Day 1: Lost

by Silver

*Standard Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of the Digimon characters or creatures. All characters are copyright of Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation, TM, and Bandai.*

Author's note: I'll be using the American names. This story takes place shortly after episode 23, "The Digivice Infected with Darkness." This episode has not yet been shown in America, so I'll summarize the situation. Ken has given up the title of the Digimon Emperor, and is living at home while trying to regain control of his emotions. Wormmon is currently helping Ken deal with the changes in his life.

Even though they defeated Chimeramon and the Emperor, Davis and the others are still going to the Digital World in order to help the Digimon rebuild their homeland from the Emperor's attacks. During this time, Davis actually managed to get Veemon to achieve his Champion form, XVmon.

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"A true friend stabs you in the front."

– Oscar Wilde

Davis Motomiya walked strode down the hallway of his school, taking a leisurely pace towards the computer room. He was brimming with excitement. Spring break started the day after tomorrow, and he was going with the others to check out the Digital World.

Davis secretly hoped that he and Kari would work together in one area. That way, he'd get to show her how cool he really was. And there wouldn't be any TK to get in his way. That would be perfect! Besides, Davis was feeling even more confident since Veemon had attained Champion form. True, XVmon wasn't an angel-type Digimon like Angemon or Angewoman, but he was still cool none-the-less. That had to have shown Kari just how good a trainer Davis was.

Davis reached the computer lab room and saw that the door was closed. He was a little late, but he was sure that others would be inside waiting for him. He reached for the handle when he heard voices talking inside.

"He's late again." That was Cody.

Yolei's voice came next, "He's always late." Davis felt a little annoyed with that remark. He continued to listen.

"You mean like how we're always late?" Davis held back a snigger at Poromon's remark.

"Quiet." Yolei growled.

"He's probably just finishing soccer practice," There was TK. "Heh, we'll probably hear about it, whether we want to or not." Davis could feel the blood rush to his face. Where did TJ, -er, TK get off saying that?

Kari's voice finally perked up, "Yeah. We'll probably hear about his 'amazing goals' and 'how he was the best player on the team.' He he." Davis' face fell. Kari was laughing at him?

Cody said, "He's been even more arrogant since Veemon digivolved." Everyone groaned in agreement. Davis couldn't believe what he was hearing. They were all making fun of him! Behind his back!

Kari sighed, "He thinks he's the king of the world just because Veemon digivolved. The only reason Veemon digivolved in the first place was to save Davis. I'm beginning to get really tired of his showing off."

TK said, "I still remember when he didn't even know what a Champion was. You should have seen his face when Patamon digivolved to Angemon. His jaw hit the floor. Ha ha!"

Patamon spoke up, "I can't help it if I'm impressive." Both Digimon and digidestined started laughing.

Kari said, "Remember how scared he was when all those Numemon came out of a vending machine? Now there was a funny face!"

Gatomon said, "And how scared he was when he first saw Patamon and myself? Now that was funny!" Davis' hand fell away from the handle. How could they laugh about that? Did they think that he was just some kind of a living joke? Davis felt his eyes begin to burn.

TK said, "I wonder what would happen if Davis saw Angemon digivolved into MagnaAngemon."

Kari laughed even harder, "I don't know, but I'd be sure to get a shot of his face when it happened." Davis staggered back from the door. Angemon could digivolve into an Ultimate? Did that mean that Kari wasn't impressed with what Davis had done? Where none of them impressed?

"Davis," Demiveemon spoke from inside Davis' backpack. "Aren't we going in?" Davis jumped, he'd forgotten that his Digimon partner was still in his backpack. The laughter inside the computer room stopped.

"Hey," Yolei asked in a tone, "Did you hear that?" Davis quickly dodged around the corner and out of sight. He heard the door open. Yolei's reflection could be seen in the windows lining the opposite wall.. She looked up and down the hall, shrugged, then went back inside. "Guess it was nothing. I'm tired of waiting for Davis. Let's go already!" The other agreed that Davis would just have to catch up. There was a flash of light outlining the closed door, then nothing. That was it, the others had left for the Digital World.

Davis walked down the hall as if he were only half-awake. He didn't know where he was going or what he was doing. All he could think about was the sound of the others' laughter. How could they make fun of him like that? How could Kari laugh at him like that? He thought they were his friends, but friends don't laugh at you when your back is turned.

* * * * * * * *

Davis continued to walk in his half-aware state until he reached the soccer field. Practice was over, but one soccer ball had been left behind. Davis set down his backpack on a bench and started maneuvering the ball toward the nearest goal. Demiveemon wedged his way out of Davis' bag. "Davis? Aren't we going to the Digital World?"

"No." Davis answered, "Not today."

Demiveemon tilted his head to one side, "Why not?"

Davis looked at the tiny Digimon. "Why not? Didn't you hear what they were saying?"

Demiveemon shook his head. "No, I being smothered by your sweaty gym clothes. Pee-ewe!"

Davis sighed, "They were laughing at me, Demiveemon. They were laughing at all the times I've been in a stupid situation!"

Demiveemon winced at the anger in Davis' voice. "Um... Davis, they've laughed at you before. Why is this time so bad?"

