell out with her badly. Its all on the website. She threatened to disinherit Kenny. Raoul had grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle-"

"Wait, wait a second," It was John who stood in front of them all this time, "What about the disinfectant then, on the cat's claws?"

"Raoul keeps a very clean house." Darcy answered smugly, "You can through the kitchen door, saw the state of that floor, scrubbed to within an inch of its life. You smell of disinfectant. No, the cat doesn't come into it."

Sherlock finished for her, "Raoul's internet records do though."

"I hope we can get a cab from here." Darcy said quietly looking around.

Both the Holmes walked away with Daniel following, leaving behind a very annoyed John.

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