This is my first try at a Hermione/Bill pairing. A very special thank you to onecelestialbeing for posing the idea in a review to my other story.

Chapter 1

"Christ… you're not gonna puke are you?" Ginny stared at her best friend, and unofficial sister, in horror. Hermione groaned, looking pale and maybe a little green. "Bloody hell… breath!" She commanded, fanning the 21 year old with a magazine.

"I don't think I can do this Gin," Hermione said faintly.

"Sure you can! Come on 'Mione, you've got this. Gringotts is lucky to get you. Hell, I'm pretty sure Kingsley's still bitter he didn't get you to come to the ministry and work directly with him."

"How can you be so sure? I heard there's a new supervisor, and I'll be working right under him! What if he doesn't like me? Or worse… what If he does? What if he turns out to be old, wrinkly, gross and smelly and he tries to demand sexual favors like in some porno?" Hermione's voice grew more and more shrill and louder as she spoke, her imagination obviously getting out of hand. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth to start up again when a hand clamped over it. At the same time an arm snaked around her waist and pulled her against a warm chest, and a nose nuzzled just below her ear, slightly hindered by a pair of glasses. Hermione quickly relaxed against the chest, and soon the hand was removed from her mouth.

"Harry," Hermione greeted lightly.

"Better?" He asked. She nodded and let him step away from her.

"Morning," Ginny smiled and kissed her boyfriend hello. "Thank god you're here." She added, grinning in amusement at just how quickly Ron or Harry could calm her with a hug and a well-placed nuzzle.

"Freaked by the first day on the job?" Harry asked rhetorically. Ginny nodded as they watched Hermione stare at her reflection, fixing her impeccable image. She wore a simple white button down and black slacks that covered all but the toes of her high heel boots she wore. Her blouse was unbuttoned to reveal her collar bone and the heart locket she wore containing pictures of her parents and Harry and Ron. A simple, tasteful watch was trapped to her left wrist. Her hair was left loose except for a clip holding the top half of her hair back out of her face. Her shoulder blade length hair ran free in gentle, soft ringlets. She wore simple make up, so light and minimal it looked as though she wore none at all.

"You should hurry… you've got 20 minutes before you're supposed to meet with your new boss." Harry warned. Hermione gasped and ran out of the room. The couples stared at the door for a moment, and were surprised to see Hermione quickly run back in to the room.

"Purse!" She half sang, snatching the handbag and running back out. Harry and Ginny turned to one another and shared a soft laugh.

Hermione sprinted best as she could down the gorgeous marble floored hallway. A glitch with the floo network, an overly friendly dwarf and several crotchety goblins left her funning at least a good five minutes late. In a borderline hysterical panic she ran into her new boss's office, gasping to catch her breath.

"I am so, so sorry… sir!" Hermione called out, barely even in the front door. "I swear this is not a habit or anything. It'll never happen again, I swear!" Hermione babbled.

"Of course… there's really no need to be so concerned. Five minutes here or there is hardly worth the panic. I barely got in myself." A deep voice resounded from the closet.

"Oh…right. Thank you sir." Hermione called, stepping further in to the office, curious about the owner of the nice voice.

"No need for the formality," the voice grew louder and clearer, indicating the owner had turned and was approaching. "You can just call me…"

"Bill," Hermione gasped, interrupting him. They stood still as statues, staring at one another in shock.

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