((AN/ Yeah...so once again I'm using writing a one-shot for avoiding homework and my current series. Here it is~))

Allen and Lenalee sat across from each other at breakfast in the Order's cafeteria, Allen with a huge pile of food, and Lenalee with some scrambled eggs. They are bored, because Lenalee broke a nail on the last mission and Komui put Lenalee on sick leave for it, and Allen on lockdown for letting it happen. They moped into their food, Lenalee mixing the eggs around with her fork boredly, and Allen stuffing only 3 pancakes into his mouth at a time. Suddenly, Lenalee perked up and smiled at Allen.

"How about we play a game," she offered.

Allen looked at her curiously, and after swallowing the pancakes he asked, "What game?"

"Dare. We just dare each other to do things all day, and we have to do them. No matter how stupid, embarrassing, or disgusting it is."

Allen grinned, "That could be fun. Is there a winner?"

"At the end of the day, whoever has done the worst dares wins. Deal?" Lenalee smiled devilishly back, then extended her hand to make the deal.

"Deal. But we can't ever tell anyone this was because of dares, if you do it's a forfeit." Allen stretched his hand over the table to shake her outstretched hand. They shook on it and immedietly began thinking of the dares they had to come up with.

Allen stopped her train of thought a few minutes later, "What do we get if we win?"

"Ummm...the person who wins gets to dare the other a final dare that would be the ultimate dare."

Allen grinned, "Perfect."

Dares 1:

"Got it?"

"Yeah." The white haired man responded.

"Okay. Your dare is to let Kanda win an arguement." Lenalee chirped.

"What? But- But- But-! It's Kanda! I can't let him win!" Allen's mind was wired simply like that, and he felt like he would give away his secret if he let Kanda win.

"It's a dare, no refusing." She grinned, knowing that this would kill him.

"Fine...Your dare is to wear a scandalous red bikini for the rest of the day." Allen recovered himself.

"But nii-san will flip! He'll- Oh damn you...fine." Lenalee waltzed off for about a half hour, then came back in the scantalous bikini and stood next to Allen. "Done."

Allen sighed, he couldn't believe it had been so easy. But, as he looked around, so many people were ogling her that it was just creepy. Soon Komui would hear about it, and that's when it would get funny.

"Your turn Allen," Lenalee said in a sing-song voice.

Allen murmured a "fine", then walked across the room th where Lavi was talking Lavi's ear off, and 'accidentally' bumped into him. Kanda turned instantly and scowled at Allen.

"What the hell, fucking Moyashi?" Kanda growled.

"What? Got something to say, BAKANDA?" Allen goaded, getting caught up in Kanda's attitude.

"Why the fuck are you always messing with me? You are such a fucking asshole!"

Allen glanced at Lenalee and he remembered he was supposed to let Kanda win, so he sighed and nodded. "Sure. I'm sorry."

Kanda blinked, totally not understanding why his Moyashi was backing down from a fight. It was the only way he could touch the Moyashi without being called into suspicion, and he didn't like not being able to touch his Moyashi. He let it go though, and stalked out of the cafeteria. Allen walked back to Lenalee, who was laughing quietly, and sighed, that was weird.

"Next one we'll figure out at lunch, I've gotta go show off my bikini." She gave a little wave and strutted out of the cafeteria, swaying her hips suggestively.

Allen shrugged, not really having anything to do, so he went to train in the training room. Kanda was meditating there, and he looked quite irritated. When Allen came in he glared at the snowy haired boy.

"What?" Allen asked self consciously.

"Why are you being so fucking strange today, Moyashi?" Kanda spat.

"How so, Bakanda?" Allen replied with plenty of malice.

"Well, you stand next to what will give sister complex a heart attack, and you let me win. I like winning, but that's so not like you Moyashi."

Allen thought about a a way to aswer that, but couldn't, so he merely shrugged. Kanda rolled his eyes, disgusted that he had even said anything, he was trying to keep how he felt a secret.

Allen walked to the other side of the room, turning his back on the Japanese man, and invoked Crown Clown, he tryed to concentrate on the work, but couldn't. He kept feeling like Kanda was staring at him, but whenever he turned around Kanda had his eyes closed and was poised and relaxed.

Dares 2:

The two darers met up for lunch. Once again, Allen's plates were many, various, and full, and Lenalee had something simple. Lenalee ate quickly, but still didn't finish before Allen, although he had twenty times the amount of food that she had. They grinned at each other, already having planned their dares.

"Okay, since I told first this morning, you'll go first now." Lenalee stated happily.

"Your dare is to grind on Lavi, just randomly." Allen said.

Lenalee face dusted pink, then decided that she had to change Allen's dare to something worse than hugging her in her bikini in front of Komui. "Fine. You have to kiss Kanda."

"What?" Allen smacked his hands down on the table and stood up, a look of astonishment, and some fake revulsion, were prominent on his features.

