Day 10: New Beginning

by Silver

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Author's Note: Sigh… it's the end. This is the final chapter. I want to thank all the Digimon fans who read this story, and especially thank all the people who sent in reviews and encouragement. It's nice to have friends.

By the way, I do know that Paildramon is the result of fusing XVmon with Stingmon in a Jogress Digivolution, but I had to change that rule in order to get Paildramon into my story, which is now a sort of alternate timeline to the actual show. Think of it as a fan fiction power trip.


"Life is one big walkabout."

-Tim Curtis aka Silver

"Wake up, wake up, wake up!" Davis felt something bouncing on his belly. He groaned and tried to roll over, but the voice sounded too familiar to ignore. "Demiveemon, what did I say about letting me sleep in when I asked you to wake me up?"

Demiveemon hopped down right next to Davis' face. "That I should ignore the part about waking you up and that I should let you sleep in."

Davis nodded lazily, "That's right. Now, let your partner go back to sleep."

Demiveemon said, "But you were gonna meet the others today to tell them all about what happened on your walkabout! You need to get up and get dressed." Davis' mind replayed the events of the previous day.

After his escape from the Gate of Destiny, the others had taken Davis to the nearest hospital. Strangely enough, Davis' wounds had almost completely healed. Izzy figured that it was a side effect of the Digivolution Crystal. Davis wasn't complaining. Hospitals creeped him out, and staying the night in one didn't appeal to him. He was too tired to explain to the others what had happened over the past week, and he didn't feel strong enough to confront them about Friday's laughing incident.

Davis got up and made his way to the bath. He sat in the water, thinking about how he would talk to the others. Should I even bother? The others had called him back from death's grip, did he have the right to confront them now? Hadn't they already proved that they really were his friends? But that's the entire reason I left, they'll want to know why I left! All this confusion, bring on Ex-Piedmon any day, at least with that freak Davis knew where he stood.

Davis finished his bath and went back to get dressed. Demiveemon was busy playing with Davis' digiterminal. Davis finished dressing, ate, and returned to his room. Jun was awake and in the bath now. Davis' parents had gone to work. He couldn't say that came as a big shock. I'll try and greet them at the door tonight. No more listening to them come in while he was awake in bed! Tonight, he'd say hi to his parents for real.

Demiveemon called from his spot on Davis' dresser. "Davis, there's call for you!"

Davis walked over to the digiterminal and looked at the screen. "Gennai!" The old man's face was displayed on the d-terminal.

Gennai said, "Good morning, Davis. I trust you slept well?"

Davis nodded, "I've got a lot to tell you."

Gennai shook his head, "I contacted Izzy and Kari yesterday. They filled me in on everything. Thank you, Davis."

"For what?"

"For deleting Piedmon once and for all. I wouldn't be able to stand the idea that Iliad's killer was still out there somewhere. You've ended Piedmon's reign of terror for good."

Davis smiled, "Happy to do it. And now, I can go back to Meadow Town and tell ExTyranomon that Blossomon didn't really betray them. Ex-Piedmon was controlling Blossomon." That thought gave Davis a clam and released feeling. He would be able to prove his friend's innocence.

Gennai's face became stern, "Davis, this isn't just a social call. I have a matter of great importance to discuss with you."

Davis wilted, "What now? I've had enough problems to last a lifetime."

"This isn't a problem, it's a warning. Don't let yourself rely on the crystal to solve all your problems. It's too unpredictable! The Digivolution Crystal reacts to the users' emotions. If you attempt to digivolve Veemon into Diamon after having a bad day or if you are in a fowl mood, the results could be disastrous. Don't forget, Ex-Piedmon tried to beat Diamon by using your emotions. The Digivolution Crystal is a last-ditch resort. Understood?"

Davis nodded, "I know. I'll only use the crystal when Magnamon doesn't have the power to beat the bad guy, and that doesn't happen much. But, one question, Diamon called himself 'The Strength of Will,' what does that mean?"

Gennai smiled, "Davis, if there's one thing I know about you, it's that you yourself have a very strong will. It's one of your most distinguishing characteristics. I imagine that the crystal needed something unique about you in order begin the crystal digivolution. Tai and Matt already have the powers of courage and friendship, you needed to use something that only you have to gain the crystal's power. That is why Diamon uses your strength of will."

Davis asked, "What about the others? If I used the crystal, then they can too, right?"

"Yes, they can. But that's not an easy task. Each child would have to exhibit a trait different from the previous Digidestined, otherwise it wouldn't be a unique trait."