Davis threw his hands up and brought them down to his sides, "BECAUSE! When they laughed at me before it was right in front of me, when something stupid happened to me. This time they were laughing behind my back. They didn't even think that I could hear them!" Davis kicked the ball with all his strength. It bounced off the goal poster and hit him in the head. Davis fell flat on his back. For a moment he lay dazed, staring up at the evening sky. There were so many shades of orange and red. For some reason, he felt a little better just admiring the view.

"DAVIS!" Demiveemon run up to Davis' side. "Davis, are you okay?"

"...Yeah..." Davis just looked at the sky. So pretty...

"Hey, Davis!" Davis sat up to see Tai Kamiya walking towards him. Davis could see a big smile on Tai's face. Davis guessed that Tai wasn't worried about Davis being hurt. I probably end up on my butt more times than I realize, Davis thought gloomily.

"Hi, Tai." Davis got to his feet.

"You okay?" Tai strode up and kicked the ball to Davis. That was Tai's "let's play" challenge. Davis stopped it, but didn't make a move. Davis could see that Tai was taken aback, Davis never turned down a challenge. "Davis? What's wrong?"

Davis sighed, "Tai, have you ever felt like everyone was laughing at you?"

Tai blinked, "Laughing at me? What do you mean?"

"I mean, have you ever felt like people were making fun of you behind your back?"

Tai shook his head. "No. Not really... Has someone been making fun of you?"

Davis wanted to say something, but he wasn't sure how. This was Kari's brother that he was talking to. "No... Just curious. C'mon, Demiveemon." Davis picked up his backpack and stuffed his partner inside. "I'll see you later, Tai."

"Uh... s-sure." For once, Tai was at a loss for words. Davis walked off at a slightly fast pace. He felt bad for hiding things from his idol, but Davis just couldn't talk to anyone. He couldn't explain how he felt right now. He'd always thought that the others would look up to him if he could do something special, something important. Hadn't he been the first one to get his Digimon to armor digivolve? He'd saved Kari's life by doing that! He was the one who had fought the Digimon Emperor hand-to-hand! He'd also been the first to achieve the second armor digivolve form, and had saved Tai's Agumon in the process! Veemon one of only two Digimon that could gold digivolve! So why was it that in the end Davis was always the butt of every single joke?

They were jealous, especially TK. That had to be the reason. They were simply jealous about all that Davis had managed to do. That was the only possible explanation. Davis finally reached his home. His sister, June, was inside watching TV. "Hey, Jun. I'm home."

Jun turned around on the sofa. "Hey, Davis. How was your day?"

"Fine." Not that you care. Davis mentally growled.

"Mom and Dad will be working late tonight, again. Dinner's in the fridge. I already had some." Jun turned around and resumed watching TV. As usual, it was a show featuring cute guys whose brains were probably smaller than pebbles. Davis walked into his room and closed the door. He tossed his bag on the floor, only to hear a loud grunt from Demiveemon inside.

"Sorry." Davis flopped down on his bed. Davis' parents were always working late, and Jun barely gave him a second thought. TK and Kari didn't realize how lucky they were to have older siblings that cared about them so much. Jun was always running around after cute guys, especially TK's brother, Matt. She'd always ditched Davis to hang with some "hunk."

These thoughts just added to Davis' sour mood, and his disliking of TK. Big shot's got all he could want. He's on the basketball team, all the girls are crazy for him, and he can move in on Kari whenever he wants. The others always listen to what he says, but they never agree with me. And he's got the 'all-powerful Angemon' for a partner. "I hate him." Davis hissed.

Demiveemon was currently dislodging himself from Davis' backpack. "Davis, are your really okay? You've been mad all afternoon."

Davis rolled over, turning his back to Demiveemon in the process. "I'm fine. Leave me alone."

Demiveemon sounded hurt. "O-okay..." He sulked towards a corner.

Davis shook his head. Why was he taking his frustration out on Demiveemon? What was wrong with him? "Demiveemon, wait. I'm sorry." Demiveemon turned around with a bright expression on his face. Davis continued, "I'm just mad at the others for what they said this afternoon. It's like I'm nothing but comic relief to them. They don't respect me."

Demiveemon shook his head, "But they do respect you. They're your friends. Why don't you just talk to them tomorrow and ask about what they were doing?"

Davis snorted, "Yeah, right. 'Hi guys. Listen, I was eves-dropping on you yesterday, and I want to know why you think I'm a complete and total loser."

Demiveemon winced, "I was just asking."

Davis sighed. He'd done it again. He'd taking everything out on Demiveemon. Davis was feeling alone and confused right now. Not a friend in the world, except for Demiveemon, and right now Davis was endangering that friendship as well. He just couldn't figure out what to do.

Davis had a quick dinner, then did his homework. He was angry and confused the whole way through. For the first time in his life, Davis was glad when bedtime arrived. Before he got into bed, Davis looked out his window. The night sky was filled with stars. Although he could never explain it, Davis felt just a little better about life whenever he looked at the scenery. It just seemed to calm him a little.

Climbing into bed, Davis' mind turned back to the events of the day. At first he had thought that everyone was just jealous of him because of what he had done. But the way he had been treating Demiveemon was inexcusable. Maybe he had the problem, not the others.

What's wrong with me..?


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