"You heard me. Anywhere you want really. Hand, cheek, neck, lips...I don't care. I just want you intimate." She smiled devilishly and pointed over to Kanda who had just sat down at the table a few over. "You do it first this time, go on." She made shooing motions to him.

He groaned and stood, he walked over and even though it was a short walk, he thought of what he had to do so much it was crazy. He's gonna kill me! I can't believe I get to do this! All I have to do is kiss his hand...I love this! I hate this! Lenalee's a bitch! That wonderful girl is brilliant! Well...if I'm gonna do this and die for it...might as well kiss him on the lips before I die.

His mind was bipolar and swirling as he walked up behind Kanda, and a few people had noticed the strange look on Allen's face as he walked over. So, as Kanda hadn't noticed he was there, he did it. He grabbed Kanda's head and pulled it back so Kanda's face was pointing up. Kanda's emotions were strange: first confusion, then anger, then, as Allen planted a solid kiss on the samurai's lips, surprise. Not anger, surprise.

Allen pulled away after a few seconds, leaving the paralyzed Kanda staring at his soba, and walked out of the cafeteria, Lenalee ran to keep up with him. She was surprised along with Kanda and the rest of the watchers.

As soon as she caught up with him, she realized he definately wasn't going to talk about it, so she didn't mention it. "Okay, my turn. Lets go find Lavi!"

He smiled softly, at least he got to see Lenalee blow Lavi's mind before he died. They walked around for a while, until finally they found Lavi in the library, he was leaning against the wall looking bored and spacey. Lenalee signalled for Allen to wait and watch behind a book case. She walked up to him, swaying her hips a bit too much, turned around once she reached him and grinded hard against his crotch.

Lavi nosebleeded so hard he took off like nyan cat on meth. Allen literally fell over laughing but Lenalee pouted slightly, she muttered something about him being trigger happy, then walked back to Allen.

In between his fits of laughter, Allen managed to gasp out, "At dinner...we'll...have the...final dares..."

Lenalee nodded and walked off to bring more coffee to the Research Department. Allen, on the other hand, walked through the maze that was the Order and finally found his room. Kanda was leaning against the wall, apparently waiting for Allen to come back, and when he saw Allen he drew a blank and couldn't say anything.

Allen looked at him, completely expecting Kanda to pull Mugen out, but he didn't. he just stood there like an idiot trying to word things correctly in his mind. Allen sighed and brushed past him, locking himself in his room. If Kanda was like this, then the world was ending. He flopped onto his bed and buried his face in the pillow.

Dares 3:

At dinner, Allen got up sluggishly from the bed. He peered out his door and searched the corridor. Luckily, the asian swordsman wasn't there, so he proceeded to the cafeteria. He got a small portion of food from Jerry, only one plateful. Jerry asked if he was feeling okay, and Allen replied with a tired yes.

Truthfully, his stumach was tied in knots. He couldn't believe what he had done. He was expecting death at any time, and he still had one dare left. That one dare could be anything, and knowing how Lenalee had been earlier in the day, it could only be worse. He glanced around the cafeteria, noticing for the first time that Kanda wasn't there.

He dropped his plate in front of his seat, and plopped down on the bench. Lenalee was half-way through her meal, and for once she finished before Allen, who was just stirring the food around with his fork. He thought now of what to make Lenalee should do. From the look on her face she already had decided.

"Reasy to hear it?"

"No, but tell me anyway."

"I want you to go to Kanda's room tonight and kiss him again."

Allen moaned, "Again?"

She nodded, "I think everything will work itself out. Now, what's mine?"

Allen yawned and said something that had just popped into his mind, but it didn't go through the brain-to-mouth filters that would usually keep things like this from Lenalee's ears. "Go make out with Lavi."

"Really? That's all?" She replied giddily.

He thought of her reaction, then remembered something that Lavi had told him at least a year before, he grinned. "Go at eleven, in a maid's costume, with cat ears and a bell."

"Wh-what?" She squeaked, her face was beet red.

"Oh, and stockings and call him 'Master'"

She blushed furiously and glared at Allen. "Wh-why?"

"Because I dare you."

She swore, then looked at Allen seriously and lowered her voice, "Why do we have to tiptoe around this? You know I'm in love with Lavi, and I know you love Kanda."

Pink dusted his cheeks and he scowled at his mutilated, uneaten food. "Because..."

"Oh come on Allen. I'm just trying to help, and I'm half-sure you are doing the same for me. I mean, today was extremely strange, but also amazing. I got to grind against Lavi, and you kissed Kanda."

Allen's lips turned a bit at the corners and he looked at her again. "Thanks for that, but I'll probably die tonight for it."

She shrugged and jokingly said, "You win some, you lose some."

Allen laughed and inhaled the messy food. For the rest of the day, Allen and Lenalee procured Lenalee's costume, since she was going first. They had agreed that Allen would watch from the corner of the hallway when it was Lenalee's turn, and Lenalee would get the details of Allen's turn the next day.