"Hmm." Davis thought for a moment. All the others had unique traits, but Davis wasn't sure he could figure out which traits best described the others.

Gennai said, "Besides, young Cody and Yolei aren't as mature as TK or Kari, so they might not be in the mental state needed to control the crystal's power."

Davis said, "Hey, I managed to control the crystal, I'm sure they can too!"
Gennai smiled, "But you've become more mature over this past week. You're no longer as selfish or bull-headed as you used to be. I imagine you'll find that everyone is looking at you in a different light now."

Light? Kari! He was going to be late! "Gennai, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later!"

Gennai smiled, "Good-bye, Davis. I'll see you soon." His images flicked off screen.

Davis put Demiveemon in his backpack and entered the hall. Jun was sitting in front of the TV now, watching her favorite hunks again. She turned her head to look at her little brother. "Hey, Davis, how was camping?"

Davis could tell from her tone that she didn't buy his story. "It was great. I learned a lot of stuff."

"Learned? That doesn't sound like you." A comment like that would have once set Davis off, but he knew now that Jun was just teasing him.

Davis paused before heading for the door. "Hey, Jun?"



Jun turned around again, "For what?"

Davis shrugged, "For… for being my sister. Well, I gotta go. See ya!" Davis grinned. The surprised look on Jun's face was priceless.

Davis closed the door behind him, leaving a very stunned Jun behind. He ran down the steps and hopped onto the pavement. A shade of pink caught Davis' eye. "Kari?" The child of light was waiting for him on the sidewalk. She had her usual backpack on, and much larger backpack by her feet. Davis recognized it as the backpack he'd taken into the Digital World. He'd forgotten it when he came back to fight Ex-Piedmon. Tai's goggles were still in the backpack! If Tai found out that Davis had forgotten his goggles, Davis would probably end up wishing he was still fighting Ex-Piedmon!

Davis walked quickly to meet Kari. His heart was threatening to jump out of his chest. What was he going to say to her?

Kari smiled as he walked up, "Hi. How are feeling?"

Davis tried to return the smile without looking goofy, "I'm fine now, thanks. Is… is that my backpack?"

Kari nodded, "Gennai sent it to Izzy last night. He said you forgot it."

Davis laughed nervously. Don't tell her about the goggles! "Um, yeah, I guess I was too busy trying to get back to remember the thing that I had forgotten. Heh heh." Davis mentally kicked himself. He still sounded like an idiot around Kari. Why couldn't he be calmer around her? Kari held out the bag and Davis took it back to his house. He took the goggles out of the outside pocket and stuffed them in his other backpack. He tried to make sure Kari didn't see him with the goggles. He left his Digiworld backpack just inside the front door.

Davis rejoined Kari and they started walking. They had walked a short distance before Davis tried to start up a conversation. "Thanks for bringing my backpack."

"Sure." That was Kari's only response. Davis fidgeted slightly. The silence was unbearable. Why wouldn't Kari talk to him. Was she mad? Or maybe she didn't really want to be with him after what had happened. Should I tell her I'm sorry? But what if she's not made at me? Then she'd think that I thought she WAS mad at me, and then she would be mad at me for real! Maybe I should just be quiet. But then she'd think that I was thinking bad things about her! Davis took a deep breath. Get a grip, Davis. You're not making any sense. Gennai once said that he confessed his feelings to Iliad all at once, will that work here? No…Kari would feel awkward if I did that. I should at least apologize for how I treat her and TK.

Davis made his decision. He turned his head to look at Kari. She was looking very pensive. To Davis' surprise, he and Kari spoke at once, "I need to talk to you." They both paused for a moment, then spoke in unison again, "I need to talk first." They both blinked, then laughed at the awkwardness of their "conversation."

Davis held up a hand, "I really, really need to say this first." Kari sighed and nodded. Davis took a deep breath. Here goes. This is what Blossomon taught me. "Kari, I'm sorry."

Kari blinked, "Sorry? For what?"

'For what' seemed to be the question of the day for Davis. He said, "I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you and TK. I've been acting like a big jerk, always following you guys around and shooting my mouth off. I've been an idiot."

The words started to come out of his mouth on their own power. "It's just that… that I miss you! We never do anything together anymore. We never eat lunch together, we never play soccer together, and you don't come to any of my soccer games. I feel like I'm not your friend anymore, just some guy you hang with when TK isn't around. But, that's no excuse for how I act around you. And it's no excuse for how I treat TK. I shouldn't be such a pest. I'm sorry. I want to be your friend, no matter what happens."

Kari smiled at him. It was a warm caring smile. The kind of smile she'd given him the first day they met. She said, "I'm sorry too, Davis. I've been ignoring you. I know we used to do so much stuff together. It's just that I've known TK longer, so I feel a bit more comfortable around him. I guess I got caught up in the memories that we share, but they're not romantic memories like you worry about. He and I are best friends right now, nothing more." She actually hugged Davis. "I care about TK very much, but I also care about you. You're both very important friends to me, and I don't want to lose either of you."

Davis smiled and nodded, "Well, I'll try and be a little more controlled from now on. And I'll try and stop arguing with TK."

Kari said, "Okay, and I'll try and pay more attention to you, because you really are a dear friend to me." She gave a slight shove to his side with her elbow, "But don't act too controlled. I think your wild side is a little… interesting."

Davis' face turned red, "INTERESTING? REALLY?"

Kari giggled, "So much for control!" Davis' face reddened even more, but he laugh out of genuine humor. It felt so nice to have a normal moment with Kari for once.

Kari stopped giggling and looked at the crystal hanging around Davis' neck. "That looks good on you. Really. But what about your goggles?"

Davis smiled, "I'm going to give them back to Tai. I don't need them anymore."

Kari said, "Well then, I'd better not tell Tai that you left them in the Digital World!"

Davis' eyes bulged, "W-what? You knew?"

Kari just smiled sweetly, "Let's get going. We don't wanna be late!"

* * * * * * * *

The others were already assembled by the time Davis and Kari arrived. All eleven Digidestined were finally assembled. Davis' heart was doing another jumping number inside his chest. How was he going to get through this? Kari sat down next to Tai, and Demiveemon jumped out of Davis' backpack and sat next to the other Digimon. That left Davis sitting under the tree with the entire group looking at him. Why did he feel like was suddenly on trial?

Tai started the ball rolling. "Okay, Davis, first off… thanks."


Tai smiled, "You really came through for us with Piedmon. We would have lost everything if you hadn't gotten Veemon to Digivolve into Diamon."

TK nodded, "You did great!"

Yolei said, "You were wonderful!"

Cody said, "Thanks for saving us."

Davis shifted uncomfortably. Normally, he'd be happy with all the praise he was getting, but right now it only made it harder for him to say what he needed to say.

Tai leaned forward. "Now, first question: Where are my goggles?"
Davis blinked, "Huh?" Everyone started to chuckle.

Tai growled, "I gave you my goggles, remember? You're not wearing them, where are they?"

Davis reached into his backpack and took out the goggles. He risked a glance at Kari. She winked at him. Davis smiled and held out the item in question. "Thanks for giving me these, Tai. But I don't need them any more. You can have them back." Tai took the goggles with a look of utter bewilderment. In fact everyone had a look of surprise on their faces. Davis was actually giving Tai back his present!

Davis tried to change the subject, "So, Tai, you gonna start wearing your goggles again?"

Tai said, "No. Not really."

Davis frowned, "Why not?"

Kari said, "Because Sora said she thought he looked better without them!"

Tai and Sora turned pure red, "KARI!"

Everyone else in the group went, "Ohhh!" Neither Sora nor Tai tried to refute Kari's claim. Davis smiled, this was a welcome break.

Cody was the first one to shift the focus back to Davis, "Davis, I know that you're not eager to talk about this, but I have to ask. Did you hear us in the computer on Friday of last week?"

Davis' smile vanished. He took a deep breath. "Yes… I heard you. You guys were laughing about all the stupid things I've done." He made a fist, "It hurt to hear you guys laughing about me. It's one thing to laugh about one of my stupid mistakes to my face, but to laugh behind my back… I was so angry! I thought I hated you guys! I thought that you weren't really my friends, because friends don't laugh behind your back."

TK lowered his head, "We're sorry, Davis. You're right. Friends don't laugh at each other behind their backs."

Kari said, "We betrayed your trust, and your friendship. We're really sorry."

Yolei said, "Yeah, we acted like jerks. Sorry, Davis."

Cody nodded, "I'm sorry too."

Davis shook his head, "No. It's not entirely your fault. I haven't been much of a friend either. I've been constantly trying to show off and prove how good I am, but all I've really been doing is competing with everyone else. I haven't been working with the team and I'm sorry for that. You guys were right, I was being arrogant over getting Veemon to digivolve into XVmon. But I'm going to stop. I'm not going to compete with anyone else."