At eleven, Allen crouched behind the corner that could see Lavi's room. Lenalee self consciously walked up to the door and knocked. A few seconds later, lavi opened the door with bed head and only in boxers. They both blushed as they looked over each other.

After a few seconds of stunned silence, Lenalee remembered her purpose, "U-umm...Master?"

Lavi blushed and responded, "Y-yeah?

Lenalee pulled herself up to his face and planted a kiss on his lips. Lavi pulled her into his room, both of them grinning and blushing like maniacs. Allen stared silently at the now empty corridor, then pulled the directions Lenalee had given him out of his pocket. He followed them exactly and knocked on the door.

Nothing. But he could tell someone was in there.

He knocked again, this time harder and faster. He was irritated that Kanda was ignoring him, but truthfully he had done the same earlier.

This time he heard some movement inside and the definate sound of Mugen being unsheathed. Dammit. I'm going to die. He heard the foot steps toward the door, then a pause, a turn and a walking away.

"Open the damn door Bakanda!" Allen yelled through the door, the retreat of foot steps stopping.

"Why?" came his response.

"I don't know, so I can come in?"

"I don't want you in my room, Moyashi."

"Why does it matter?"

"You might fucking rape me with your lips again! Damn Moyashi..."

"Can we just talk about this? I don't really want anyone coming around the corner while I explain this to a door." Allen began to get angry with Kanda's attitude like usual.

The door swund open, revealing Kanda in just his boxers. Damn...Allen's eyes wandered around Kanda's body, making the samurai slightly self conscious. "Come in then. I don't think there's much to discuss though."

Allen walked into the room that was pretty bare, except for Mugen's sheath, the bed, and the pile of dirty clothes that any guy in the Order would have. Allen looked around for a place to sit, but Kanda merely leaned against the wall offering nothing, so he just sat on the bed.

"SO? Are you just here to waste my time?"

"Why do you think I kissed you today" Allen said bluntly.

"You are such a fucking asshole, Moyashi."

"Why? What did I do besides that?"

"You were messing with my head!" Kanda moved away from the wall and stood in the middle of the room.


"You figured it out, didn't you?"

"Figure out what?'

"Dammit Moyashi, I love you!" Kanda cursed again and turned away from Allen, putting his hand on the back of his head.

Allen was silent a moment, taking in the best news of his life, and then stood up. He walked over to Kanda, turned him around, and kissed him bruisingly hard on the lips. Kanda looked surprised, but Allen heard him mutter "Fuck it." under his breath when they pulled apart for a brief moment.

Kanda pushed Allen back onto the bed and crawled on top of him, "Why, if not to mess with me?" He was in the perfect position to either continue things, or kill him, so Allen answered truthfully.

"I love you BaKanda." The look in Allens silver eyes was lusty and loving, so Kanda kissed him just as hard as Allen had him. This quickly developed into something more as the night went on. Allen slept in Kanda's room that night, and the next morning the two were on friendly terms and Allen wasn't walking right.

Final Dare:

To avoid suspicion, Allen sat with Lenalee, and Kanda sat alone, they tried to be normal. Lavi was staring at Lenalee dreamily from where he sat with Bookman a few tables over. Over breakfast they told each other of their exploits from the previous night.

They blushed slightly as they murmured the more dirty secrets of the night. Then came the topic of who had the worse dares to deal with. For this, they needed a third party, so they called Johnny over.

"Hey Johnny, which of us do you think acted the most strangely yesterday?" Allen asked.

"Hmm...Well, Allen. You let Kanda win an arguement for once and you kissed him. And, Lenalee, you wore a bikini all day and grinded on Lavi. You both acted quite strangely. But..."

"But what?"

"I think that Lenalee acted the most strangely. Director Komui nearly had a heart attack, and Lavi was in heaven. Allen, everyone knows you just wanted to freak Kanda out, so it doesn't really come to a surprise that you kissed him."

Lenalee grinned and Allen looked rather thoughtful as Johnny waved and left. Allen looked at the down right devilish look on Lenalee's face and just had to ask. "What's the dare?"

"I dare you to expose your new relationship with Kanda, right now." Lenalee said.

Allen muttered a curse and stood. He walked calmly across the cafeteria and sat next to Kanda. The Japanese swordsman looked at him with a hardened face, but it softened when Allen kissed him and slid his arms around one of Kanda's.

The whole cafeteria didn't see the change in Kanda's face, but just rolled their eyes thinking that Allen was just messing with him again. Until of course, Kanda said, "Your ass still hurt, Moyashi?"

Gasps went up, there were two possible meanings to that. 1. Kanda had beat the shit out of Allen. 2. Kanda and Allen had had sex.

"A little, but I wouldn't mind going another round tonight, BaKanda."

More gasps ring out, and Allen and Kanda smile softly thinking how stupid they are. "I'll gladly give it to you." Kanda says.

"Good. Seeya later?" Allen says, about to get up and leave for the training room.

"Sure. Love you Moyashi." Kanda leans in and kisses him.

He kisses back, "Love you to BaKanda."