Matt smiled, "That's good. I think the new Digidestined team became a lot stronger."

Joe asked, "So, Davis, you left for the Digital World for a little time to reflect, right?"

Davis nodded, "That's right. I went to Digiworld to try and improve myself so that everyone would respect me. Truth is, I never did find the answers I was looking for, I found different answers."

Sora smiled, "That often happens in life. I think you've grown a lot, Davis."

TK asked, "So, what happened in Digiworld? You were there for a whole week!"

Davis said, "Now there's a long story." Davis began to recount everything that had happened since the day he had left. It took over two hours. He talked about getting knocked off a cliff by Darklizardmon and meeting Gennai. He told the others about Meadow Town and the unfortunate fate of Blossomon. He recounted meeting Leomon in the Rock Maze, and the battle that had resulted in XVmon's digivolution. Davis had wavered a little when he remembered the nightmare from Alraumon's Gloom Dust, but the others were supportive and understanding. Davis finally explained his search for the Digivolution Crystal, and the strength he had found from battling Okuwamon. By the end of his story telling, the others were completely wrapped in the tail.

Tai could only say, "Wow."

Mimi had tears in her eyes, "I'm so glad Leomon was reborn."

Davis said, "He says hi to all of you. So does Gennai."

TK said, "So, I guess you've had enough the Digital World, right?"

Davis said, "Actually, I'm going back next weekend."

"WHAT?" Everyone was astounded.

Cody asked, "Why do you want to go back so soon?"

Davis said, "I still have things to take care of. The Digimon at Meadow Town need to know that Blossomon didn't really betray them. And I promised Vee that I'd help him find his missing clan members. I'm not done yet."

Kari said, "We'll come with you next time."

TK nodded, "Yeah, we can help. And it'd be great to meet all the Digimon you helped."

Davis smiled, "I'd like that a lot. That just leaves one other thing." He took the Digivolution Crystal off from around his neck and held it out to the group. "It's up for grabs."

Yolei frowned, "You're not keeping it?"

Davis shook his head, "I'm still not the most stable of people. I don't know if I'm ready for this thing. It might be better if TK or Kari took it."

TK held up a hand, "Hey, I don't want it. I'm not the one who got Veemon to crystal digivolve."

Kari nodded, "Yeah. Keep it, Davis. You earned it. Besides, you need something new since you don't have your goggles anymore."

Tai corrected, "MY goggles."

Kari gave him a sly look, "That you won't wear because Sora won't like the look."

Tai grumbled, "I liked it better when you talk out of a whistle."

Cody said, "I think that settles it. You keep the crystal, Davis, you deserve it."

Davis slipped it back around his neck. "You know, any one of us can use this thing. All it takes is focus."

"Cool!" Yolei looked at Poromon. "I wouldn't mind seeing what kind of Crystal Digimon you turn into."

Poromon said, "I don't know what I'd be, but I bet I'd be cool."

Upamon bounced up and down, "Me too! Me too!"

Joe said, "We can worry about all that later."

TK said, "Yeah, why don't we all go have some ice cream? We were too busy worrying about Davis to have ice cream on Thursday, like we originally planned."

Demiveemon began to jump up and down. "Yea! Ewey Gooey Chocolate Swirl! Ewey Gooey Chocolate Swirl! Ewey Gooey Chocolate Swirl!" He continued to chant on. Pretty soon Poromon and Upamon joined in.

Davis face fell, "You're still going on about that?"

Demiveemon said, "You promised!"

"That was a full week ago! What happened to, 'I'm your Digimon, where you go I go?'"

Demiveemon smiled, "You're going to the ice cream store, right? Where you go, I go! And you promised that you'd buy me as much ice cream as I wanted if I went on walkabout with you!"

Davis sighed, "I did." He placed a hand on his head, "Maybe I should get an advance on my allowance for the next five years. I have a feeling I'm gonna need it." The others laughed.

Tai said, "I'll buy for you. It's the least I can do. Let's get going!" Everyone got up and started to head for the nearest ice cream parlor.

Davis couldn't stop smiling. He felt so relieved to have everything off his chest, and he felt like his friendship with the others had grown stronger. The future was looking a lot brighter for Davis. This was a new start for him.

I should have gone on walkabout a long time ago.

The End of Walkabout, the Beginning of Everything Else.


Author's final note: I'm thinking of writing some spin-offs of Walkabout in which each of the Digidestined gets a Crystal Digimon. What do you think? Should I pursue this idea, or should I move on to other things? Please review and let me know!